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Thread: Razfeesh

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    Where my razfeesh,,,,,,,,,,no screen....

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    You have to breed or buy one.

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    i think he breeded one and it didnt show after she hatched it

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    Some of the images can take a while to load or are invisible. The invisible status is a known bug & being worked on. Usually feeding up to the next image change will make the image show (level 4 if you have a new egg).
    Report Game problems to:
    follow the red link located beneath your game.
    Remember to clicking "No" at the very bottom
    to "Did this answer your question?" for the
    report form to show. Be sure to include your
    account number in the report too.

    Be aware Support usually takes 3 business days to
    respond & are closed on weekends & Spain's holidays.
    Don't forget to respond on your ticket within 14 days.

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