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Thread: Dragon City Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobodycares View Post
    Why can't I hatch a dragon while a habitat is upgrading? Even though I have room in another appropriate habitat?
    This is a bug introduced several updates ago on facebook several updates ago, unfortunately the only way around it is to wait or hatch the egg on the mobile app. You can of course send in a ticket but this is a reported issue and they have yet to fix and/or change it.

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    My Storage

    Why i can't open my storage. It doesn't appear when clicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaoraShikihara View Post
    Why i can't open my storage. It doesn't appear when clicked.
    I would say try the usual fixes: Empty your cache files, try a different platform, reboot your system, delete and reinstall. If none of that works, send in a bug report but don't expect a quick response. This is Thursday, and the techs don't work weekends.
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