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  1. You are the game designer
  2. Fix the game one and for all. (Bring back the Sanctuary!)
  3. Offer support
  4. Sending Mystery Eggs to only Dragon City Friends. Get Strong Dragon.
  5. Stop the message spam and more DvD (dragon vs. dragon) play
  6. Please don't ask me to send a request to my friend too often.
  7. Stop adding new features and fix iOS issues instead
  8. Purchase a item from mobile accidentally with out a notice
  9. improvement of attack
  10. Crm
  11. Dragon Market
  12. New option for newly hatched dragons
  13. It would be nice if it did not crash
  14. My suggested game improvement re: selling unwanted dragons
  15. Moderate your Facebook Post Comments
  16. Training Center for Android, Please?
  17. PLEASE, PLEASE, Fix storage in iOS
  18. Game Improvements - my suggestions
  19. *Click**Click**Click**Click**CLICK* UGH
  20. Swap Dragons between two like habitats
  21. The total lack of care and respect for the customer is outrageous!!!
  22. Gems
  23. Dragons
  24. Ways to track and locate your own dragons, including sort by element categories
  25. Increase habitats
  26. Sanctuary
  27. Notifications Pop-Up During Combat.
  28. Increase the length of dragon's name
  29. Modify the scrolling system for breeding
  30. Display weaknesses during combats
  31. Propose evolutions for the training center
  32. If we can't get more habitats, then how about more dragons in existing habitats??
  33. DC's Kindergarten Population Improvement
  34. Facebook????
  35. Message system
  36. more habitats and store farms
  37. improvment
  38. invites, gifts and notifications
  39. IOS improvments
  40. combat world
  41. About 'Scrolling'.
  42. Gem Button in Ancient World Crafting Workshop Needs to be Moved!
  43. Breeding on PC
  44. New islands
  45. Ancient World Improvements
  46. dragons name
  47. Pouvoir utiliser les dragons de l'ancien monde
  48. Improving towers
  49. improvements
  50. Animation of crafting really slow
  51. Ancient Island improvement
  52. Leader Boards
  53. improvements
  54. Cost of Event Dragons
  55. Map Quest Events and Bonus Items
  56. bring pc goodies to ios
  57. Dragon City Improvements
  58. habitats
  59. Game Improvments
  60. Dragon Card Packs
  61. Buying Islands
  62. a actually List with breeable Dragons...
  63. STOP covering the lush island with the quests! Can't place anything under them!
  64. Gems for coins and larger capacity habitats.
  65. Fix the rankings!!!
  66. improvements
  67. Searchable Dragon Book
  68. Viewing Eggs/Dragons when "doing something" and Viewing the island grid
  69. "Surprise Reward" videos, etc. actually having a change to award the gems they show
  70. Habitat costs
  71. New Heroic dragons balance
  72. A few suggestions
  73. Tournaments
  74. Few Suggestions
  75. suggestion
  76. Suggestions