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  • Fox

    Hello Monster Masters,

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 6.1.2 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    • Some video ads that were crashing the game are fixed
    • Healing Mask healing is fixed
    • Monsters cooldown in Team Wars is fixed
    • Some monsters that appeared with incorrect life after canceling battle are fixed

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  • Fox

    alt text

    The Final Gang Showdown

    For years, Gangsterosaurus was the undisputed head of the mafia in Monster Legends—No one contested his prices in the black market and no one doubted his methods of getting what he wanted, but that time has passed.

    When two of his best workers, Galante and Violet, fell in love and left the clan together, it was then that his position began to decline. The situation worsened when his son, Alfredosaurus, declared that he didn’t want to continue the family business and left to become a wrestler, under the name of El Dino Volador. At that point, Gangsterosaurus became greedy with his commissions in an effort to prove that he was still the boss, which only made things worse. His best man, Alex Bone, decided to go solo to avoid having to share the riches he had been stealing.

    After this series of events, Gangsterosaurus became obsessed with all of his ex-workers. He neglected his business, blinded by the hate and thirst for vengeance he felt towards his deserters. So blinded in fact that he forgot the most important rule in the business of mafia...Never leave let your guard down, because if you’re not controlling the black market, someone else will.
    And that’s exactly what has happened: A new clan has been born! Al Canine, an old dog who had been studying Gangsterosaurus’ moves for years, learned from all of his mistakes and is ready to make his major conquest! He has everything he needs to succeed: great contacts, an exclusivity in the chest black market, and a great team he makes sure to keep happy, so they don’t betray him the same way Gangsterosaurus’ team betrayed him.

    Introducing the members of the Canine Clan! Bonnie Bark is the thief of the gang. She uses her beauty to distract anyone from a shop owner to a banker. With her around, the Canine Clan will never lack for easy cash! Then there’s Carlo Canbino, he does all of Al’s dirty work. He’s not the smartest, but he’s strong and loyal and will shake down anyone who doesn’t pay their debts to the gang! Last but not least, there’s the boss himself: Al Canine. Al handles the big money and the negotiations, things he wouldn’t trust with anyone.

    It seems like the Canine Clan has every chance to take over Monster Legends’ Black Market. However, Gansterosaurus still has a few good followers left on his side and copious weapons he’s hoarded over the years. He won’t give up his business easily...What will happen in the final Gang showdown?

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  • Haruki

    Hey there,

    We have deployed a batch of new balancing changes for Champions Destiny. These improvements are especially tackling our matchmaking system, making it fairer for everyone.

    We have reduced the matchmaking brackets both for teammates and also enemies. This means that we are favoring quality of matchmaking over waiting times. Also, this means that you’ll get more balanced matches overall.

    We have changed the level of bots, reducing it across all Leagues of the game. The change will be especially noticeable in higher Leagues. This also means that fighting against bots in 3vs3 will be more balanced than before.

    We have reduced in half the progression of stats after leveling up Champions. As a result, the difference in power between levels has also decreased.

    We have changed the way the respawn times work, from 15 to 35 seconds, depending on the times you die. The first time your Champion gets killed, you’ll wait 15 seconds until respawn. The second and third time, 20 and 30 seconds respectively.

    Any further death after that will result in 35 seconds respawn time.

    Legendary Ranking fixed –> We have fixed a bug that was preventing the Legendary Ranking to show the best players from the previous PvP season.

    See you in the Arena!

    Kind regards,
    The Champions Destiny team

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  • Haruki

    Hola Weizz,

    Perdona la tardanza en responder pero de alguna manera este mensaje pasó por debajo del radar... No sé si ya has escrito al servicio de atención al cliente mediante un ticket pero sería la mejor manera de proceder en este caso.

    Dentro de juego, vete a AJUSTES y de ahí, a APOYO. En algún momento se te dará la oportunidad de mandar un mensaje. En él, sé todo lo informativo que puedas (día en que ocurrió, Campeón que obtuviste, etc).

    Un saludo muy cordial,

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  • Fox

    Hi Kaiju,

    It's super sad to see you go but I understand your decision.
    Thank you for being a loyal ML player and especially for being a great member of the forum community. You will be missed!

    If you decide to come back in the future, we will all welcome you back with open arms!

    Good luck in your life and enjoy the time with your family. :)

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  • Haruki

    Hey everybody,

    Below you will find the complete list of Champions stats with a brief description of their particularities.
    Off we go!

    Physical Damage --> The amount of damage dealt by a basic attack and the applicable damage modifiers.

    Magic Damage --> A Champion stat that increases the effectiveness of most skills.

    Critical Damage --> The percentage of damage increase provided by critical chance. A critical strike is a basic attack or an ability that deals twice its normal damage. All basic attacks can critically strike, but only a few abilities can. It's not possible to critically strike towers.

    Critical Chance --> The chance in percentage of a basic attack dealing a critical strike. Critical Chance stacks. Items and skills can increase Critical Chance.

    True Damage --> A type of pure damage that ignores armor and magic resistance, as well as other forms of damage reduction.

    Armor Penetration --> A Champion stat that reduces the effectiveness of a target's armor.

    Magic Penetration --> A Champion stat which allows their Magic Damage (resulting from their skills, enhanced attacks, etc) to ignore some or all of one target's Magic Resistance.

    Attack Speed --> The frequency of a Champion's basic attack. This is measured and displayed as attacks per second.

    Health --> Refers to the amount of life a Champion has. Max health is the cap on life any Champion can have. Current health is directly reduced by damage and is regained in many different ways.

    Life Steal --> An offensive stat that restores health to the wielder on all basic attacks, including skills that modify these basic attacks.

    Movement Speed --> A stat that represents the rate at which a Champion travels across the map. One Movement Speed point translates to one distance unit traveled per second.

    Armor --> A stat shared by all Champions. Increased Armor reduces the Physical Damage the Champion takes. Each Champion begins with some Armor that may increase with skills and items. Armor values can stack.

    Magic Resistance --> A stat shared by all Champions. Increased Magic Resistance reduces the Magic Damage the Champion takes. Each Champion begins with some Magic Resistance which may increase with skills and items. Magic Resistance stacks.

    Attack Range --> A measurement used to determine how far in range an attack or skill can go.

    Health Regeneration --> A stat that determines the amount of Health a Champion regenerates over a five-second period.

    Cooldown Reduction --> A percentage stat that reduces the cooldown of skills, or the amount of time before a skill can be used again after activation.

    Tenacity --> A stat that reduces the duration of all crowd control effects.

    See you in the Arena!

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  • Haruki

    @LeX ,

    When contacting Customer Care, please do so inside the game, as this gives us even more information and our agents can help you faster. In order to open a ticket, simply head to Settings and from there, tap Support.


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  • Pounawea

    @Nynaevelan said in Hi Vortex Heroic Race for High Portal Jan 1, 2018 to Jan 22, 2018:

    @Pounawea please let the team know that I cannot moderate the forums for the next 11 days because I am GLUED to my tablet with all these nodes with the 10 minute wait times for the fights. Now I am not complaining too much because this is easier than those tedious breedings and hatchings but if my tablet burns out someone in Barcelona is replacing it....IJS. ;)

    Hi @Nynaevelan!


    @Nyn 's tablet in few a days... :O


    @LilCricketPa said in Hi Vortex Heroic Race for High Portal Jan 1, 2018 to Jan 22, 2018:

    @Pounawea and @Bex101 after last month, the team needs to see THIS thread. I think it is pretty safe to say the changes made have made the Dragon City Community pretty happy. Even I am giving this race a good try. I still have a pretty active race, but this time I seem to have gotten matched up with more people in my time zone. Not that it really matters much because now, reaching lap 15 seems a bit more doable.

    So Thank You Dragon City Team, for listening to the Community!

    :) They will be happy to hear that @LilCricketPa! I'll pass your feedback along to the rest of Team.

    As I tried to explain you on the official announcement for this Heroic Race, we took on your feedback from the previous Race and we wanted to make Vortex a very exciting, fun and more rewarding Race, We really hope that the entire community feels this way.

    Have a great day and happy racing everyone!

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  • Pounawea

    @Stilor said in High Portal's elements:

    @Pounawea Why DejaVu dragon as a reward, by the way? It has been a reward in the HR: Galaxy, just two races ago.

    Or, I guess, is it why this dragon is called Deja Vu? :)

    Hi @Stilor !

    jejjejeje Indeed, it seems that our game designers had a Deja Vu there... :D

    Thanks for bringing that up! I'll share your feedback with the team.

    By the way, I hope you are all enjoying the new balancing & new rewards of the current Heroic Race! :)

    Have a great day and see you back on the islands!

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