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  1. HELP Saint Patrick's Day Dragon: earning problems
  2. Help Robot, Paladin, Butterfly, fossil Dragons: earning problems
  3. Daily Shuffle
  4. Itens from Breeding on Island Promotions
  5. Attached screen shot ~ buying 4th island with gold???
  6. Gems from Facebook Credits
  7. Receiving Gift From Allies Problem
  8. Pirate Island
  9. Allowable Habitats
  10. lost gems and dragons mesteriously
  11. buy gemas, compra de gemas
  12. Problems sending gifts and job invites to friends.
  13. All my buildings appeared in the storage
  14. My gems were deleted
  15. Frustrated
  16. jellyfish and octopus dragons disappeared?
  17. please help -.-
  18. Friends hack?
  19. I bought gems
  20. Gane la batalla y no me dieron mis gemas
  21. Losing Gem because St. patrick event + Lagging
  22. i bought gem but.......
  23. where is my gems..??
  24. I did not receive full gem
  25. Hidden Objects Game
  26. Farm earnings
  27. Spambot banning?
  28. Warning read before posting!
  29. help with the daily shuffle ive had enough
  30. no gems get / keine gems bekommen
  31. Ajuda
  32. Here we go again with the inbox not showing ALL Free Gifts just Job requests
  33. Gems from Shuffle not found!!
  34. Step 9 of 14. Bug
  35. special event tooth gathering
  36. Problem Purchasing an Island
  37. minha joia sumirão
  38. Screen Bug
  39. Tornado heaven
  40. Losing my Food for no reason!
  41. PAID $10 for 140 Gems, Shows up on Credit Statement but got NO GEMS!!!
  42. Quest find items
  43. Dino Island - Ask friends bug
  44. Unjustly lost 25 gems!! HELPP MEE !!
  45. dragonarium see as deus vault
  46. Error Loading
  47. No rewards or notice of completions
  48. My game does not load.
  49. Free dragons when you play social empire, can't find it.
  50. Not Loading
  51. Dragonarium - NO FREE SLOTS
  52. Dragão City
  53. Dragonarium crash with server problem
  54. Error loading
  55. Ayuda No Puedo Jugar dragoncity
  56. BEUG pas de dents sur ile dino
  57. Connessione a Dragon City
  58. un bug raro
  59. unable to load dc
  60. Error Loading
  61. Will not Load
  62. St. Patrick's Dragon
  63. Problema con el juego
  64. Unable to use Dragon Market
  65. [Help] Proxy Problems
  66. I can't receive gifts from allies
  67. jogo não carrega
  68. St. Patricks Dragon
  69. I can not log into the game dragon city belongs to me.
  70. Egg Missing!!!
  71. Cannot access your help page - cannot buy island
  72. legendary dragons
  73. Unknown Error- Error Loading
  74. My Vampire Dragon Dissapear on Vault !
  75. Dragonarium Problem
  76. Lost Dragon from Dues Daily Bonus
  77. I Can see the news or the new stuff
  79. Recruitment
  80. Dinosaur Island Screwup
  81. Error in Game
  82. Crystal range shorter on DC Mobile
  83. Venom dragon dot appearing Please help
  84. Not receiving Gifts (food, gold, eggs)
  85. Kaltfeurdrache
  86. My daily bonus
  87. ajuda gemas/gems help
  88. Dragon City
  89. Cannot receive gifts when getting mystery egg
  90. Daily flip bonus, gifts and gem rewards
  91. Brazilian Portuguese translation is messed up
  92. Big Sea Habitat does not appear!!!!
  93. My Crystal Dragon were disappear
  94. Farm earnings
  95. Stadium
  96. The new dragon
  97. Hatchery nya hilang
  98. Where is my request board?? (help)
  99. About mystery eggs invitations
  100. Stage
  101. Alien Invasion and Stadium
  102. Game not centered
  103. Not getting credit for Ankhs
  104. Dragon City Current Known Bugs/Issues
  105. Get 5 gems inviting a friend not WORKING!!!!!!!!
  106. Bug: Unable to build crystals
  107. 80 gemstone stolen !
  108. Problems with the Dragonarium
  109. Can't Claim Free Prize in Social Wars, Social Empires, and Monster Legends
  110. So many misspellings on the white knight and black knight dragon island.
  111. neighbor disappearing am getting messages and can't get gifts nor help
  112. Dinosaur Island- Breeding Bug
  113. Can't get into Battle!
  114. Dragon Claims and Invitation Gems Issue
  115. Daily Gold Offer promotion not working correctly!
  116. problema con mund batalla
  117. Starter pack Bug!
  118. daily promotion error - 10 M gone
  119. 3x =15,000 & 6 days of life gone
  120. Android app keeps freezing!
  121. Where's my gift!
  122. Loading...BUG ????
  123. Stollen Gems
  124. Shockwave has crashed message.
  125. Missing gems
  126. Bug in the battle world arena.
  127. Castle Island -- Cannot purchase remaining items
  128. Market Place not working
  129. the game crash few second later i loged in.
  130. Please Help me, the game will not start with my account on Computer and mobile phone.
  131. wherewhite knight dragon
  132. Lost Gems
  133. Where did my food go????
  134. Buying onto New Islands
  135. Seriously, please fix the combat bug before release new event! >"<
  136. Black Knight Dragon Problems
  137. I do not understand...
  138. the game started over
  139. ALL of my friends are GONE =/
  140. Did not get last dragon from Castle Island Quest when I had completed every task!!
  141. Yardım Edinnnnnnn
  142. Missing Black Dragon and many gems
  143. gifts not working
  144. Castle island not working
  145. Food Negative
  146. Application don't start anymore on Android
  147. VS combact, too high level compared to mine (bug?)
  148. Ice Dragon Stuck In Breeding Pen.
  149. Dragon League Problem
  150. Bug Nas Batalhas
  151. game collapses when collect money
  152. liga dragon
  153. "Hire Friends" not working... among other things
  154. Missing Knight Dragons
  155. bugs
  156. Dragon City Combat World
  157. ice collection completed
  158. Big bug and hack what drangon city ? ? No winner
  159. message board is gone
  160. Please help me
  161. Crystal Boosts Android vs. PC
  162. couple very annoying bugs
  163. menu doido não fica em português do brasil e não esta parecendo o dragão de vulcão
  164. Castle Island isnt working
  165. problem with league
  166. Facebook DrgonCity Freeze
  167. comprar joias pelo celular
  168. Bug with the reproduction task for castle island on iOS
  169. IOS Castle Quest problem
  170. Electric dragon in battle
  171. Dragon city reset
  172. Castle Island not registering Breeding
  173. I lost my dragon
  174. Unable to download update again??!!
  175. Cant claim Monday reward
  176. Can't beat higher level player in league
  177. Always got 'We're experiencing problems with our server,please check back later'
  178. Problem placeing dragons
  179. combat freezing
  180. Cant find friends
  181. Dragon city problem
  182. Missing Dragon in Dragonbook? (Laser Dragon)
  183. Is there a place where I can what I have buy whit gems?
  184. Food Farms stuck on 1 days 23 hours
  185. I won the contest but didn't get the gems...
  186. New pyramid island not working correctly
  187. Always the same dragons.
  188. Food disappears from food farms.
  189. Lost 95,000 + food after an auto game reset
  190. Facebook App keeps freezing
  191. Still no friends
  192. Not Earning Gems or Food
  193. not getting food or gold from friends bug
  194. Compra
  195. Missing Food and Stadium
  196. Combat during world combat league matches freezing and then counting as a loss
  197. on android app i cant FIGHT COMBAT
  198. No More Gifts and Eggs, job request only
  199. Disappearing Gems
  200. Combat Difficulties
  201. Im losing my money here!!!
  202. Starter pack does Not give the promised bonus
  203. Dragon city friends list disappeared.
  204. Can anybody at all help me here??
  205. Help mee
  206. missing money
  207. Getting dragon by playing in other games
  208. Combat World
  209. Gems
  210. Missing Mummy Dragon
  211. Should now be able to post in the FB Bugs forum (This one)
  212. 5 Free Gems for Inviting
  213. recrutement problème
  214. Please Help, Really Important!1k Gems lost!
  215. Help, losing food, gold, habitats and dragon levels
  216. whats going on????
  217. Losing large amounts of resources to "server problems"...
  218. Egyptian Island not registering Horus Eyes from Breeding
  219. Unable to level up further
  220. Problem with DBM
  221. Breeding Mountain Issues
  222. My Sphynx Dragon diseappered
  223. Missing gems
  224. Missing Reward Gems
  225. Recruiting issues.
  226. I can't fight in the combat world because of this bug/hacker
  227. my game level dropped from 20 to 6.. help pls , ty !!
  228. Neighbors Missing
  229. Mystery Eggs?
  230. HELP! My Gems!
  231. I hate this game.
  232. Electric dragon not allowing combat to continue
  233. Bug com ilha Viking!
  234. Help! I am not getting any mystery eggs or gold from friends anymore
  235. Combat Froze
  236. Viking Island
  237. Cheat Player
  238. Can't Breed Ninja!!! WHY!?!
  239. Lost Gems
  240. Loading......
  241. Black Market gave me the wrong dragon
  242. Freezing and incomplete screen
  243. Viking Island Glitch
  244. Losing Items Regularly
  245. Pas de gemmes apres un sms de 4euro ( j'ai reçu l'accuser )
  246. My Food keeps dissapearing
  247. Lost 60 Gems
  248. perdi mis gemas al comprar la 5 isla
  249. Lost 50 Gems through purchase
  250. Viking Dragon