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    Lightbulb Sayan Dragon

    I have the sayan dragon, i beat dangerous isle. You fight the Deadly black dragon and cant effect him unless you destroy his huge eggs, then the plymouth colony went marching down, and micheal jackson was murdered. A marshmallow flew to mars. I farted 50,000 years ago. A piece of poop plopped on the toilet. YUM YUM!
    Don't delete this.
    EACH HUGE egg has 5000 health! I lost one of my stormy dragons on that one.

    I am lvl 63. I got a late start on dragon breeding so i only have ONE sayan dragon
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    use a graveyard to revive him
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    Please don't post outside the created forum topics. moving to Discussions i will keep this here for now.
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    im done with it as well i use draggy to destroy the egg

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