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Thread: My Monster Ideas #10: "Conquest"

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    My Monster Ideas #10: "Conquest"


    Monster Idea #10

    Name: Conquest

    Elements: Light, Special (Legendary)

    Trait: Hardened

    Description: This king is a warrior and a leader, bent on conquest. He has high military power and has gained respect from the nations of the many countries he has claimed. Each city that he conquers, he rises in power... You'd better hope he's not coming for you.

    Likely Role: Supporter

    Appearance Details:

    Adult Form: Conquest is a centaur with intricate light gray armor. He wears a helmet of the same color, with a rectangular eye opening, although his eyes are unseen. Right above the helmet is a large, golden crown with complicated patterns, adorned with many differently colored and shaped exotic gems and jewels. Behind the helmet, his head boasts long, flowing white hair that blows with the wind. On his left hand, he wields a large white bow with a point at the end where the arrow is fired. On his humanoid back, he has a golden quiver, filled with gleaming white arrows that he fires with his bow. The quiver is strapped to his body armor by a leather strap. A large royal red cape flows from his neck and shoulders. He wears a ruby red loincloth where his humanoid and horse body meet. His lower half of his body, which is the body of a horse (as he is a centaur) is shiny white. He wears a gold plated saddle, decorated with gems, although not as varying as the ones on his crown. His legs are long, and his hooves are made of solid iron and gleam with light, and his tail is of the same material and similar length as his hair.

    Juvenile Form: Juvenile Conquest is smaller and shorter. His crown is smaller and is decorated with less gems. His hair is shorter and less flowing. His bow is smaller, and so is his quiver and arrows on his back. His cape is smaller and a darker colored red. He wears a silver plated saddle instead of a gold one, also decorated with less gems than in his adult stage. His legs are shorter, and tail is shorter to match the length of his juvenile form hair.

    Child Form: Child Conquest is even smaller and shorter. He wears a very simple crown that looks very big compared to his body. The crown has only five red gems on the front. He still wears his helmet, but covering his eye opening is a simple white blindfold. His hair is still long, but much shorter compared to his adult and juvenile forms. He does not have a bow, nor a quiver on his back, and his cape is small and does not flow in the wind. His saddle is a normal leather one, not plated with any sort of iron and not decorated with any gems. His horse legs are short compared to his body. His tail is about the same length as his current form's hair.

    Egg: A white egg representing Conquest's helmet, with Child Conquest's crown on the top.


    Default & Special
    Overthrow - Deals low Physical damage.
    Arcum Lucis - Deals low Light damage.
    Quem Regnare! - Gives Double Damage to all allies. Applies a 120% shield to all allies for 2 turns.

    Skills Group 1
    Eques Impetum - Deals moderate Special damage. 50% chance of Stunning target.
    Imperium Durum - Deals moderate Light damage. 50% chance of Blinding target.
    Fortis - Applies a 20% life shield to all allies for 2 turns. Requires cooldown.

    Skills Group 2
    Impetus Regis - Deals heavy Special damage. May Stun target. Requires cooldown.
    Magnificum Imperium - Deals low Light damage to all enemies. All targets become weak to all Special and Light attacks for 3 turns. Requires cooldown.
    Magna Militum - Gives Damage Boost and Regeneration to all allies. Heals all allies by 25%. Requires cooldown.

    Skills Group 3
    Iudicium Domini - Deals very heavy Special damage. The target will die in 3 turns. Requires cooldown.
    Corona Virtutis - Gives one extra turn and Regeneration to an ally. It will also ignore all damage received within the next 2 turns. Requires cooldown.
    Aura Magnitudine - ​Heals all allies by 35%. Applies a 50% life shield to all allies for 2 turns. Gives Precision to all allies. Requires cooldown.

    General Animation Details:

    Physical Attack: Conquest charges directly at the target, takes an arrow out of his quiver, and fires at the target right when he reaches it. He charges off the other side of the screen and reappears on the opposite side, just like with Slayentaur and Rhinoram.

    Magic Attack: Conquest takes three arrows out of his quiver and loads them into his bow. He points it up, and fires the arrows.

    Magic Buff: He stands up and rears while raising the arm with the bow in the air. (Rearing is when a horse goes backward and stands on its hind legs, then "treads the air" with its front legs)

    Walking: He stomps and walks normally with his hooves.

    Beaten/Hurt: He turns his head backwards and his front legs go up a little bit. His body slides back a little.

    Victory/Level Up: He does the same thing as in his magic buff animation but without the rearing.

    Skill Animation Details:

    Overthrow, Eques Impetum, Impetus Regis & Iudicium Domini: Already explained above in "Physical Attack".

    Arcum Lucis & Imperium Durum: Conquest does his magic attack animation, and three arrows made of white light fall and disappear on the target.

    Magnificum Imperium: Conquest does his magic attack animation, and three arrows made of white light fall and disappear on each target.

    Fortis: Conquest does his magic buff animation, and a white light circle shape appears and fades out on each ally, one after another.

    Magna Militum: Conquest does his magic buff animation, and a white light circle and triangle shape appear and fade out on each ally, one after another.

    Aura Magnitudine: Conquest does his magic buff animation, and a white light circle, triangle, and square appear and fade out on each ally, one after another.

    Corona Virtutis: Conquest does his magic buff animation, and a while light outline shape of Conquest's crown appears and fades out on the target ally.

    Quem Regnare!: When he uses his special ability, he jumps into midair and begins to hover, and turns into a body of shimmering white light. A few white light outline shapes of castle walls and flags form on and in front of Conquest's team, shine brightly with Conquest, and then slowly fade out. Conquest stops shining and falls from the air, landing on his spot.

    Inspired by: Conquest (Horsemen of the Apocalypse mythology)

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