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Thread: I love all my friends in game

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    I love all my friends in game

    I lose all my friends in game, someone help me, please
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    That's what I faced

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    Happened to me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss1321017 View Post
    I lose all my friends in game, someone help me, please
    If you are on a mobile device and lose your friends after an update, go into your settings menu and whatever adjusts your app settings. Check that the app is allowed to access your contacts. I have found that for some reason when Dragon City updates, it defaults to not allow access and I have to manually reset it. After that, your friends will reappear. I imagine other SP games do the same.
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    Often you can get very difficult when lost

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    I dont understand your question

    I dont understand your question. Please extend your thought.

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