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  • Fox

    Following fix is live on April 6th.

    Akunobuki - Monster cells fix
    As a Legendary Elite, Akunobuki, should require only 80 Monster Cells to be crafted.

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  • Fox

    Flash Raids is a new feature in the Mythic Amber Dungeons which allows you to get more Mythic Amber and rank your Mythics up much faster.

    Once you finish each floor you will see a Flash Raid pop-up with several options:

    After finishing floor 1

    Raid the dungeon 1 time - 30 gems - 5x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 10 times - 285 gems - 50x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 30 times - 750 gems - 150x Amber

    After finishing floor 2

    Raid the dungeon 1 time - 30 gems - 10 x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 10 times - 285 gems - 100 x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 30 times - 750 gems - 300 x Amber

    After finishing floor 3

    Raid the dungeon 1 time - 30 gems - 15 x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 10 times - 285 gems - 150 x Amber
    Raid the dungeon 30 times - 750 gems - 450 x Amber

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  • Fox

    3rd week of more Play at home fun!

    PvP Season

    • Special 1-week Multiplayer Seasons
    • More Attack Points which will refill faster.

    New 72-H Challenge (3x) (in the next 10 days)

    • Get Challenge Coins from Multiplayer victory roulettes.
    • Poison edition with Elder Sporelling (R2), Ralbog (R1, Lotan (R0)
    • Elementals edition with Stöirm (R2), Tephra (R1), Tesaday
    • Mad Max edition with Inknatius (R2), Sir Automatronicus (R1), Himass

    More Stamina

    • 15 extra Stamina Points available in Daily Missions just for logging in.

    Invite friends to play with you!

    • Inviting friends yields better rewards!
    • The more friends you invite and the more they play, the more rewards you will earn. (From Friday until Monday at 1pm UTC)

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  • Fox

    Following changes will be live in the game on April 4th. .

    Team Wars - Legendary leagues
    From the new season, your team can match the same opponent after 6 wars (previously 8).

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  • Fox

    Monster Masters!

    Fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

    Every month we will release a “Gameplay Changes & Fixes” log for that particular month.

    The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

    Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service via in-game support button.

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  • Fox

    Neobuki’s might is famous in Monster Legends, but her real self has been trapped in a black hole for years. Up until now, she’s managed her situation very well and has been able to fight with the help of her hologram projector.

    However, now the projector has been stolen! Evil hands have taken this machine and tweaked it to project a new Neobuki, something like her twisted twin: Akunobuki.


    Akunobuki is a Legendary Thunder Support monster with some Attacker skills. She's the last monster in the Elite collection! She can apply multiple buffing effects to her allies, including Area Dodge, Evasion, Skill Mirror, and Positive Effect Protection. Her skills are impressive: She can gain MegaTaunt and Double Life, or Anticipation and Double Damage. She can also boost her allies with True Vision and Immunity to Control, or hurt enemies by removing their positive effects, dealing damage and applying Nanovirus.

    Akunobuki has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she's Tough, at rank 1, she gains Immunity to Possession, and at rank 3, she protects her positive status effects.

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  • Fox

    The new Legends Pass launches on 3rd this month. Let's start this month with a bang!


    • With a discount (available in the first 7 days) - $20 or $30 (with 30 nodes already unlocked and ready to claim the rewards)
    • Without a discount - $30 or $50 (with 30 nodes already unlocked and ready to claim the rewards)


    Gold and Food Boosts up to 100%
    Hatching time reduction up to 30%
    Extraction time reduction up to 30%
    Donation up to +3 Legendary Cells
    Building time reduction up to 30%
    Boost for gaining challenge points up to 30%

    Golden Legends Pass Rewards
    NEW Mythic Monsters

    More about Gaidigo HERE and Tayni HERE.

    Tayni's skin

    And many more!
    Monster Vault Keys
    Maze Collector Tickets
    Gaidigo Cells
    War Medals / War Coins
    Heroic Orbs
    Nemesis/Elite Souls
    Elemental cells
    Hatchery slot

    The Golden Legends Pass also includes
    A discount on Heroic Orbs for the Spotlighted Gortak Warmaster Heroic Dungeon.
    The Spotlighted Gortak Warmaster Heroic Dungeon has NO Ranked restrictions.


    Building time reduction up to 30%


    Other Rewards
    Mythic habitat
    Baby Gortak avatar
    Elemental Cells
    Nemesis /Elite Souls
    Multiplayer Stamina
    War coins
    Rune Strength
    Golden/Bronze Relic
    Gold & Food

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  • Fox

    For some time, Necromancer had wanted to found his own school of dark magic, where strict morals wouldn’t get in the way of the epic experiments he wanted to conduct. He had thought of everything. He’d even found the right place to build it, on the ruins of an old castle that stood on a steep cliff by the ocean.

    He was inspecting the ruins when he found an old lamp behind some shrubs. It was clearly very valuable — there were little amber stones set on its edges, and there was also an inscription on one side: “If you have no fears, I will be your servant. If there is doubt in your heart, I will become your nightmare”.

    Necromancer hesitated for a second, but then he thought “I’m the greatest dark sorcerer alive, what could possibly frighten me?”, and he rubbed it. The lamp trembled and a majestic genie floated out of it! He looked down on Necromancer and said “My name is Miserus, I will be your Necromancy master teacher”.

    Necromancer felt a sense of anguish bubbling up inside his chest. He laughed nervously and tried to play it down: “Nice one!” — he said, “Looks like I accidentally hired my first employee before I even built the school! I’m not a student, you see, I’m going to be the director of this place.”

    “My authority will NOT be questioned, student!”- said Miserus raising his echoing voice as he shot a spell which sent Necromancer to the floor. While he lay there on the ground of the castle’s ruins, he realized he had made a terrible mistake rubbing that lamp. He dreaded the idea of someone being a greater sorcerer than himself. He looked around and saw the lamp near him on the ground. He leaped on it, picked it up and threw it as far as he could into the ocean down the cliff.

    He thought that by getting rid of the lamp, Miserus would disappear with it, but the genie stayed right where he was, laughing at him, and then it got worse — the ocean broke apart and another massive genie rose from the seabed!

    Miserus laughed even louder and said “What’s wrong, student? Is one teacher not enough? Well, now you have two! This is Abysmuss, master teacher of life and death in the sea! We have so much to teach you. Want us to fetch you the lamp? Want to try and see how many of us you can get?”. They both shared the same evil laugh now.

    Necromancer looked both ways several times, he couldn’t believe his eyes, it could not be true. He was the greatest. He was the expert on life and death, he was the one and only necromancer. Or was he?


    Miserus is a Dark Support monster. His skills combine Resurrections, Healings, Space-Time, Double Damage, and Positive Effect Removals in the most effective way. He has an Evolving Trait: He's Immune to Possession at rank 0. At rank 1, he becomes an Abomination, and at rank 3, he also becomes a status caster of Anticipation at the start of the battle.
    0_1585662893011_Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 15.54.20.png

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