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  • DarthChabel

    Since the length of our current Team Wars has been extended, we’ve improved the rewards you’ll obtain accordingly. And that’s what we call a win-win situation! You can see all the rewards in the Team Wars section in the game.

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  • DarthChabel

    Monster Masters!

    Updating the game and fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

    Every month we will release a “Gameplay Changes & Fixes” log for that particular month.

    The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

    Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service via in-game support button.

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  • DarthChabel

    This poor fella was always ridiculed for his appearance, but at a very young age, he realized that the frustration he felt for getting bullied made his electrolocation ability extremely acute, so sensing his prey and hunting was easy peasy.

    Then, one day while hunting, he sensed something different. It was definitely not a huntable monster, more like a force of attraction. As he approached it, his electrolocation was so intense he thought he would explode, but then he finally reached the source of attraction: a tiny little blue rock. He took it between his feet and was filled with might. That was the birth of Lord Platypus.


    Lord Platypus is a Thunder Support monster with some Control skills, focused on protecting its team with Area Dodge and hampering enemies with Blind, Shock, Guard Down, Daze, and Anticipation skills. Lord Platypus has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Nightmares, at rank 1, he becomes Hardened and, at rank 3, he'll gain Anticipation at the start of every battle.


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  • TheStrange

    Can you believe it’s already December? Where has the year gone?

    While all of us wait for the most magical time of the year and the long-awaited festivities, let’s spend this time together exploring new ice-cold and snowy islands emerging into your City! ☃

    Curious to know the upcoming events for the last month of the year?
    Let’s have a look at the full line-up! ❄

    30 Nov - 4 Dec: Jörmungandr Grid Island (Norse Gods)
    New Dragon: Jörmungandr Dragon

    2 Dec - 7 Dec: Allfather Puzzle Island (Norse Gods)
    New Dragon: Allfather Dragon

    4 Dec - 7 Dec: Freyja Tower (Norse Gods)
    New Dragon: Freyja Dragon

    7 Dec - 10 Dec: Vanargand Maze Island (Norse Gods)
    New Dragon: Vanargand Dragon

    10 Dec - 21 Dec: White Queen Heroic Race
    New Dragon: High White Queen Dragon

    12 Dec - 15 Dec: Eternal Winter Fog Island
    New Dragon: Queen’s Champion Dragon

    16 Dec 20 Dec: Island of Seasons Maze Island
    New Dragon: White Princess Dragon

    21 Dec - 24 Dec: Festive Food Tower
    New Dragon: Christmas Dinner Dragon

    24 Dec - 4 Jan: Holiday Maze Island
    New Dragons: Sleigh Dragon, Festive Lights Dragon, Caroling Dragon

    25 Dec - 30 Dec: Holiday Puzzle Island
    New Dragon: Lady of Christmas Dragon

    30 Dec - 3 Jan: Krampus Runner Island
    New Dragon: Krampus Dragon

    We wish you all a Happy December, Dragon Masters! 🧣 🎄

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  • TheStrange

    Dear Dragon Masters,

    Today’s the day to introduce Breeding Reborn!

    • Using Empowered and high-rarity dragons now gives you an edge during breeding by unlocking new breedable dragons and increasing your chances at producing stronger offspring in the Mountain, Tree, and Sanctuary.
    • More than double the breedable dragons, with many new breedable Legendaries including Carnival Queen Dragon, North Wind Dragon, and Doggy Dragon!
    • The “Possible Results” button on the breeding screen will now present players with helpful information about which dragon outcomes are possible based on the parents selected.
    • A helpful new indicator in the breeding selection screen will now assist you in selecting the best dragon parents by displaying boosted chances and unlockables.
    • Breeding has also experienced a visual rebirth with improved navigation and beautifully animated backgrounds found in all breeding locations.




    Don’t forget to keep Empowering your favorite dragon parents to make the most of this new improvement!

    Please note, these changes will be initially available to players above level 25 only.

    New to Empowering? Find more information about this feature in our FAQ:

    See you back on the Islands!

    Your Dragon City Team

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  • DarthChabel

    You know us, there’s never a boring moment with us! For this new PvP tournament we’re bringing a spicy twist, something that will make you play non-stop: a Weekly Time Challenge!

    How does it work?

    Win as many battles as possible in the PvP to get some amazing rewards!

    Every victory will give you trophies, and those trophies will bring you closer to the goal: proving you’re the best and getting those juicy prizes! But not only that, you’ll also get amazing rewards along the way through milestones: eggs, cosmetics… Fight and show everyone what you’re made of!

    You’ll see it’s not that easy in the beginning, but the more you play, the easier it gets. Don’t be late, we’re all waiting for you there

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  • DarthChabel


    • There was a bug when trying to access your profile through your avatar for Level 150 players. Not anymore, it’s fixed! 😉
    • We fixed a bug that affected some players who reported that the game closed without reopening when being on background and trying to come back after some time.
    • There was a bug when ranking up Moon Ming. The team has fixed it and it works correctly now.

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  • DarthChabel

    The Guardians of the Earth, led by Kiridar and Vastus, exposed evil Dr. Hazard and his crimes against nature some time ago. After that, he lost all of his lab’s customers — no one wanted to be related to him in any way. All he thought about was ways to humiliate those Guardians, but with Vastus involved, he needed to think really carefully before taking action.

    When a piece of Stardust fell in his hands, his first impulse was to use it on himself, but then he thought again. He needed two things: discretion and a way to reach the Guardians, who were space travellers now. He found the solution in the last living creature that remained near his lab and factory. It was an axolotl. Dr. Hazard found it choking on a piece of plastic, picked it up and saved it. It looked so friendly, so innocent… It was perfect for his plan.

    Dr. Hazard took the tiny creature back to his factory and began his preparations. He built a mecha out of rusty metal and leaves so that it would look attractive to the Guardians, and he put the little axolotl inside it. And after that, the final touch in the mecha’s core: an intelligent chip to make the axolotl obey him and the Stardust rock. It was ready.

    He launched Axolmech into space with a mission to infiltrate the Guardians as one of their own and finish them as soon as he found their weaknesses.


    Axolmech is a Nature Tank with Taunt, Damage Mirror, and Healing skills. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he has Taunt, at rank 1, he becomes Tough and, at rank 3, he gains Regeneration at the start of every battle.


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  • DarthChabel

    When the cosmic explosion took place, it caused tides that shook the ocean like never before. It sank countless boats, but it also pulled long-forgotten shipwrecks from the bottom of the ocean in whirlpools of seaweed, creatures and debris alike.

    Calamedic, who had a kind heart and was around the area helping old Soap Sam with his errands, ran to assist all the wounded subaquatic monsters with his healing powers, but he got caught in the middle of a water tornado. He had to hold onto the first thing at reach that emerged from a sunk exploration ship: an old diving suit completely corroded by decades exposed to the harsh conditions at the bed of the ocean. Alas, it wasn’t enough to stop the spinning. He got hit on the head by a broken mast, and everything went dark. He thought he wouldn’t make it, but then he saw a light. He grabbed it and held it so hard that it was absorbed by his porous body, all while grabbing the diving suit with three of his other legs.

    That light was a big chunk of Stardust that had fallen from the sky. It had created a synergy between him and the suit. Filled with Cosmic energy, Calamedic anchored the suit onto the seabed and was finally able to stop.

    After some time, he arrived at the shore. He crawled out of the water and what he saw broke all of his three hearts. He’d arrived in what seemed like the aftermath of an apocalypse – Wastelands.


    Calamedic is a Water Support monster with Healing, Trait Protection, and Damage Boost skills. His skills also include Thunderphobic Shields, Life Regeneration, and Precision. Calamedic has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's an Abomination, at rank 1, he'll Block Resurrections and, at rank 3, he protects his own Trait at the start of every battle.


    New tales mechanics

    Everyone should be able to join the fun, so we’ve changed our Tales a little bit, and we think you’re gonna like these changes! Calamedic's Tales Challenge will be open to everyone, with or without tokens! Play to collect Monster Cells, a Diamond Relic that works great on Calamedic, and a Gold Key.

    So why should you still collect Skulls if they're not required? Here's the reason: By claiming that Gold Key, you'll be able to exchange the Skulls you collect for chests containing Calamedic Cells!

    Where can you find these tokens:

    • Token Dungeons: 20-11-2020 to 29-11-2020
    • Time-limited challenges: 20-11-2020 to 1-12-2020
    • Monsterwood Happy Hours: 21-11-2020 to 26-11-2020

    Calamedic's Tales Challenge will start on the 27th of November and will be available until the 30th of November.

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  • DarthChabel

    On a full moon night, a pack of three wolves crossed the Cosmic Portal and entered the world of Monster Legends. The oldest and wisest, Master Masher guided the pack. He was the father of the other two: Luponudo, the young wild child, and Ullrica, the older sister and the most bloodthirsty of the three.

    She may be the one doing all the killing, but she wouldn't have it any other way.


    Ullrica is an Attacker who can apply Vulnerable, Bleed, and Shield Breaks while buffing herself with Damage Boost, Triple Damage, Stamina Regeneration, or Evasion. She has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she's Hardened, at rank 1, she gains Immunity to Control and, at rank 3, she gains Damage Boost at the start of every battle.


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