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  1. Reporting suspicious players
  2. Please do not abuse Customer Support.
  3. The best way to make a report.
  4. Reseting your account please read before posting
  5. Uninstalling and re-installing the Java Runtime Environment
  6. What is cache and how do I clear my cache?
  7. Verifying that JavaScript is enabled
  8. Troubleshooting Loading or Connection Issues
  9. friendly info
  10. se nto working its loading is not working evn its finsh
  11. Deadly Dragon Boss
  12. The Wizard does not appear collected in my unit collection when i do have it
  13. Social Empires maintenance in some countries
  14. problemas de socializacion
  15. Soul Mixer
  16. Banido social empires
  17. Please Help Rainbow Dragon is gone!
  18. How can I win if Enemy never die ?
  19. Problem in unit collection
  20. Missing Credits not showing after purchase
  21. I just purchased the buhamat chest but it did not got to my social empires
  22. Bahumats Chest Problem
  23. Dragon rainbow
  24. Meu dragão galático sumiu e não consigo recuperar, alguém pode me ajudar?
  25. Goal list problems
  26. My easter dragons eggs
  27. [HELP]Bought Gold and Red Dragon offer, they don't arrive at my account
  28. Tourney
  29. maybe bug? with gold
  30. Soul Mixer Archer Orc
  31. Bug
  32. MY five dragons went missing :@
  33. Two easter dragons??
  34. Can't put Soul Extreme Dragon inside dragon riding!
  35. help
  36. Stormy Dragon dissapeared!
  37. predator lizard bug
  38. Easter Dragon Glitch!!!
  39. Battle's ON IOS... BUG
  40. its not a bug....but i wait 5day for reply from support team already :(
  41. Attack log
  42. time glitch
  43. Easter Egg Dragon Recruitment of Friends
  44. perdida de cass
  45. elf bug
  46. rainbow dragon and galaxy dragon missing
  47. Heroes Grave
  48. Social point ripped me off
  49. Can't connect Social Empires
  50. Bug
  51. losted every thing
  52. No Dart game
  54. Soul mixer Bug
  55. Im blocked from forum discussions
  56. Blue Wizard is not appearing in my unit collection.... AGAIN
  57. I canot move my towers
  58. I canot invite players to fill my constructions.
  59. Rainbow Dragon Lost
  60. Request Problem
  61. missing expansion
  62. missing 1 rainbow dragon
  63. subscribe and like SE
  64. tower protectiom dome (NEW) is not working
  65. Spawn Savage Draggy
  66. infernal horns bug
  67. Treasure mine not working.
  68. Problemas en torneo
  69. 42 days in soul mixer
  70. It ignores the invitation of new friends at Hell Island Forge
  71. Lost cash
  72. defense tower bug
  73. Hell's Forge Island invites dont work/ protection does not work
  74. Not that any item appearing in my game Hellforge
  75. Help plzzz
  76. my rainbow dragon is lost
  77. Hell's Forge Island Quest
  78. My 2-headed holy death dragon is missing!
  79. lol whats going on
  80. my empire on any item not appearing this hell forge island
  81. Problems with hell forge
  82. my galaxy dragon has disappeared
  83. Problem with tournaments
  84. THE INVITE ITEM ON HELL FORGE IS BUG, at least i doesnt work on my acount
  85. Infernal Horns
  86. social empire bug 7-8 towers only on my expansion
  87. The Electric Dragon
  88. Tournament Price
  89. Paguei e não recebi.
  90. social empires Super Cheater please ban him
  91. my hells forge island is gone
  92. Forest Extreme gone!
  93. shoul mixer fail
  94. Easter dragon having egg problems
  95. Soul Mixer Endless
  96. 1560 Minutes?
  97. Dragões com problemas.
  98. Tourney bug
  99. mantinence today?
  100. I cant finish my rider quest
  101. paladin bahamut dynasty rider lost
  102. image bug
  103. Lost 2 dragons in soul mixer
  104. lost a dragon
  105. Hell's Forge Island Bug
  106. Too much bugs.
  107. Tournament bug
  108. cant ask for help.....
  109. Easter Dragon Problem
  110. Dangerous Isle Bug
  111. Large Refuge
  112. Easter Dragon Rider
  113. I lost my rainbow dragon.
  114. can't play
  115. Hells Forge Island Disappeared
  116. cant get in today
  117. Way too many units bug!!!
  118. Goal´s don´t work
  119. i need a lot of help
  120. have a lot of PROBLEMS!@
  121. bug
  122. easter dragon rider
  123. Is it just me?
  124. Not able to access my game
  125. Constantly Increasing Current Population and Soul Mixer Bug
  126. lost se cash
  127. Problem with my game
  128. social empires
  129. social empires
  130. cant play
  131. Lost my Galaxy Dragon
  132. perdi mis dragones
  133. Posso resetar minha conta?
  134. Cheats....I was ripped off not one but two dragons I paid for
  135. lose my dragons
  136. Didn't get my tourney reward
  137. social emipres bug.
  138. Dark shogun epic dragon!!!
  139. Social Empire not working properly
  140. Tourney problem :(
  141. Laser Epic Dragon Rider
  142. buying cash help
  143. Suporte não respondem!
  144. hell forge island
  145. Money disappearance
  146. Rainbow Dragon Rider in Soul Mixer disappeared!!!
  147. Easter Draggies still not working!
  148. Rainbow Dragon has disappeared .
  149. nice bug ... but sorry I´m an honest soul
  150. I lost my rainbow dragon & a red draggy.
  151. Bug on demon dragon and sayan dragon
  152. Disappeared Units: Rainbod Dragon + Galaxy Dragon
  153. social empires: soul mixer
  154. Problem getting horns in hells forge island
  155. missing bug ????????? hell's forge island. everyone should read at !!!
  156. Do not get Infernal Horns.
  157. missing my electric dynasty dragon
  158. problem in my empire
  159. 15 epic-2 head dragon + Extra Cash bug
  160. Can't load social empires for 2 days now!
  161. Devastated!!!!!!!!
  162. Missing Building?
  163. Gamers made good and I am very happy...thank you game runners lol idk names lol
  164. Problems with Worker units (strange behaviors I've noticed)
  165. bug with unit warehouse
  166. game problem
  167. amigos necesito de su ayuda por favor
  168. Daily Prize! Problem
  169. meu social empires nao entra!!
  170. Missing over 100 Troops including my Galaxy Dragon as well as Draggies.
  171. not getting my daily bonus
  172. Tourney Winnings not showing.
  173. Forge Dragon disappeared
  174. Having serious problems with selecting objects, units, etc.
  175. missing tourney prize
  176. missing king kong and rainbow dragon
  177. Missing Dragons
  178. Stuck Decorations
  179. Dragons are being robbed of kingdoms and characters stolen.
  180. lost my bull extrem dragon
  181. Tournament Bugged Players or Imbalabnced Old Players?
  182. turney problems cant get into friends turney
  183. dragon force desaparecio
  184. Problem with maximum towers
  185. Pvp
  186. Quest problem with Dangerous Isle Quest
  187. daily bonus
  188. Population limit - stuck
  189. problem with easter dragon rider...
  190. Bull Glads.
  191. help
  192. daily bonus
  193. Missing Rainbow Dragon and a Galaxy Dragon
  194. What is cache and how do I clear my cache?
  195. Banned
  196. Demon Dragon Gone
  197. There is mistake here
  198. bug do bonus diario
  199. Problem with daily offer
  200. Bug game in combat.
  201. Missing Rainbow Dragon
  202. Country Symbol
  203. Recruitment prize goal
  204. pls help fix dragon isle
  205. no received!
  206. Tournament reset.
  207. Soul Mixer Issues
  208. I can't load and play social empires
  209. Not loadinng after won tourney
  210. Daily Prize problem
  211. store bought dragons dont work
  212. Unit too strong in the tournament
  213. message center
  214. missing units
  215. Cursor problems and disappearing items.
  216. cant move or place any towers even if i remove 1
  217. I have lost my galaxy dragon.
  218. daily price dont work
  219. Galactic Dragon Gone
  220. new bull glad cap ?
  221. Missing rainbow dragon
  222. No saving results tourney
  223. Problem
  224. Quest
  225. problem subscribing and liking
  226. My friends dragons have gone missing!
  227. Unable to scroll to the top of the map.
  228. Falta de um gladiador de 4 armas e de um dragao de 2 cabeças
  229. Daily bonus not working!
  230. Social Empires iPhone App Bug
  231. Help pls.
  232. Missing units
  233. Unit dies even when he is still alive after a quest.
  234. Glitch?
  235. Trapped Stone
  236. Weird "lingering unit" effect on map.
  237. lost bonus volcano dragon
  238. Monday Reward
  239. Missing Soul Mixer
  240. help at arena
  241. lost cash in soul mixing
  242. hello missing fire extreme dragon from se mobile
  243. mi dragon arcoiris se desaparecio no se como recuperarlo
  244. Help!
  245. I lost some of my units
  246. Lost unit
  247. not getting potions
  248. This is a first.
  249. I cant use a monster in the tournament
  250. perdida de dragones