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Thread: This is how to get dandelion Dragon :)

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    This is how to get dandelion Dragon :)

    Dandelion Dragon


    " This feather light friend is a must for every dragon enthusiast.
    its puffy appearance will draw crowds from far away to see
    its famous disappearing act . "

    as the recruitment tarven doesn't work for most player maybe you want to breed dandelion instead

    i used flourescent dragon + plant dragon

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    I know how to get legend,cool fire,soccer and most of all....Pure Dragons!

    you know i have pure dragon and pure flame dragon and also 4 cool fire dragons and 2 soccer dragons
    i also have 3 legendaries and i know the combinations to get pure,cool fire,soccer,and legendaries!
    i think the others searched for a long time for this but me i only searched for 1 day and i got it all!
    you might not think i dont know but i wont post this if i dont know how to breed them,that's why i posted this!

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    if u dont want me to reveal it then search it!its just like a treasure hunt u need to explore the internet just to find the combination.

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