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  1. My first suggestion.
  2. Feedback for a cheat
  3. Map and Gems
  4. Things that will not/can't happen. (Read Before Posting Ideas)
  5. Buildings from storage
  6. monsters team selection (PvP) and monster details
  7. Idea about "push/poke" attack
  8. Trophies
  9. I do not like current PvP
  10. Energy Taken When You Miss a Target
  11. Gargantuan Titan
  12. Elixir Of Eternal Youth
  13. Waspalotl
  14. Skill Training Center like Dragon City
  15. feedback to world 8-9
  16. Worker huts should be able to be bought with other than gems.
  17. New Monster ( Idea )
  18. New Elements
  19. I do not like the new adventure map =/
  20. Battle Idea
  21. Feedback: The crash loop of death must stop!
  22. Wind/Air element.
  23. Three stars = 5 gems???
  24. Technology Element?!
  25. High stakes (New feature)
  26. Legendary Monsters
  27. Massive breeding concept.
  28. Allow us to drop our shield.
  29. Bank building
  30. Allow us to sell items/potions/pills at half price
  31. Light Habitat/Light Egg
  32. Hi i new. throw egg away option
  33. Match us with monsters we can fight!
  34. how about a different voices for different voices
  35. A few ideas that might make gaming less frustrating but also more addicting :)
  36. Special Foods
  37. The Quickest Way of Getting Your Idea Approved: 3 steps (READ BEFORE POSTING)
  38. Feedback: about the game's bugs & resolution of bugs
  39. Shiny and Albino monsters.
  40. New Design of Unpurchased Inslands
  41. Add a link to the forums to the game.
  42. Feedback on possible bug: Can't move habitats anymore?!
  43. Battling Friends
  44. transfer gold or food from Dragon City to Monster Legends
  45. There are also plenty of french speaker on the game
  46. Banned those player that have boss monsters...
  47. all ideas for new monsters.
  48. ultimate moves
  49. Remove Food Stolen from the Arena!
  50. Rarity Based amount of attacks.
  51. One button that will accept all jobs & gifts
  52. Please stop spawning those obstacles.
  53. new temples
  54. Please remove the waiting time to finish Temples
  55. Visitors now only give 5 gold/food/xp
  56. Monster arena
  57. Big Problem
  58. Disappointed in Social Point
  59. New Types Idea
  60. Shield cooldown in the arena?
  61. In-Game Neighbor Feature?
  62. how to win pvp battles???
  63. Arena Suggestion
  64. You need to put a slider when choosing monster to breed
  65. Hatching Time
  66. poner en español a moster legends
  67. unfair battle arena
  68. Kindergarden like DC
  69. friendly battle and runes
  70. Monster Legends
  71. new eggs
  72. Monster Arena Shield Rip Off
  73. let player's know
  74. workers
  75. My feedback
  76. Decrease price of element eggs (Water and above)
  77. Special pack update
  78. Seriously getting bored now. Balance the game please!
  79. Would be fine toput monsters into storage
  80. A Community Page I made-- ADMINS FEEL FREE TO COMMENT
  81. Better Reward System
  82. You want my feedback, Social Point?... (on the update from early Sept 2013)
  83. Adventure Map Roulette Rewards Change
  84. Habitats et améliorations trop chers
  85. the islands and expanding
  86. Bâtiments inutiles
  87. Monster Arena opponent calculation
  88. The Museum for Monster Legends
  89. refresh to the tavern recruitment
  90. Doubt: resource theft
  91. Assist and requests are much easier
  92. Hatchery Update
  93. Egg sugestion
  94. unfair winning
  95. Why add temples?
  96. Temples
  97. Upgraded habitat size...
  98. Temple Level Requirement
  99. a new monster
  100. To create a bank of resources
  101. Skill relearn
  102. Lost gems
  103. Those loyal to Dragon city
  104. Time
  105. I hate this game! New Players beware of arena!!!!!
  106. Make the worker collect gold automatic !! please
  107. Bonus of the day???
  108. Can't always see the time on things.
  109. big problem needs fixing and its not my technical issue.
  110. ( Idea ) Cancel Breeding Button
  111. Event win a legendary dark and legendary habitat for halloween
  112. Monster Arena Attack Log "Replay"
  113. More Achievements ?
  114. buying gems
  115. Big problems with this game.
  116. Slider Bar for Friends
  117. new legend
  118. Actualización 17-18 Octubre
  119. All monsters with low life
  120. Life Update
  121. Why raise the legendary packs price on adventure map?
  122. Tell Us How To Breed New Monster.
  123. The Islands
  124. App.
  125. The Islands
  126. Make this game more interesting for everyone.
  127. Find New Allies
  128. Food production timers [suggestion]
  129. Gem Intake
  130. The monsters health
  131. Blind is a completely pointless ability that never works
  132. move dragons from dragon city to monster legends
  133. something about farm
  134. list of spells or skills...
  135. Quick little detail
  136. Re: Breeding
  137. being able to breed a high lvl monster
  138. Gem pricing and Monster Arena
  139. Way to Make All Monster More Useful
  140. More starter workers
  141. ARENA PVP On/Off Button
  142. Please improve arena matchmaker.
  143. Make bigger Island! Devolop same Idea in dragon city!
  144. Maintenance/Bug fixing
  145. very upset
  146. worker suggestion
  147. App for phone
  148. Highlighting Rubble/Fallen Meteorites
  149. Bônus diário - Sugestão.
  150. close to completeing adventure map
  151. When eggs are ready, have option to put in them in storage.
  152. Adventure Map Roulette Spins
  153. fair battles
  154. Cancel Breeding
  155. adventure map, get 3 stars straight off and lose the reward for two stars
  156. Some of my neighbours are getting lazy
  157. Please make Monster Arena Removable or change the system !!!!
  158. Faster gold and food pickup.
  159. fights
  160. No more awards in monster tavern!
  161. 2 Simple important buildings you must add to the game
  162. Monster Market & free gits
  164. What about Android?!
  165. Affordable Islands Please!
  166. Math problems? Don't upgrade your farms to lvl 3!
  167. Forget and Remeber Hut
  168. Very annoying
  169. Keeping Players Interested and Paying for Gems
  170. Making Groups/Clans/Guilds
  171. Ideas are expensive!
  172. what about windows phone?
  173. Achievements vs Goals - or Achievements AND Goals?
  174. iOS Suggestion - Naming Monsters
  175. Extra Slots
  176. Is our overflow XP being kept track of?
  177. SHield Activity
  178. Upgrading Habitats & PvP
  179. Suggestions for next update
  180. Change the skills that our monsters use in pvp to what we have trained
  181. Pokemon Monsters
  182. Suggestions for ML
  183. KIMMEL is Invisible!!!!
  184. ML for Android
  185. Traits
  186. Weekly Challenge (IDEA)
  187. Some Thoughts
  188. As a lover of this game, some thoughts:
  189. Suggestion: Strike Accuaracy
  190. Selling multiple items...
  191. Changing Level values of Habitats and Temples (keep cost) breeding problem stuck!!
  192. 3 Wonderful Suggestions
  193. Battle Replay [Suggestion]
  194. Increase our island sizes
  195. Remove Runes
  196. Rework Slow/Haste System
  197. Ideas for the arena
  198. A storage for monsters
  199. Friendly matchmaking
  200. Workers That Can Team Up?
  201. Increasing workers speed! **Suggestion**
  202. Collect Money Mode Option for the Multi-Tool
  203. Monster Tournament
  204. Iron and Metal Habitats
  205. Why not put some Risk in the Arena?
  206. Legendary Arena!
  207. I have a suggestion: change back the number of gems one has to purchase in the Arena
  208. when there will be another gems promotion
  209. The request thing when we tick do hot ask this person again
  210. battles
  211. Legendary placing problems.
  212. No Wait for PAID Items!!!
  213. Battle Team [Suggestion]
  214. I want to remove the battle Arena !
  215. URGENT: Please Fix Monster Arena...
  216. Do A Electric Version of Skipples
  217. The Workers
  218. How Sixxxly the Arena is, remove it, pls!!!
  219. Fix Attacking or Add a Bank
  220. Add Option to Store the Arena
  221. Idea: Elite & Champion Monster
  222. Idea Suggestion: New Monster Zodiac Signs
  223. collect all gold-food with one click/arena zero food-gold players
  224. Would love a building where you can change monster skills!
  225. battle arena suggestion
  226. Kindergarten / Egg Preserve
  227. I had an Idea
  228. Monster Market
  229. Bring some iOS only features to facebook
  230. Monster's Pvp/Arena Playback button idea :)
  231. Adventurers map...
  232. I have the best idea ever
  233. Chat Function!
  234. What would you do to improve the battle system?
  235. When are we going to have ML in-game Events(like DC) and tournaments(Social Wars)?
  236. Pedido
  237. Another PVP Arena
  238. Monster Build
  239. I need !
  240. Question
  241. Collect all gold!!!
  242. Sugerencia para lucir mejor nuestro imperio monstruoso
  243. Make Adventure map to 200- 1000 fight's
  244. Hacer eventos como los de Dragon city y Consejo
  245. Better odds for breeding Legendary monsters
  246. Request
  247. Cheaper food?
  248. Add more dungeons in Adventures please!!!
  249. The Next Evolution of Monster Legends (Buying Skill Scrolls)
  250. A new element would be awesome!