I don't care if I win the monster that was not my complaint. Timerion is right there are better monsters. And I like some of the suggestions for fixing the issue I originally complained about.

My issue was that all the changing of teams to win a monster is ridiculous. The game is already messed up. But my team jumped to Rank#197 and then got matched against one of these teams that has 1 win and is ranked much lower #597 but now here is what is fun. They have all level 120-130 monsters and level 10 runes. Oh fun. And the rankings are really skewed because of all the team hopping to win a monster.

I just would like to see the matching of teams be better and all the team hopping to stop. I did not want to argue with anyone for why you do it. Whether I like you do or not. It was a point that the whole game is messed up and makes it worse when they do a team race.