Welcome to Social Point Forums. We want to inform you about the Rules of Conduct in order to guide all the members among behaviors and activities that are accepted and those that are not permitted. Every user that wants to be constantly active in Social Point Forums, has to follow these Rules of Conduct.

Users under 12 must access the forum with their parents or guardians and each community member is limited to one forum account.

Every rule is applied to all threads, private messages, visitors messages on users profiles, posts, social groups, and any other form of communication within Social Point Forums.

1. Courtesy and Respect

Forum Content must be civil and where possible it should be courteous. In Social Point Forums we value constructive and positive interactions and all feedback is received with respect. This is why activities such as cross posting, lobbying, petitioning, bumping and rudeness are not permitted.

The content must not:
-Be disrespectful, abusive, hostile or harassing other users.
-Debate the Forum rules or the moderation.
-Discuss religion or politics in order to avoid disagreements.
-Write personally identifiable information of yourself and other users.

We will not tolerate attempts to impersonate the Social Point staff

2. Privacy

-Communications between users of the forum, moderators and Social Point employees have to remain private.
-Forum content that may be published in public channels, must not show copies of private communications.

3. Hacks, Cheats and other illegal manipulations

Forum Content must not:
-Contain viruses, adware, spyware, worms or similar activities.
-Promote a misuse of any rule of Social Point Forum or games.

4. Illegal Content and Copyright

Forum Content must not:
-Contain pornography, obscene or sexually explicit remarks or images.
-Threatening or defamatory remarks or images.
-Hateful, racially or ethnically offensive remarks or images.
-Descriptions or promotions of illegal activity.
-Provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned content.
-Violate any applicable laws, contractual restrictions or any other third party rights.

Social point will delete any reported copyright infringement, as well as trademarks or other intellectual property infringements.

5. Spam, Selling and Scams

Forum Content must not:
-Spam other members or the community.
-Contain links, or advertisements which are not related to Social Point activities.
-Contain things to encourage users to participate in scam, or that can cause damage to Social Point.
-Contain information to sell third-party data.

6. Violation of Rules of Conduct

All activities that violate the forum rules can be deleted, banned or edited on administrators' discretion.