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Thread: New Legendary Idea!

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    Lightbulb New Legendary Idea!

    This would be a Legend/Dark or Legend/Earth Name:Unknown

    Baby moves:
    Small pinch
    Dazing bite

    Group 1
    Horrific pinch deals moderate special(may poison)

    Stunning bite ( may stun, small special damage)

    Web wall (applies small shield to self)

    Group 2
    Hatchling attack!
    (deals moderate Dark damage to all enemy team, (may daze and magnetize.)

    Nasty flesh,
    Confuses enemy, gives monster small health boost

    Poisoned pinch
    Deals high special damage, may poision target

    Group 3

    Tremendous pinch
    Deals high special damage

    Bug wall
    Puts large sheild to team, gives small atk boost.

    Big sting: Deals high Earth damage (May stun target)

    Special move:
    Bug problem:
    Deals very high special damage to all and may poison
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    I think this guy became Stinger s1.

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    Yeah, I totally approve of this! I like that you made art for it although the design might freak some people out as with Growler's design. The only name I can suggest for now is "Scorpius" because I suck hehe.
    "He may be old, but he is lethal."

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    Amazing drawing!

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