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  1. Thanks Haka...I was already doing that to some extent...but it's not easy to predict the offers... doesn't help when your team mates are getting the offers & I'm the only one not receiving any. Thanks for the advice, Haka.
  2. My friend got the offers after the events :\ so best strategy will be buy gems when there is an offer and save them for next one
  3. Thanks,, repercussions of brexit. Shall I start a thread? Would it help? It's so utterly frustrating, as to play this game, gems are needed...can't escape from it!
  4. Hi

    No trouble at all - you are welcome - Regarding your issue i know many from UK have this issue ? are you from Uk too ? they also send a lot of tickets but no solution ,,, mmm maybe changing your ip can help -- not sure about this though -
  5. Haka, sorry to trouble you...I wonder if you might be able to help me. I don't seem to be getting any (not a single one!) gems sales during events & when I send a ticket to SP, the reply tells me to be patient & the offer will be available to me soon... unfortunately, soon never comes! Once again, I apologise for approaching you about this, but I am at a loss with support over this. I am unable to participate & rank up without gems. I can see why the cheaters resort to buying hacked gems, though this is never going to be a solution for game is that important. Thank you for your time, Haka.
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