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Thread: Index to DC Game info - Most Questions Answered here

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    Post Index to DC Game info - Most Questions Answered here

    In order to keep the number of stickies to a minimum I've created this index with links to the information. Note that these are all new threads, so if you had the previous threads bookmarked, please update your bookmarks as the old threads will not be updated.

    See [Post=726466]Post 2[/Post] for some Definitions.

    1. [Thread=157824]Dragon Info -Weaknesses, HP, Attacks[/Thread]
      Lists weaknesses for each element, Dragons listed by their first element, Strongest Attacks
      Dragons sorted by category, Dragons listed alphabetically, Dragons grouped by Element
    2. [Thread=157822]Dragon Breeding & Hatching Times[/Thread]
      List of all dragons grouped by Breeding times, Hatching times, and an alphabetical list.
      Also shows which are breedable, and which aren't.
      List of shortest breeding time combos.
    3. [Thread=157829]Habitats, Farms, XP per Level, Unlocking Levels, Earnings, Expansions[/Thread]
      Number of farms and habitats per Level, XP required for each player level
      Level required to unlock Habitats, Farms, Buildings, Temples, Boosts, and Decorations
      Gold earnings for each dragon, sorted highest to lowest.
      Cost to unlock islands and expansion costs.
    4. [Thread=157834]Game Info: Deus Vault, Black Market, Dragonarium, Monday Reward and More[/Thread]
      Info on the Deus Vault, Black market, Dragonarium, Monday Reward, Recruitment Prizes.
      Food crops cost, time, XP, and food required to level up your dragons
      Difference between the Butterfly dragon and the Special Butterfly dragon.
      Difference between the Cool Fire dragon and the Special Cool Fire dragon.
      How to assist Neighbors, what do you get.
      Baby Elves, Unicorns, Gold Trees, Snail Wizards
      Dragons in the Dragon Book.
      Dragon Stars (Rank)
      List of Rare Hybrids
      Dragons with attacks that do not match their elements
      Stadium Tournaments
      Tomato Tree Output
    5. [Thread=158666]Suggested Dragons to use in Combat[/Thread]
      Dragons to use in combat based on the opponents attacks. Suggested dragons will not be weak to those attacks, and will have one attack that will do critical damage.
      Other Combat Guides, not currently being updated so info may be inaccurate.
      [Thread=122515]The Complete Battle Guide: Weaknesses, Tiers and Attacks[/Thread]
      [Thread=43900]Complete Combat World Guide - Dragon Weaknesses/Strengths[/Thread]
    6. [Thread=157845]Dragon Market Calculator[/Thread]
      A spreadsheet you can use to calculate the Food/Gold you'll get from the Dragon Market based on your level and the number of friends accepting the job request.
      Assumes you are in the group not limited to 10 of course.
    7. [Thread=33795]Dragon Eggs[/Thread]
      Pictures of the dragon eggs. Go to the end of the thread for the latest/most complete pictures.
      [post=711995]Eggs as of ~Jan 18th, 2014[/post]
    8. Breeding Guides
      [thread=158953]Dragon City Breeding Guide[/thread] Current
      [thread=157085]Complete Dragon City Breeding Guide[/thread] Not currently being updated, but still has useful info.
      [Post=646975]Successful combos for Level Exclusives[/Post] Combos that have resulted in a Level Exclusive dragon.
    9. [thread=159446]Dragon City Dragon List[/thread]
      Alphabetical list of all dragons.
    10. Printable Lists of Dragons
      [Thread=167411]Printable and Downloadable Guides[/Thread]
      These are printable and downloadable versions of Refzel's guides in the forum
      [thread=160042]Printable Dragon List[/thread]
      Printable list of all dragons in PDF format (Attached in a zip file).
    11. [Post=687508]List of Island Events[/Post]
      List of past Island Events showing Starting Date, Duration, and a Link to the info thread (if any)
    12. [Post=746336]Zodiac Dragon Release Dates[/Post]
    13. [Thread=195967]Ancient Portal Info[/Thread]

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    Term Definition
    Element One of the 11 basic elements:
    Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Metal, Ice, Dark, Light, War, Pure
    Legend Not really an element, it is a combination of all 11 elements. When used as a parent,
    it can provide one or more of the 11 elements, acting as a "wildcard" in breeding.
    Opposing Elements Elements that can not be directly bred together, see table below.
    Elemental Dragon A dragon that consists of only one element.
    (not to be confused with the Elements Dragon)
    Hybrid Dragon A dragon with two or more elements.
    Rare Hybrid A dragon with two opposing elements. This can be a two, three, or four element dragon.
    Currently the four element dragons consist of two pairs of opposing elements
    Level Exclusive A dragon that can only be bred if the parents are at minimum level.
    Currently there are three levels, 10, 15, and 20
    Legendary Dragon This can refer to the group of Legendary dragons, or can refer to the one dragon named Legendary.
    If someone says you need to use a Legendary Dragon in breeding, any of them can be used.
    Event Elements Dragons from the events sometimes have a special symbol and name for one of their elements.
    It's not a new element, just a different name for an existing element.
    Primary Element The First element shown for a dragon on it's info page.
    This determines the dragon's weaknesses.
    Note that the Dragonarium and the iOS version show the elements in the reverse order.
    Defending Element Same as Primary Element
    HP (HitPoints) Health of the dragon. You'll see the HP numbers in battle.
    Category Dragons are grouped into 5 categories.
    Dragons in the same category have the same HP

    Here's the current list of opposing elements
    Terra Metal
    Flame Ice
    Sea War
    Nature Electric
    Dark Light

    Names of the Event Elements
    Name Symbol Element
    Ankh/Egyptian Attachment 25777 Electric
    Viking Attachment 25778 Flame
    Omega/Olympus Attachment 25779 Sea
    Aztec Attachment 25780 Nature
    Demon/Hades Attachment 25781 Dark
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thumbs up Great help!

    Thank you Jerry. You have been a great help.

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    Ancient World

    Hello Jerry and thanks for the info.

    On the ancient world, please add the upgrade requirements for each ancient dragon and their platinum production (per hour) at each level.

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    Thanks for adding the ancient dragons' production rates. Upgrade times and requirement would still be a welcome addition.

    I confirm 54/hour for Guardangel Lv 4.

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