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  1. Not being able to access Dragon City iOS app
  2. Query about the Login with FB ID for 10 gems for ios
  3. "Login was not possible...
  4. missing gems
  5. invite my friends and no gems
  6. ios Returned to Level 1 - Intro & cant see the game
  7. Can't get the Dragon
  8. 5 friends invited and no gems
  9. Electric Dragon Locks Up Screen
  10. Worked last night, not so much this morning
  11. Missing Elements Dragon
  12. I lost My gems!
  13. Why I don't get elements dragon plus 10 gems?
  14. Missing Mummy dragon
  15. Video
  16. Just lost my Elements Dragon
  17. stadium combat problems
  18. Gem issues and gift giving quest issues
  19. Starter pack bug?
  20. have recruited 2 people
  21. Habitats and Training Center Bug!
  22. Missing Dragon (Fossil)
  23. Christmas event not visible
  24. all neighbors and friends are gone from dragon city
  25. problems with the game on phone and tablet
  26. Problem with the servers
  27. Rewards not given
  28. money paid, but no gems
  29. Help with problems playing d argon city on ipad mini ios7
  30. continual shutdowns
  31. tired of loosing battles
  32. Olympus Island
  33. Gems taken!
  34. Can't connect dc iOS app
  35. Aztec Habitat disappeared out of storage!!!
  36. I can't "Hire Friends" for my "Noble Temple".
  37. spent gems for lava island and took my gems and diddnt unlock the island
  38. element dragon
  39. why don't i get the christmas island ?
  40. ios version and desktop version prob
  41. Some Problems...
  42. My league is messed up
  43. Considering "firing" facebook friends - will it let me log into iOS?
  44. Problems with messages and dragons disappearing
  45. what happened?
  46. aztec island gone 3 days earlier
  47. Issue Loading the Game.
  48. Poof! 5M of gold gone?
  49. Problem after recieve the big hat dragon
  50. Lose 20gems
  51. All gone
  52. on the wonderland game
  53. What is going on?......Now my attacks REPLENISH my opponents Health!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Clearing rocks
  55. Hat Dragon missing now
  56. Battles
  57. Someone on your staff failed basic arithmetic!
  58. can't hire friends in Dragon city
  59. Gold Glitch
  60. food harvesting problem
  61. Can't Hire Friends
  62. Wonder Island/ Breeding
  63. Problem in getting reward of downloading dragon city on iphone
  64. Dragon city not working well :mad:
  65. Problem requesting for help for Dragon Market in iOS.
  66. PvP issue
  67. Reset issue
  68. 3 times I mistakenly "hit" the buy more food!
  69. level 20 social empires, no dragon??
  70. Dragon city is a thieve!
  71. Error Invasion Alienigena
  72. Gem gone
  73. hola soy nueva ayuda
  74. I Lost Gems
  75. Not a happy camper, over $100 >:(
  76. gems lost buying last island
  77. Problem with getting Paladin Dragon
  78. Purchased Dragon City Starter Pack, Error in Game, Lost Purchase
  79. gems
  80. Help us to improve DC iOS
  81. Cant take dragon from social empire
  82. Bug displaying dragon's habitats
  83. Support tickets and iOS problem
  84. No Exclusive Dragon after installing DC iOS
  85. Nearly impossible to collect gold
  86. gems buy not working
  87. PvP Opponent is an egg
  88. Dragons stuck in breeding
  89. Please help me Administrator
  90. Elements Dragon
  91. dragon city
  92. Recruitment tavern doesnt work
  93. Can I get the White Knight Dragon with 76 items but have zero helmet?
  94. Epic temple missing
  95. Starter pack
  96. gems disappeared!!
  97. ios Bug! Game always froze after opening combat-overview...
  98. Bug de dragão que se ganha no social empires
  99. Never received gems I purchased
  100. The user is a hacker
  101. Disappeared Habitat
  102. Can not open DC
  103. Castle Island - Breeding Counts Stop
  104. Did not get Elements dragon
  105. will not let me purchase a dark habitat or a second nature habitat
  106. Still no combat
  107. I can't access the Monday reward AGAIN !!
  108. Viking Isle: Thor food not working
  109. Bought island by accident !
  110. Breeding Mountain is Corrupted
  111. Combat World
  112. Bug built on an island
  113. Hacked dragons in my combat league
  114. Can not Accept Requests
  115. Viking Habitat still in my game and wont go away!
  116. objetivos e missões
  117. Dojo Problem
  118. Missing items
  119. pvp league 35
  120. missing Gems
  121. Dragon food
  122. When will Dragonarium be supported on IOS?
  123. Missing Pure Dragon.
  124. Egyptian Quest 19 MAR 2014
  125. Having to start from the beginning after being on level 43
  126. Loading problems
  127. Game crashes when trying to remove dragons finished breeding?
  128. Lost everything and uninstalled it
  129. Gifts not in storage after notification
  130. Egypt Quest Issues
  131. What gives and who can help!
  132. Game does not "send" invite to friends
  133. Egypt island.
  134. Alice's Adventure
  135. how i can win supper man dragon ? help me pls ^^
  136. cheat
  137. bought island 4 now it says i have to buy it again
  138. Ice dragon stuck on breeding mountain
  139. IOS question
  140. Not happy with developers, egg stuck in hatching spot, slow leveling up
  141. I can't send requests to hire friends at the daycare.
  142. expansion problems
  143. Iphone 4s, IOS 7.1, game hangs on loading screen and doesn't start...
  144. Please help
  145. Game reset
  146. dragon city
  147. Dragon City crashes every time I try to sell eggs from storage in iOS
  148. element dragon from downloading app
  149. Dragon city gone gone gone
  150. Habitat doesn't earn gold when not online.
  151. Problems in dragon city
  152. IOS Crashing in PVP
  153. Robo de Gemas
  154. Constat Crashing in PVP
  155. Storage Problem with eggs. Says cannot add more buildings of this kind?
  156. Login to Facebook... - Does not do what it is supposed to
  157. cheat
  158. Android phone Not able to get the 10 free credits and dragon
  159. Gems
  160. Did Not Receive Element Dragon
  161. Bug Found On My iOS Devices
  162. Juwelen
  163. How to Report Game problems to Support
  164. Dragon fuego fresquito
  165. Unbeatable PvP doing 2,147,483,647 of damage
  166. Lush Island Problem/Question
  167. Tired of bugs!!!
  168. Missing Food
  169. Bug in DC Alien Invasion
  170. il mondo del combattimento
  171. Ripped off three times now!
  172. missing gems
  173. I can get foo from my farm.....help....please !!!!!!
  174. erro fazenda
  175. iOS freezes when combat (PVP) reaches 7/7. & Big Sea habits changes
  176. Minha fazenda está bogada, O'que faço ?
  177. Breeding Sanctuary Island - DOES NOT WORK on PC or iOS7
  178. Ranking not working
  179. complaint
  180. FIXED - Combat wins not saved, can't earn stars
  181. Ice&Fire accidentaly deleted
  182. Electric dragon makes fighting freeze up
  183. Buterfly dragon
  184. drago farfalla
  185. Butterfly dragon(sky masters collection)
  186. My son has lost his entire game play, including all purchases
  187. Achievement bug?
  188. Disappearance of jewelery
  189. i haved problems whit my dragon butterfly
  190. My game has been totally reset
  191. Epic Temple gone! omg!
  192. Sllooowww play on PC
  193. World Cup Event Challenge Game
  194. Disappearance of jewels
  195. Problems with my Dragon City
  196. accidental purchases - be able to UNDO!
  197. Strong Dragon not showing correctly.
  198. Recruitment Tavern
  199. can't play DC on my ios
  200. Didn't get my Aztec Dragon after invited 3 of my friends
  201. Cant see my dragons!!!!!!!!!!
  202. Loosing gems! 😰
  203. The World Cup island/event just disappeared from my game!
  204. Combat world freezing
  205. The game crashes
  206. Por q desaparesen mis gemas
  207. not getting gems from.....
  208. Can't even get started!
  209. Issues with com at elements grid & criticals
  210. I can't login into Dragon City? Why?
  211. New "Update" does not seem to be working
  212. Dissapearing Gems
  213. 5 Million Gems
  214. Dojo Challenge
  215. iphone can access game ipod cannot
  216. Disappearing Gems
  217. Friends to assist
  218. Cannot upgrade breeding sanctuary
  219. iPad (iOS) DC Game is get freeze when you go battles ???
  220. New Islands don't show up
  221. Wow Dragon City App disappeared
  222. Breeding Sanctuary Problem - Server Crashes.
  223. Desapareció mi Habitad
  224. Mis dragones en Ipad salen gigantes
  225. Dragon City Crashes after a few seconds
  226. Getting the Special dragons and Gems
  227. Dragons became giant
  228. I need help please (necesito ayuda, por favor)
  229. hack
  230. No se carga el juego en mi pc con ningun navegador
  231. Din't get Monstruous Dragon
  232. New iPad
  233. santuario de cria
  234. breeding sanctuary
  235. Dragon market
  236. Video's to earn gems are missing
  237. Dragon league hanging
  238. Accidental "buy"
  239. Free gem videos only active on 1 of 2 accounts
  240. Facebook Account Blocked
  241. New food challenge - top rankers who have MILLIONS already!!!
  242. List of hackers
  243. I have been trying to get a dragon gum but not work
  244. Unable to play - something doesnt work loop
  245. Can't access Dragon city Plzzz help!!!!!
  246. cant play no matter at my SAMSUNG S4 or at PC
  247. Can't access game on either android, ipad or facebook.
  248. Invites
  249. IPad problem
  250. Combat world challenge does not work