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Thread: Agamemnon Fortress

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    Agamemnon Fortress

    Agamemnon Fortress is now on sale!

    Discription: Buildings now walk... to trigger the apocalypse! Build the Agamemnon Fortress!

    Health: 7,800
    Attack: 162
    Delay: 35
    Range: 10
    Speed: 6
    Twin Laser: deals around 360+ damage to two units.
    Defence mode: Deals three bursts of 150+ damage to one unit
    Plazma Blast: Deals three bursts of XX+ damage to enemies in range(depends on how many enemies)
    Agamemnon Drone:
    Health: 700
    Attack: 36
    Delay: 30
    Range: 11
    Speed: 8

    Is it worth buying?
    Terms of Abilities? No
    Terms of stats(for attacking in PvP/Quests)? Yes
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    I don't want to take credit at all for this mech but about a month ago I thought of an idea of a mech that is a walker bunker

    A bunker is a building
    NOW look what is happening I'm not mad at all but come on I feel I contributed about 0.5% to this idea but you may never know

    I'm not taking credit at all but I had an Idea for a walking building a month ago so what do you think?
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