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    Nice Avatar
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    You have new spot on your team?
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    Hi Dave. I'm happy to wait out the maze and stick with my team. I'm not sure I want to move. Just checking options. I really like my co leads. But we go thru the same issues you used to but they are less motivated for change.
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    Hi Dave
    I may be interested in joining. I like my team, I just want a little more enthusiasm and effort. Happy to open a conversation.

    . I am f2p and have focused my account on wars. I do not have many runes higher than 5 (maybe 5 or so 6s) and to be honest I don't find in my position it's likely to be a focus. However I have 15 or so 110s. Mostly the stronger characters like voltaik, generals, malair, deadwood etc. I have at least one per element and my c,uc, rare are leveled out. I have a 110 epic (didn't want to go higher as it changes challenges etc). I think monster power is approx 30k. I've been a co lead for ages, I almost always do 5/5 but occasionally life gets in the way. I've been with my team for well over a year.

    I know I do not fit with your requirements exactly but effectively I'm pretty close. Let me know your thoughts and I'll consider my options.
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    Hi David, just wondering if you got the PM I sent after you wrote me a visitor message?
    (No reply needed to that pm, but just want to make sure that it went through because my internet was acting out)
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    Right now we are doing relatively good. The core of ten doesn't want to leave the team, it's Armor they are loyal to. I'm just a placeholder till he can sort out the baby account and level up his monsters.
    To be honest, I would be perfectly fine with being just a soldier, it's very lonely sitting on the top of the pyramid, not to mention uncomfortable...

    I appreciate your offer a lot! Thank you

    No hard feelings I hope
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    Thanks David,

    Ill probably drop out of my team before the war ends. Ill do the 5 attacks so they don't miss out on any coins but I'm not too worried about getting war coins as I have almost 5000 and nothing to spend on at the moment. I'll still have a cool down though, and the time is closer to 1.45 AEST than 1.30. Let me know
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    Hey David. Looks like mine is about 1.30pm sunday. Happy if you guys want to start another war and ill apply after you start and you can accept me after. Up to you guys. Let me know how you want to work it.
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    Hi David, i joined a team but only as a casual player so happy to leave when the current war finishes in about a day and a half. Ill leave this team after the current war and apply with you guys if thats okay.

  10. Hi Chris, somewhat bad timing as we opened our team with min MP 3000 to get to 30 again yesterday and just started a new war. However, from experience we always end up with a few duds when letting in that many newbies. I will ask our lead (I'm only co-lead) to change it to private again and then you can apply. We'll accept you just before the end of this war when we know who isn't pulling their weight. Sounds like a plan?
    Cheers, David
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