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  • Fox

    Following bugs were fixed on July 10th.

    Crusty's Dungeon Tokens
    For some time Tokens from the dungeon were not moved to storage. This has been fixed and you can contact our customer support if this bug applies to you.

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  • Fox

    It took years for Baba Yaga to get rid of the menace of Jasastur, who had come out of the Portal of Abominations with the sole purpose of tormenting her. In the end, Baba Yaga found a way to send him back into the portal. However Jasastur had foreseen this — he was an abomination, but a very intelligent one — and he had left a little something behind to make sure that Baba Yaga didn’t forget about him.

    He had planted a little amber stone in her hut’s back garden and, after his disappearance, the amber started working its magic. Baba Yaga was struggling to make her torments go away. She tried purifying her hut one and a million times, but it had no effect. Every time she went to sleep, Jasastur’s horrifying shadow was as present as ever beside her. His presence was stronger every day and, even though he never came back through the portal, eventually, the amber stone cracked open and a horrid little creature was born from it: Moochy.

    Born outside the portal, Moochy will be harder to banish than Jasastur! Is this a life sentence for Baba Yaga?


    Moochy is a Dark Attacker with Life Stealing skills which, combined with Increased Healing, make him very durable in battle. He can increase his damage output by gaining Double Damage or applying Physical Weakness to enemies. Moochy has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he gains Damage Increase and, at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Possession at the start of every battle.
    0_1594224111750_Moochy Sheet.png

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  • TheStrange

    Dear Dragon Masters,

    We are always looking for new ways to make Dragon City a better experience for our players. We are therefore happy to announce some upcoming improvements to the Empower feature! In the coming months, Empowered dragons will become bigger and better than ever. Keep your eyes peeled for the in-game news to find out more about how Empowered dragons will bring even more power and variety to your collection!I

    More information coming real soon!

    Your Dragon City Team

    VERSION 10.3

    Dear Dragon Masters,

    Today is the time to take a look at the first few tweaks to the Empower feature:

    All levels of Empowerment (1 to 5) will now give dragons an even bigger boost to their combat stats!

    For example, 5-star Empowered dragons will receive boosts as follows:
    Common: from 33.3% to 60%
    Rare: from 39% to 60%
    Very Rare: no changes implemented
    Epic: from 71.4% to 85%
    Legendary: no changes implemented
    Heroic: from 100% to 125%

    The dragon feed-screen has been updated to better communicate how to power up your dragons through Empowering, leveling up, Ranking Up, and Skill training;

    You now have direct access to the Training Center and can better visualize info on each attack and skill!

    Remember, Empowering your Dragons is key! It releases a mystical dragon essence found in dragon Orbs, which veils your dragon in immense power.
    Don’t forget, you can find more information about this feature in our FAQ:

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  • Fox

    Monster Masters!

    Fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

    Every month we will release a “Gameplay Changes & Fixes” log for that particular month.

    The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

    Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service via in-game support button.

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  • Fox

    Globrush, the gunsmith at the Curse of the Cosmos, is one of the most famous space pirates. Piracy has always run in his family, only in a more traditional way. Globrush’s father, Crusty, was a pirate too. He disappeared at sea many years ago, but recently, something happened.

    Captain Copperbeard and his crew were boarding a rival spaceship when Globrush was thrown from it. He fell from space all the way to the bed of the ocean. He was struggling for air when he saw a honey-colored stone shining near him. He reached out and it suddenly transformed into his dad! Crusty pulled Globrush to the surface of the ocean and saved him. After the emotional reunion, Globrush tried to convince his dad to join the crew of the Curse of the Cosmos, but Crusty told him he couldn’t live if it wasn’t in the water, his natural habitat and only passion.

    Knowing they would meet again, father and son parted ways. Crusty has a new adventure ahead of him. Maybe he should look out for an old foe called Vandecken...


    Crusty is a Water Attacker with extra turn skills. He also has some Tortures and Healings up his sleeve. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he also becomes Immune to Burn and Ignite and, at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Thunder attacks at the start of the battle.


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  • Fox

    Lonradh, nicknamed ‘The Space Collector’, directs the Museum of Outer Space, where the most fascinating space creatures are displayed for the public to visit. It hasn’t been easy for Lonradh to gather this collection as these creatures can hide in any corner of the universe, and they’re never willing to live inside what is essentially a prison for them.

    Lonradh himself is the one who finds and abducts all of the aliens in the museum so, as you can imagine, he doesn’t have many friends in space. His secret lies within a piece of Mythic Amber that he keeps in his collar. It can detect rare aliens and guide Lonradh to the location where they hide. When he gets there, he kills his victims, takes them to the museum, and resurrects them once they’re caged.

    The museum’s collection keeps growing, and the director has already set eyes on his next objective, an extraordinary Mythic alien called Vastus. Lonradh is going on a hunting space trip!


    Lonradh is a Light Supporter with Resurrection skills, both single target, and area! He can also remove negative effects and give Regeneration to his allies, or Evasion and Area Dodge to himself. Lonradh has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Stun, at rank 1, he makes allies Immune to Immediate Death and, at rank 3, he gains a 50% Life Shield at the start of the battle.

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  • Fox

    Dr. Wattz uses Blaz as a guinea pig for his craziest and most relentless experiments. However, for his latest study, Wattz has done things slightly differently. Instead of testing on his servant, he decided to clone and evolve him as a separate creature. Enter Blazinger – an artifact he plans to use to torture his enemies without having to touch them himself. The Doctor’s plans to create an evil army aren’t looking half bad!


    Blazinger is a Metal Artifact with Torture skills. He can apply Shock and Burn to all enemies, while sacrificing his Trait, or apply Nanovirus to all enemies while he gains Anticipation. On another one of his skills, he can lose his negative status effects and heal by 50% and then cast a 30% Shield to protect all his allies. Blazinger has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he's Tough, and at rank 3, he becomes an Artifact.


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  • Fox

    During this week, we will shorten the current season by a few days.

    This means that the current Team Wars season 8 will finish on July 22.

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  • Fox

    Fixed on June 30th.

    Multiplayer Roulette
    Missing 72H Challenge Coins in the Roulette. This was fixed and the event was extended by 5 hours.

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