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Thread: I lost My gems!

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    Angry I lost My gems!


    I bought my phone at 300 gems on BLACK FRIDAY, spent 50 gems and soon after entered the game and realized I was only 15 gems, but I checked my credit card and was charged by the operator. Please, I need your help. I lost 250 gems and I do not know why.
    Help me.



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    From [URL=""]Dragon City Current Known Bugs/Issues[/URL]:

    12. Items, Buildings, & Resources (gold, food, gems) disappearing or lost due to an error -
    This is a bug that happens rarely to random players or happens if a player exits their game before auto save happens. If it happens to you please contact [URL=]Support[/URL] for them to return items. To ensure auto save happens please wait 30-60 seconds from your last action before exiting the game or click the save button found under the gear icon on the top right of the game.
    I don't play either of the mobile versions, but there should be a Report a Problem option on one of the menus.

    Or you can report this from a PC/Mac as follows:

    How to Report Game problems to Support
    Click the red link located beneath your game that says Help and Support.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see this question:
    Did this answer your question? Yes / No
    Click on No for the report form to show.

    Allow at least three Business days for a response (been 5-7+ days lately)

    If the link below your game is not working, copy and paste this into your browser's address bar:

    You'll have to manually enter your Facebook ID number if you use this link as it won't be auto-entered.
    This number is displayed beneath the game, or Google for "How to find my Facebook ID".

    Never post your Facebook ID number on the forum.
    How to clear Flash Player cache
    When reporting a problem be sure to state what platform you are playing on; Facebook, iOS, or Android
    How to Report Game problems to Support
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