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  1. report hack
  2. why i am not getting 1 cash in aliance?
  3. Bug no mech guereiro
  4. no daily bonus
  5. When in an auction by the 3rd round only says processing.
  6. nothing big
  7. overcharged for a payment
  8. PEASE HELP hotspots are off, you must click on bottom of target to select
  9. Auction House Error
  10. lost syringes
  11. could not join alliance !!!!
  12. When you select all units then select a specific unit after in the group, won't move
  13. Auction Freezes on Processing
  14. can access social wars
  15. screen randomly moves into sky
  16. Idk how to use this forum but... i didn't get my mech from dragon city
  17. Leilões (Robo comprado com um nível recebo com outro)
  18. exclusive membership problem
  19. i want eather my exclusive membership or my bucks back
  20. cant ask for help.....
  21. pvp battling
  22. Upgraded command Center wont train
  23. Mech lost levels for no reason.
  24. Red Mercury Dragon Disappears the next day after I got it
  25. pvp battle problem
  26. pvp battle problem
  27. Cash
  28. Crashes
  29. aliados onu y megametch y robot supremo y robot ninja
  30. Spartan Mech Stucks Up
  31. Alliances ranking
  32. Get daily bonus issue
  33. About Sparta unit..
  34. Max population
  35. Sparta Warrior and Red Mmercury Dragon
  36. URGENTE!!! Dragão Red Mercury
  37. Looking for graveyard in the build section.
  38. >_< problem with ur stupid dragon city post keep pop up
  39. Assist Friends Doesn't Work
  40. Might be explained and I missed it, but..
  41. Anyone Have This Problem ? ( GM Please Notice )
  42. achat
  43. beloved robot left on battlefield!?!?
  44. bonis bag not showing
  45. hanging in a "talking menu" with the general
  46. Not getting the Atom Fuser
  47. Atom Fuser cash bug
  48. Monday reward.
  49. Missing Drone Master
  50. Missing unit
  51. Missing unit
  52. I didnt get the DRONE MASTER!!~~HELP!!
  53. Cash problem.
  54. can i get my drone master back
  55. My Ignition Mech is down to 1 star level. I dont know why?
  56. alliances
  57. Bug cash
  58. Double Cannon Drone doesn't do anything
  59. Monday Reward Issue
  60. atom fusion speed up
  61. drones in the atom fusion.
  62. Can't Join an alliance
  63. My warriors are just dead...
  64. This game full of bugs
  65. two bugs at a time
  66. no daily bonus
  67. Getting requests from strangers.
  68. error Dragon de mercurio rojo
  69. lost neighbors?
  70. Agamemnon Fortress
  71. help
  72. Worker I automatic resurrection after dead..
  73. since nothing gets fixed, the hell with it
  74. A selective reset glitch???
  75. Auction bug?
  76. Megabot Academy Bug
  77. Sphynx wonder stuck
  78. Hack,cheat or bug??? please stop this for game!
  79. Alliances Bug?
  80. New Players Bug
  81. Red mercury dragon
  82. Buy a package but get facebook money??????
  83. Automatic storage
  84. Free Mech error?
  85. Enhancement Request
  86. Philosophical Question :-)
  87. no me dieron mi dragon de mercurio rojo
  88. nüfusum artmıyor ı am turksih
  89. ¿Bug or cheat?
  90. red mercury dragon won't work right
  91. atirador carateca com erro
  92. what happens while attacking
  93. red mercury dragon
  94. bug sur plusieur chose
  95. Buildings and units packed to storage!
  96. Cant claim my red dragon!
  97. My Samurai Bot Missing
  98. NO enemies alive!!
  99. I cannot claim my Red Mercury Dragon
  100. Bugs
  101. What happens while attacking
  102. no me dan para reclamar el dragon de mercurio rojo y ya soy lv 15 en dragon city
  103. Small Harbor mission 6 - Nuclear Plant: Problem with a truck
  104. I can't get daily bonus and Red Mercury Dragon
  105. Why can't I fuse my chemical gunner?
  106. population limit
  107. no bonus
  108. no daily bonus or red dragon
  109. Red Mercury Dragon
  110. meca geurrier spartiate
  111. Unable to hire, no daily bonus, & unable to claim draon
  112. Importante
  113. Bug,dragão de mercúrio vermelho.
  114. Red Mercury Dragon
  115. Population limit
  116. Can't revive unit
  117. No daily bonus
  118. Sending requests to strangers?
  119. i dont got the gift of dragon city
  120. Murcury Dragon
  121. i don't get the gift from dragon city
  122. No Daily Bonus or PvP World
  123. Decimal Point Issues (2)
  124. Energy Gifts Disappearing
  125. Green Screen
  126. Red Mercury Dragon Issue
  127. Atom fusion!!
  129. Cross-promotion bug SOLVED: now you can get the Red Mercury Dragon!
  130. Population Growth
  131. Can not collect my gold, oil, wood
  132. Atom Fusion pop up in Missions
  133. Sparton Warrior bug
  134. Atom Fusion Issue and moving units close to it
  135. Problemas....
  136. I can't get syringes from my friends!
  137. Agamemnon e o urban buster perdendo vida
  138. Instant-lose without dead units?
  139. Units purchased at auction house are losing levels
  140. population
  141. Unable to load game
  142. Drone Master 2.0 loses HP without getting hit
  143. Daily Bonus
  144. Cant beat mission 3! Please help!
  145. Atom Fusion unit cloned
  146. this my report about my purchase is game social wars !
  147. unable to loading game
  148. List of problem i found and my complaints
  149. alot of peoples with same "porblem"
  150. Atom fusion building! clone
  151. "Loading" Weekly mission...
  152. Massive Gunner
  153. No cargan las imagenes
  154. can't load game
  155. my xp lvl is -2734445113 and lvl 1
  156. Selling units without a profit!
  157. cannot claim red mercury dragon
  158. Scorpion Fortress
  159. Auction Unit Purchased does not have the Promised EXP
  160. Dropped back to Island 24!
  161. Island problems continue!
  162. missing robots...
  163. Army people
  164. 14 cash just disappeared!
  165. Again Mercury Dragon ! è_é
  166. Gold Factory II
  167. Double Cannon Drone
  168. dr. shook golpea de nuevo
  169. Unable to collect daily bonus
  170. Missing units
  171. free unit in social wars
  172. Problem with friends of facebook
  173. Mission 14 glitch
  174. cash wonder bugged
  175. Laging
  176. Some bugs with mechs but ok its beta..
  177. preciso de ajuda
  178. Hi.
  179. bug déplacement
  180. buying cash wanders
  181. Messages glitched, mixing mobile and facebook?
  182. Loading Issue
  183. deplacement imposible
  184. Game data resets
  185. progress doesn't save
  186. rest probs
  187. I think you have been hacked
  188. Bug game reset
  189. Something happened
  190. I lost everything! Game reset???
  191. What's going on?????????????????????/
  192. Trouble with Game
  193. Losing guys because of glitch
  194. Problemas para obter minha unidade!
  195. Não consigo aumentar a população do meu império em social wars
  196. Bug
  197. Conteo de oro
  198. Bug in my game,,cant open up the mission world and if it opens......
  199. cannot send any in-game communications to other facebook users
  200. Problems in getting XP
  201. facebook game not opeening
  202. Two bug issues, first one is PvP won't load up and 2nd, no reward given for weekly
  203. no me han sumado loe creditos que he ganado
  204. Problema De Los Billetes
  205. Problem on world mission
  206. borrar estos hacks
  207. me robaron mis 6 cash
  208. Missions Problem :(
  209. gioco non va bene
  210. Daily Targets
  211. i lost my units and cash pleas i need some help
  212. Erradicator teleport bug.
  213. Atom Fusion Glitch?
  214. Mystery crates aren't giving me anything when i open it
  215. Problems with the online app
  216. Drone master 2.0
  217. Atom fusion lie
  218. mi poblacion no pasa de 175 que ago
  219. dragon city
  220. can't open my mistery crates
  221. Mi población no aumenta de los 175!!
  222. i am adding friends but i don't se them
  223. I do not Te Kura Alliance Social Wars
  224. probelemas com social wars
  225. Social Wars Loading Problems
  226. Not working Only for me
  227. When i claim the red mercury dragon it didnt showed up anywhere help me (facebook)
  228. Bugs in Tower defensive.
  229. not receiving sent items to upgrade
  230. not finding daily bonus
  231. responses from my allies
  232. Bug (?)
  233. recover units can't move
  234. myatrious rates
  235. I dont cheat seriously
  236. bought 55 cash
  237. New character sticks!
  238. Game Won't Load - Google Chrome & Firefox Say S.W. APP isn't Secure
  239. Atom Fusion black characters
  240. cash
  241. missing units!
  242. Black Characters
  243. Auction Malfunction
  244. bug
  245. loosing my fighters
  246. BUg Every where
  247. Missing Units
  248. chargement impossible
  249. Mercury Dragon was outside border of map and cant get back on land then disappeared
  250. Iv'e lost my Robots !