View Full Version : Hacker Social wars chat

Dead Space
06-18-2012, 04:23
hmm i dont know where to put this but i find new hacker in social wars



06-18-2012, 16:44
check Bug Reporting for the link.

Roberto Luis Lozada Soto
06-22-2012, 05:34
yeah i have a friend using Cheat Engine... he was at level 91... but he was kicked out from social wars... he get the golen boss of the mission 7, the one with 15,000 Hp in the first level... i think in it on level 10.... it would have 45,000hp....

06-22-2012, 06:36
Well, cheaters get banned when found and reported, I feel sorry for him for thinking that he would need to cheat to get ahead.
Off Topic:
There is a simple strategy for such bots, you don't even take damage when destroying them. just gotta be smart and use strategy over power.