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  • DarthChabel

    Hello, hello! 🐶
    Today at 12pm CET the Don Canine Saga started. Those who played nodes on HARD or MED will keep their progress and rewards, but they'll need to start from Easy. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙏🏻

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  • DarthChabel

    This sea critter used to feed on mussels and seaweed, but when he was feeling exotic, he crawled out of the water onto dry land, looking for a bite of something different. He had this strategy where he’d play dead in the sand for hours, until a scavenger came along and tried to eat him. And when that happened... Snap! Hydraka attacked by surprise.

    But then, one of his food trips took longer than expected. He spent days playing dead in the sand and no scavengers came for him. After a week, he was about to give up and settle for a boring seaweed sandwich when he noticed something approaching. It was a scavenger! He readied himself and… when the scavenger attacked, he reacted with a strength he'd never known before. He immediately realized he’d doubled his size and looked completely different now!

    That’s what excessive exposure to the Sun will do to you on the beaches of Elektra.


    Hydraka is a Fire Attacker with True Vision, Shields, and Positive Effects Protection skills. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's an Abomination, at rank 1, he becomes Hardened and, at rank 3, he'll gain True Vision at the start of the battle.

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  • DarthChabel

    Dr. Fiend and Dr. Wattz used to work together. They were about to make a big discovery on hydraulic energy. However, they didn't have the same plans for what to do with that discovery. While the former wanted to make a contribution to science, the latter wanted to keep the finding a secret he could use on his own, so when almost all the work was done, Dr. Wattz decided that it was time to get rid of his research colleague.

    He tricked Dr. Fiend into going into the deep ocean to measure currents, but when she was down there, he set her a trap and poisoned her with the venom of a mysterious giant jellyfish. Dr. Fiend was transformed into Aquafiend, an extraordinary mutant. When she emerged from the ocean, she realized she couldn't work on her research anymore. The scientific community wouldn’t take her seriously. She had lost everything.

    But then, by some sort of miracle, a powerful and elegant monster who went by the name of Malair appeared out of nowhere. He told her that he saw her for the extraordinary creature she was, and offered her a home and a new family. Aquafiend accepted his kind offer.

    Little by little, she understood the type of place and the type of family she had landed in. It was a training center and all her new flatmates were supervillains. Malair seemed to be the boss of them all. At first, she wanted to run away from that place but then she felt indebted to Malair so she decided to stay a while longer and help him in the lab of the training center. She soon got involved in many of his projects and, slowly but surely, she became a true supervillain herself.

    To this day, Aquafiend hasn't found out the real truth: Her becoming a supervillain was never a coincidence and Malair hadn't just been a good samaritan to her. Malair and Dr. Wattz had struck the perfect deal: Dr. Wattz gets rid of his rival, and Malair gets a new creature he can shape into a supervillain!


    Aquafiend is a Water Support monster who can remove negative effects and apply positive ones. She has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she has True Vision, at rank 1, she gains Immunity to Burn and, at rank 3, she'll give Freeze Immunity to all allies at the start of the battle.


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  • DarthChabel

    During one of his many visits to prison, Al Canine met this very particular burglar. Geckone loved money and Italian suits, just like him, but he also had some unique skills which made him a perfect candidate to join the Canine gang.

    What makes Geckone special is his ability to play with electricity. He can make the power go out and switch it back on again with a flick of his hand, so he's especially useful when there are security cameras and alarms involved!


    Geckone is a Thunder Support with Positive Effect Removal and Taunt Hater skills. He can also apply Shock to enemies or Guard Down Hater, Damage Boost, and Taunt Hater to allies. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Freeze and, at rank 3, he'll give Thunder Immunity to all allies at the start of the battle.


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  • TheStrange

    Don’t be sad July is over, in Dragon City, for every adventure that ends, a new one begins! 🎒

    This August will be just as jam-packed! You’ll soon find out that mirrors and dreams have lots in common… They can teleport you to different, mysterious dimensions where the creatures you meet there are not always your friend! Curious to know more? 🤔 You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

    Take a look at the full list of upcoming events and meet the main characters!

    28 Jul - 1 Aug: Arid Runner Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
    New Dragon: Arid Ambassador Dragon

    2 Aug - 9 Aug: Darkest Mirror Grid Island
    New Dragon: Queen’s Villain Dragon

    2 Aug - 7 Aug: Darkest Mirror Puzzle Island
    New Dragon: Mirror Mage Dragon

    7 Aug - 11 Aug: Phantom Runner Island (Darkest Mirror)
    New Dragon: Phantom Virago Dragon

    9 Aug - 12 Aug: Reflection Maze Island (Darkest Mirror)
    New Dragon: Reflected Revenge Dragon

    12 Aug - 23 Aug: Hidden Dragons Heroic Race:
    New Dragon: High Camouflage Dragon

    14 Aug - 17 Aug: Hidden Swamp Fog Island (Hidden Dragons)
    New Dragon: Hidden Swamp Dragon

    18 Aug - 22 Aug: Hidden Volcano Maze Island (Hidden Dragons)
    New Dragon: Hidden Lava Dragon

    23 Aug - 26 Aug: Tower of Dreams (Dreams of Chaos)
    New Dragon: Astral Rem Dragon

    26 Aug - 6 Sept: Dreams of Chaos Maze Island
    New Dragon: Morpheus Dragon

    27 Aug - 1 Sept: Dreams of Chaos Puzzle Island
    New Dragon: Night Terror Dragon

    1 Sept - 5 Sept: Sweet Dream Runner Island (Dreams of Chaos)
    New Dragon: Sweet Dream Dragon

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  • DarthChabel

    Due to an error in configuration, our Water Beast Dungeon was giving away more tokens than it should have. The right amount was the one shown in the text. We’ve fixed this issue, but we won’t be removing the tokens that were already granted. Thank you for understanding.

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  • DarthChabel

    When Malair was a child, his mother, Froma, taught him everything she knew hoping that, one day, he'd become a sorcerer with enough power to protect the planet. For a while, he did become that sorcerer, but it wasn't long before he started flirting with dark magic.

    That interest for evil was something that he had inherited from his other parent, Malfeitor, who was the complete opposite to Froma. Once that Malair had embraced his evil side, he never went back, to his mother's dismay.

    To be fair, Malair was an outstanding villain. He had a true talent for evil. He worked solo for years but when younger villains came along and outpowered him, instead of disappearing, he founded the Supervillains' Hideout, a training center where he recruited, educated and prepared dozens of monsters that would later become an army of supervillains at his service. That way, it didn't matter that he was getting old, because he had a team of younger villains as his employees.

    It was smart business model, or at least that's what everyone thought, everyone except for Malfeitor. In his eyes, Malair could never get anything right. He never approved of anything his son did and thought that he would never succeed without his help, so when he was the first monster to find Nebula, Malfeitor decided to grab some and take it to Malair, not only to truly help him, but also to prove that if he were to become more powerful than ever, it would be thanks to him.

    However, after his transformation, Malairion may be about to finally wow his father. He's got great plans.


    Malairion is a Magic Attacker with Curse, random Element Hater and Damage Boost effects. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1 he becomes Immune to Blind and, at rank 3, he'll gain Immunity to Stun at the start of the battle.


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  • DarthChabel

    Kill Drill isn't Don Canine's smartest or most faithful henchmonster, but while Carlo Canbino "takes care" of Canine's many debtors and Bonnie Bark is out searching for new business opportunities, Kill Drill brings in loads of quick money, and what's most important: He never asks questions. All in all, he's the boss' favorite. When Don Canine recruited him, he was just a Low-level burglar with a drill that can get into any safe. Now he's gang royalty, an idol for any criminal!


    Kill Drill is a Metal Attacker with Shields Break and Torture skills, such as Nightmares, Bleed, and Drowned. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1 he becomes Immune to Blind and, at rank 3, he'll gain Immunity to Stun at the start of every battle.


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  • DarthChabel

    The Scintherus is a non-predatory creature from the “electriliae” family. It is covered in very thick scales to protect itself, even though it can summon an electric orb around its body in order to protect other members of its litter. In theory, the Scintherus is a domesticable monster so, if you survive dealing with it when it's wild (good luck with that!), you'll end up having a lovely companion.


    Scintherus is a Thunder Tank with Taunt as a Trait and Damage Mirror skills. He can also apply MegaTaunt, Shock, and Daze. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he has Taunt, at rank 1, he becomes Hardened and, at rank 3, he'll gain a 50% Damage Mirror at the start of every battle.


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  • DarthChabel

    There was a time when there were several gang bosses in Monstown, but that time was long ago. For years, Al Canine has been the top dog, with no competitors who dare to stand up to him. Sometimes they sneakily report him to the police, and sure, Al Canine has been in jail more than once, but he’s never there for long. He always bribes his way out. Moreover, he’s made some of his best alliances in jail, where he used his power of persuasion to recruit low level criminals and turn them into his gangsters.

    Al Canine had thought that things couldn’t work better for him, but then, one day, Malairion knocked on his door, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and, after sealing the deal, he transformed Al Canine into Don Canine, the new gangster boss in Monstown.


    Don Canine is a Light Controller with Cooldown Activation and Stun skills. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he becomes Tough and, at rank 3, he'll gain Immunity to Control at the start of every battle.

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