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  1. You are the game designer
  2. My game improvements (Facebook)
  3. To win in the stadium
  4. Friend VS Friend!
  5. Game Ideas
  6. Add to the dragon book
  7. Mini games
  8. Dragon Trading
  9. Dragon City Ideas
  10. Giving Friendly Fights on Computer
  11. boxes of dragons
  12. Add More Habitats
  13. power-ups
  14. To be able to transfer food, gold and gems to another dragon city user
  15. Dragon Album
  16. Sugar Dragon
  17. Celestial Dragon
  18. to get unlimited combat in combat world
  19. Dragon Training
  20. Trade Dragons
  21. elfs and houses
  22. New Neighbors
  23. Auctioning, Trading...
  24. Explosive and Shielded Dragons
  25. Windows phones
  26. Dragon Fusion
  27. Gems
  28. All would appreciate this
  29. Usernames for non-Facebook users
  30. I hope this will be of interest to Dragon City :)
  31. Search button for dragons
  32. another hatchery
  33. get a free island after buying 4 would be nice
  34. option to sell eggs before they go to the hatchery
  35. more food would be nice or option to buy food with gold
  36. Ancient Portal Crafting Building Suggestion
  37. more rewards when doing mini games
  38. the islands to be be cheaper
  39. I can enjoy my life because of him something
  40. General Discussions
  41. Gold
  42. Element and Dragon ideas!
  43. Community neighbors
  44. Convert platinum to gold or food.
  45. Level restriction on habitats
  46. Habbitats
  47. New Dragon Ideas and their Elements
  48. buy a place in habitat with gold
  49. Friend VS Friend
  50. Easy way to see what dragons have trained attacks
  51. New Event Dragon
  52. New Dragon Ideas
  53. more farms
  54. More Combat/Pvp/Sparr system
  55. New farms. Changed numbers and added new food options
  56. Ask before proceed.
  57. Purchasing land - double check