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Thread: Social War/Social empire dragons bug

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    Exclamation Social War/Social empire dragons bug

    I completed the tasks in both of these games and currently level 10.5 in social wars and 11.5 in social empire and I cannot seem to get the dragons in my level 22 dragon city game. I completed these tasks a week ago and gave it about a week thinking it may just need some time to register. However, I still am not allowed to even try and get the paladin or robot dragons. not sure what the glitch is, but this is really frustrating since I found these two games to be extremely mind numbing and will not go back to them. It took me no more than 45 minutes to get to level 10 on each game. I like Dragon city due to the wide variety of dragons you can make, and I realize that is it saying still beta, so figured I would drop a thread since I didn't see one directly about this problem yet.

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    So what is your Idea or suggestion?
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    Hint gotten, I posted in the wrong thread. although a suggestion would be to fix it. I am going to copy and paste into the bug thread. Morning to you to! :-) I have my coffee now....

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    1)open social empires/wars and let it load
    2)open dragon city
    3)claim the dragons
    you sir are an idiot

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