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  1. WOW I think we need the old rule Rohan where is my mop and bucket
  2. Read me first!!! Read me first!!! Read me first!!!
  3. Warning keep your account safe
  4. Atom Fuser combinations
  5. help pleace
  6. Questions
  7. so is this forum and game dead?
  8. How Do You Earn Points For Your Alliance?
  9. some suggestions
  10. Attack
  11. fire gamera
  12. Why cant I have more units?????? BUG OR PROBLEM.
  13. como compro cash.. NO TENGO TARJETA DE CREDITO--
  14. Question gift card of facebook
  15. Fighting save jeeps
  16. Why there no more updates in SW
  17. deleted my account, and I need help.
  18. How Do I find my "BRAVE" (not) attacker
  19. leilao
  20. Estação espacial
  21. What level are you?
  22. Uma solução do haqueamento
  23. Problem with free dragons
  24. Put units in storage
  25. Need more alies
  26. população máxima
  27. The Adamantian League- Join Now!
  28. What Social Wars Needs
  29. Embassies/Colonies
  30. Social Wars
  31. Social Wars
  32. Accidentally selling parliament
  33. Help with my account!!
  34. atom fusion question
  35. Auction question
  36. All my inventory items are completed so why do I keep getting stuff?
  37. What is up with the Goals?
  38. Capacidad de población
  39. Red Mercury Dragon disappeared!
  40. you are not responding to my lack of a daily bonus bag
  41. help for third mission
  42. Drones in the Atom Fusion
  43. Is there going to be any updates to Social Wars?
  44. Blue draggy
  45. My second atom fusion offered by the game is often disappear in
  46. Help
  47. controle da mente
  48. inventory items
  49. BUGS | SUGGESTION | IMPORTANT | Chat box and communicating/wars with other allies
  50. is this coming to android
  51. Red Barons ??
  52. Taken down by recon balloon.
  53. How do I repair my alien saucer?
  54. What can i make with these?
  55. Steel collector question
  56. obbiettivi
  57. Anybody know what the animal & weapon colletion things are for
  58. Post Your Base!
  59. When will there be tournaments ?
  60. Reporting A Hacker
  61. Replays to attacks done to you
  62. To cheaters
  63. Reset Cash, Resource and Level Social Wars
  64. Game Would Be Awesome Coverted to an Evony style platform
  65. Account Deletion
  66. Wraith Metal Dragon
  67. Time Machine and Time Portal Idea
  68. I know it's a little early ,but Merry Christmas everyone!
  70. What level must I be to get past a level 3 Silo?
  71. What does "you have reached the limit of this building" mean?
  72. I was attacked by a hacker, what are my options?
  73. Some helpful assistance please, anyone?
  74. alliance
  75. need help for mission 10
  76. Social Wars on Mobile?
  77. hey everybody
  78. Help!!!!
  79. Bunker question
  80. I want to join an alliance
  81. How do you repair bunkers?
  82. Request for New Robots and Monsters
  83. Missions Guide
  84. Free Dragons Promotional Failure
  85. um what Dragon is this? I cant find it in Social wars unit book
  86. I claimed Red Mecury dragon, but why wont it give me the spartan too?
  87. is the game abandoned?
  88. Looking for Canadian allies
  89. Daily bonus and allies!
  90. I love all my friends in game
  91. Daily Bonus, where is it?
  92. Still awaiting reset
  93. The game is so lack/slow
  94. Friends list is empty
  95. error de amigos
  96. Unit Capacity
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