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  1. Rewards don't drop in Android
  2. help me i cant loguedin in facebook or android :(
  3. Mummy Dragon cheated
  4. Android Combat League problem
  5. "This item will be supported in the future"
  6. Did not get the Elements Dragon!
  7. did not get element dragon and play from phone
  8. who do i have to go to to get help?
  9. Device not compatible with this version
  10. Can't play viking island
  11. Bought Starter Pack on Mobile
  12. cannot see dragon city in the play store
  13. Earth crystal problem
  14. Problem connecting to the game
  15. problems with android application reward: Dragon elements
  16. Does the game freeze for anyone else
  17. Crash on galaxy tab 10.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Starter Pack Problems
  19. Lost food
  20. "Minor" problem concerning minor dragons (or dragon kids, if you prefer)
  21. Androide: TODAY, it was IMPOSSIBLE to play on Dragon City !!!
  22. Problem Daily offer: buying discounted Ultra Breeding Tree
  23. Errors
  24. login problem
  25. problem
  26. problem
  27. Battle glitch
  28. Combat crashes -- anyone else?
  29. Cant invite friends!!
  30. Combat bug
  31. noble temple problems
  32. Problem with the app in Google Nexus 5
  33. vip offer
  34. Bug OR a Nice Hack ???
  35. Alien Island
  36. Lỗi với Alien Event - lost gems with event Alien
  37. Island locked
  38. Game crashes on load
  39. recruitment tavern
  40. Not receiving Starter Packs
  41. gems buy not working
  42. Castle Island is Locked! (Android Version)
  43. Cant log-in
  44. Combat Bug
  45. Turn off notifications on phone
  46. lost gem
  47. Castle Island Breeding Bug
  48. Still not receiving my Starter Packs
  49. Castle Island : Helmets not being awarded for Breeding.
  50. No contact response? Legal Rights and more! Dont got your elemental dragon?
  51. my dragon itself doesn't show up
  52. Can't install Dragon City on my phone
  53. Unable to buy breeding tree that is on special for 70 gems.
  54. Viking Island problem
  55. Loading problem
  56. Viking Island "Something Went Wrong"
  57. Is it just MY phone then?
  58. Viking quest messed up
  59. android doesn't load from facebook
  60. Viking Island "Something Went Wrong" part 2
  61. Viking Island Mistake
  62. Unable to load game past 5% on my Galaxy Tab3 tablet or on my HTC OneX phone
  63. Japanese Island
  64. Japanese Island
  65. Island ERROR!!!
  66. Cheater - 2 billion hit points
  67. wierd viking island error
  68. DOJO Island problem
  69. Problem in Galaxy 4S - Dragon City.
  70. Lost my gems, gold, habitats and lvls
  71. Game crashes when winning the last Japanse Dragon
  72. Problem - Dragon City.
  73. Me ajudem
  74. Missing training Center In Building category
  75. did you received any gift once you installed the dragon city in your android phone?
  76. pantech burst & dragon city
  77. Items not recieved
  78. Rewards messed up again
  79. My daily bonus and Egyptian island
  80. no entra a mi cellular dragon city 2.6.1
  81. Egyptian Island gone
  82. Wonderland Island stuck on on of my playable islands. Can't delete it.
  83. Paying by Mobile Query
  84. extreme health
  85. my lava dragon that i spent ALL my gems on disappeared into a loading dragon
  86. Quests
  87. Lost Gems
  88. Fallos en android
  89. Lost 40 Gems
  90. Lost Gems
  91. game stuck
  92. I did not receive the dragon
  93. Disappearing gems, again
  94. Person in the dragon league has illegal dragon
  95. Problema libro de dragones-dragón mariposa
  96. Something is not working fine ...
  97. Not enough space
  98. Something is not working fine. Reload the game. Help me !!!!
  99. Elemental Dragon
  100. Accidental Purchase AGAIN!!!
  101. Missing achievements
  102. Rewards from Ranking Challenges Sharing for Double Points
  103. Not appearing in ranking, no dragon points
  104. How to Report Game problems to Support
  105. Breeding Sanctuary bug; can't upgrade to level 2
  106. Goals disappeared?
  107. Ranking not working......
  108. Hades Dragon.
  109. Problem with Kaiju Dragon Offer
  110. Problem with Dino Challenge
  111. "Dragons Rank" problem is also in android!
  112. Bluestacks Combats Crashing ???
  113. Elements Dragon
  114. wonderland first quest, the won combat worlds dont show.
  115. wonderland breeding quest.
  116. Wonderland quest problem
  117. Account with problem on Android
  118. Not able to buy a Gem Pack from the offers
  119. World Cup Island
  120. Beyond Frustrated
  121. Problems with my Dragon City
  122. blue dragons
  123. Lost over 25,000 food
  124. Achievement Issues
  125. Black screen crash to home screen when connected to WiFi (LG Lucid 2 VS870)
  126. Problema Con Mi Oro
  127. Viking Island
  128. Unable to earn gems!!!!
  129. No viking island there after 2 days
  130. Can't get gem from Dragon Market on mobie
  131. no traning center
  132. Unable to load game
  133. Get Gems though advertisement
  134. gems verschollen
  135. placing dragon out of storage problem
  136. Repeated "try again" and "reload" - and if game is in progress I LOSE!
  137. The tricky gem on the Dragon Social Market
  138. Dragon Market Gem
  139. Sanctuary Problem
  140. Getting new isle
  141. Western Habitat
  142. No Battles working after connecting with Facebook on my Android device
  143. Battling on fire
  144. imagen de dragones
  145. Missing DC School Island.
  146. not loaded Monster Legends & Dragon City
  147. Dragon City sumiu do android
  148. Collecting Gold - 15 Gems Disappears
  149. Extra gems and missing gems
  150. Account reset suddenly
  151. Global Rank glitch?
  152. Logoutbutton didn't worked, bought food instead ( full support story)
  153. i cant battle other people do i am unable to complete the aztek island quest
  154. Gold Challenge
  155. Upgraded Attacks with Outdated Effects!
  156. Can´t expansion
  157. Problem login at the game! blocked by Social point it's possible? IM NOT A HACKER!!!!
  158. Deus Island disappeared
  159. No building loads in?
  160. Dragoonies disappeared
  161. Loading problem
  162. Game is crashing
  163. game crashes
  164. Breeding Sanctuary Bug
  165. Halloween Island Disappeared!
  166. Dragon city app for android
  167. Problems with Data Transfer
  168. Andoïd Timed challenge
  169. No Facebook account. Reinstalled DC and lost game data !
  170. Posición Ranking Mundial 0
  171. Program crashes when bying a dragon
  172. Pirate Island Breeding Challenge (on LG G2)
  173. Pirate Island breeding challenge
  174. Log in issues
  175. Problem for a certain player in combat world
  176. Egypt mission issue
  177. Islands disappearing?
  178. No option for free Gems videos
  179. Colliseum not working??
  180. Android Storage over 350 MB
  181. Problema con le gemme. / Problem with gems.
  182. Xmas gift issue
  183. 125 gems lost
  184. 74 gems Lost
  185. my bad
  186. Cheater and gems !
  187. Today's free gift dragon - Ace Dragon
  188. Dragon displays as the incorrect level when being challenged on FB
  189. Breeding tree dissapperaed from Android platform
  190. I have a problem thats really tickin me off
  191. Dragon City App not loading Completely.
  192. Help
  193. dragon glith in breeding sanctuary
  194. Not receiving gifts
  195. Not receiving any requests or gifts
  196. Carnival Adventure Problem
  197. Moto G
  198. Carnival Adventure Hatch Eggs issue
  199. Bug impossible de jouer (FR)
  200. App crashes on Nexus 7
  201. DragonCity app crashing on loading page on my Android Galaxy s5
  202. log on from Droid, deleated FB. Lost everything on FB
  203. Missing Gems
  204. New Island
  205. Loss of FB friend reflected on android, my 70+ friends are now 12
  206. Atlantis Quest line issues
  207. Samsung Tab 3 - dragon city reset to level one
  208. Breeding mountain issue
  209. Market problems with new update
  210. A connection error has ocurred processing the message data?
  211. Unfortunately, Dragon City has stopped.
  212. Dragon Market, Friends, Gift issues, please read!!
  213. gems disappearing
  214. Galaxy Tab 3 reverted to Lv. 1 (but I fixed it!)
  215. dragon city
  216. Unfortunately Dragon City has Stopped
  217. bought gems and didnt get them
  218. Android challenges bug
  219. If I uninstall the game and reinstall it, will I lose all my progress?
  220. Does anything work in this game?
  221. Dragon Book collections problem
  222. Gems lost
  223. Hatched eggs
  224. Easter Island problems
  225. Lost all food! :(
  226. Class Action Lawsuit
  227. Accidentally Spending Gems on Something Stupid Like Speeding Up
  228. Hatchery Issues
  229. Ancient World Mines
  230. Android D.C. 3.2.3 Friends List (GONE!!!)
  231. Quests Not Crediting things and Losts gems
  232. Game is crashing before it loads.
  233. Hatchery 5 Glitch on Android
  234. spend gems accidently...
  235. upgraded hatchery glitch/bug
  236. Small annoying bugs
  237. Crashes in Combat World
  238. 10 gems for installing the android game... none received ¿?
  239. spend gems accidently
  240. Rankings/Challenges tab empty
  241. Why does my Hatchery 3 cost 100 gems to upgrade?
  242. Tablet NOT logging in
  243. [BUG] Speedy and Greedy Collect Resourse Boost IS BROKEN.
  244. Reset League Opponents
  245. Can't place any building after Island bought
  246. Can't load game
  247. Not synchronizes Magic Forest progress from facebook version
  248. Page stuck on "Loading".. Is my account banned?
  249. My monsters are reverting back to level 20
  250. Not saving the game progress!