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Thread: How to manage space on islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by dranjam View Post
    So I am not stupid for being only able to squeeze 5 in there?

    i am thinking of a hidden trick or something but cant find any ,, sure i saw many hackers with impossible setups but i donnt want to just accuse this player , maybe there is a solution like monsterwood island many think that some players use cheat but they don't know that FB space is a little different than mobile one as FB has no monsterwood

    But here i see no other solution than using cheats

    By the way you missed a tile here
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    Thanks, as always .

    Here's the sixth Island:
    Cats rule!

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    And seventh:


    So I'm guessing 5 Legendary Habitats?
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    Cats rule!

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    Grid update make things much easier

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    This has always been very useful.

    What's the best layout(s) for the dark island of boosts and habitats (mix of legend and normal habitats) that allows all habitats to be fully boosted on it?
    I haven't been able to figure out where to put the boosts such that all habitats are boosted there, one always gets left out.

    I mean this island
    dark isalnd.jpg
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    Short of putting a second boost on the island, your best option is to put the lowest gold producers on the habitat that gets left out.

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