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Thread: Bella Baal Discussion

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    Bella Baal Discussion

    Props to Monster Wiki for releasing the skills this morning.

    Of immediate interest is the debuff she brings - "Sunburn". This is not the Light Vulnerability debuff correct? I'm thinking this is just another DoT similar to Quicksand maybe?

    Overall I'm not blown away by her. I'm guessing she will have Hardened as a trait. Stun Immunity would also be quite interesting.

    What's everyone else think - is she worth spending a wallet on to get first place? :P

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    According to Taringa Sunburn is a Damage over Time and a mini Blind (15%)! Woah! Since this is a separate debuff this will STACK with blind and daze.

    Blind + Daze + Sunburn = 90% chance to miss. Get Rekt....

    Things just got much more interesting...

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    no monster is worth taking gamble of spending on teamrace.
    Not to mention that opening wallet during this nasty cashgrab only reinforces such negative tendencies.

    but if sunburn effect is actually as you describe it, I like it.
    Monster itself is pretty meh though. Even having daze and 50% blind on top of this new effect doesn't change much. In light wars debuff removal is commonplace practice, and getting 2 turns in is uncertain.

    Looks lot like totem and firyna, fun special purpose collectible. But not a staple monster missing which won't let you sleep at night.

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    she is a light hitter, and there aren't many good ones of those except LauLau and Taiga and maybe Layth.

    aoe special damage + remove positive effects = counters encouragement, atum's shields, timerion's space time.
    massive special damage: great vs other lights
    very heavy light damage + blind = great vs other monsters
    aoe special damage + sunburn = aoe mini blind + damage over time + area damage: sounds good to me.

    40% shield + clear self negative effects + damage boost: sounds useful too (would have been better with extra turn as well) reminds me of Hercule's skill.
    shield + aoe daze= i like skills that buff and affect the opponents too and would stack with the sunburn.

    + i like the concept, I liked it with Little Red Furry Cap, it's cool to have a light antagonist for her and I like the backstory of being Luthien's daughter and White Pandalf casting a spell on her ^_^

    hopefully the trait and stats don't disappoint.
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