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    Vanitus Discussion

    Probably should have been made a while ago, but I figured I'd make one now. I'm feeding mine to max level now.

    What's everyone using on him for skills? I bought 2 cell packs after the event so I'm going to push him to 110 and am considering him for my primary defense Magic.

    His 3 turn Mirror and attack with Stun Immunity makes him a VERY tough target to deal with in the Magic element. If/when he gets his Stun Immunity up he's unstoppable so long as Freeze is off the table. The only concern technically would be Toy Master, the only Magic with Freeze.

    I'm thinking of using:
    1. Arrogant Punches (Heavy special w/ Stun Immunity 0 CD)
    2. Beautifuld Knuckles (Very heavy magic 1 turn CD)
    3. Best View in the World (3 turn Mirror w/ self burn)
    4. Everybody Look at Me (Moderate magic AoE)

    I'm kind of torn on the 4th slot. On one hand I want an AoE to at least take out the squishy, but I'm also considering All is Vanity (Very heavy special w/ Precision) or I Love Me (Heavy special w/ Damage Boost).

    Opinions/theorycrafting welcome.
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    I invested in Vanitus. Looks like the best magic defender outside--maybe--of Scarr.

    Best View in the World
    Ego Boost (doubles your pleasure with Mirror Mirror)
    Arrogant Punches
    All is Vanity (only a slight drop in damage to gain precision)

    One of the best candidates ever to run speed, strength, life.

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    If White Pandalf attack with Ensorcelled Words while Vanitus has mirror up, would Vanitus still be able to reflect the attack back before the mirror is removed?

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