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Thread: Post your hackers here (PvP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonichi View Post
    Hi Supreme! How do you know there's no more support for this game? Why is it still running then?
    Hi Tonichi.
    We will go off topic but i will explain it to you.
    I am one of the oldest members of this forum and i am playing this game since its beginning.Also as admin,i had more information from SP and i saw many things here.I was here in the past,when the forum was great and had hundreds active members and i am still here because i love this game and this forum...but i can compare the past with the present.I can't be sure about SP's plans,so i don't know why the game is still running,but they stopped the development and there aren't updates anymore.The Support Team stopped fixing problems and players aren't getting responds anymore.Is easy to understand that nobody is checking the reports and that there isn't Support.Sara(CM) is coming online but not so often as in the past.I know that she loves the game too and i wish to see SP active again in the future...because i still believe that this game deserves better luck and that with some good updates can become again their best game.
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