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Thread: Incoming New Feature - Auto Battle Mode

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    Not sure if anyone noticed it, but they are going to be releasing the highly requested "Auto Battle Mode."

    Taken from Taringa:


    "Now you can activate the auto-battle mode in Dungeons!"

    "Try the new auto-battle mode in the Dungeons! It will allow you to easily sit back and watch your monsters fight. Don't have much time? No worries, because with the auto-battle mode, you can
    choose the speed of the battle."

    It will be interesting to see how the AI behaves, which may give a better idea on how to build your defense.

    Kind of nice to fight through the easy dungeons as well.

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    I find this a really bizarre thing for a games company to do. It's basically acknowledging that their game play is boring, and that people would rather get the rewards without playing the game. I find the dungeons (Survival dungeon aside) really tedious, so am happy with this development, but am amazed that SP even considered this option.

    I'm hoping they can automate rune crafting!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonofasterix View Post
    I find this a really bizarre thing for a games company to do. It's basically acknowledging that their game play is boring
    Many other mobile games have this feature so it's no real surprise to me. Though this game does a great job of attack strategy, so it really should only be used for the easy dungeons and maybe taking note of how the AI works in my opinion.

    But yeah an automated Rune crafting would be nice. They've been delivering on a lot of requested features, so I can forsee that happening too.

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    Of course it is possible that autoplay will not be totally free.
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    Or SP might reduce the rewards...

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    I am glad they are spending their time implementing features like these rather than allow a user to specify defensive skill order, implementing a hatchery temple, reworking the rune system.

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    Sounds good to me
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    What I would really like to see is a "Practice Dungeon". A dungeon where you can set up your opposing team. Everything from type of monster, rank, runes, etc. The main reason I want to do this is to be able to play against my own monsters and see what the AI does with them so I can try to devise strategy for plugging the weak spots. I wouldn't expect any kind of reward from this - just want to tinker and study the AI.

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    This had been on my wish list for a very long time.
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