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  • Fox

    Hi, everyone.

    Since the new Team War season is only a month-long we've also reduced requirements to win the League rewards to only 5 battles fought in the season.
    However, since we have put this rule live during the offseason it will also apply to the previous season rewards.

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    Thank you all very much for your nice words and wishes! That really means a lot to me!

    I'd like to assure you that I couldn't leave without knowing that this community will be well taken care of.

    I'm sure you all remember CM @Chewie, he'll be checking the forum and be the direct Point of Contact for our awesome Moderators Team. Please understand that he won't be able to be very active in the forum, but he'll be checking in and chatting with Bettina and Nyn.

    That's for very near future. Then, eventually, a new member will join the DC Team, and then a new CM will be helping and assisting you on a daily basis. πŸ™‚

    @gemspender said in CM Pounawea: Farewell, Dragon Masters!:

    I guess my question is: are you stopping to play DC? and I hope someone gets to add more people here (doing what you do or lesser functions) The players needs people like you.

    Hi @GemSpender!
    I won't be able to stop playing this game, I need to keep feeding my Dragons!
    As long as time allows me to do it, I'll keep playing Dragon City and working on my islands.

    @luisk said in CM Pounawea: Farewell, Dragon Masters!:

    What a sad news @pounawea!

    I will miss your helping posts, your game updates, your challenges, but moreover your kindly and friendly way to communicate to us.

    The idea of Little Cricket Dragon is a clear example of what a good CM like you can do together with this amazing community.

    I think this is your farewell just as CM, and from August 24th you'll become one Dragon Master more in this community. So, it's not a complete goodbye just a changing role.

    Big thanks for all that you have done for this community.

    Hello @LuisK,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. Really appreciated. As you said, I don't really know whether I'll be an active part of this community anymore, but I'll definitely keep on being a Dragon Master! ❀

    Have a great day and see you back on the islands. πŸ™‚


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  • Fox

    To ensure the smooth implementation of the new fixed Matchmaking for the Legendary League, we will have a special transition season that will last only half the time of the classic season, and therefore the rewards will also be halved.

    To test the stability, we will enable the fixed matchmaking for Legendary Leagues at some point during this special season.

    We will update you on the specific date later on.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Fox

    In the next Fraternity, coming on August 23rd, you will be able to choose between War Coins & Tokens without a cap.

    When: August 23rd - August 26th
    What: Choose between War Coins or Tokens


    0_1566379947616_image (18).png

    0_1566387474014_Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 13.37.29.png // Edit: Rewards were updated

    The amount of Tokens you collect is very important because based on that you will be able to get cool rewards. These rewards will be given progressively as soon as you reach the Tokens milestones.


    You will get a very special Magic Statue at the end of the Fraternity Event as the highest prize for 6 000 Tokens.

    This 1x1 decoration will grant you extra rewards every day from August 26th to September 14th.
    Wherever you have it, storage or on an island, it will give you 25 gems + 20 elemental cells (random) every day, on the last day you will receive 25 gems + 20 elementium instead of elemental cells.

    You won’t be able to sell the Magic Statue, however, you will be able to store it and it will still grant you the rewards.

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  • Pounawea

    Would you like to say or discuss anything? I've opened a General discussion topic HERE

    Feel free to swing by and drop a message. πŸ™‚

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  • Pounawea

    Dearest Dragon City community,

    Writing this and trying to find words for it is difficult... but this Friday, August 23rd, will be my last day. It's been almost 3 years of adventures, updates, new features and many suggestions gathered coming from this amazing community, and this week that journey comes to an end.

    This wasn't an easy decision to make, as through all the ups and downs that we've had, I've been honored to represent this community, pushing for the changes and improvements the community wanted. I've tried to represent your voice the best way I could. Now, I can only hope that you've enjoyed having me here as much as I've enjoyed being here with you and that our times together will be remembered. πŸ™‚

    From the bottom of my heart, big gigantic "THANK YOU" to all of you! ❀

    Social Point, and especially the Dragon City Team, has given me a lot over the years, incredible friendships, great experiences, and the opportunity to work with all of you. I'm very thankful! But my itchy feet are calling for new adventures. πŸ™‚ Please don't worry; Dragon City will carry on as usual, and I can already tease you that many great events are planned for the future! The team is working very hard on a new feature that I'm sure you'll like. Also, get ready for many community choices to be made! For example, choosing the NAME of the upcoming Heroic Dragon, designed by YOU; choosing the Dragons that will be part of the upcoming "Comeback Dragons Event"; and many more!

    To my dearest moderators team: THANK YOU for everything! Thank you for our daily little chats, for all the heads up, for always being honest and transparent with me, and for always, always, having my back and assisting me when I needed it the most. I will really miss you, Team! @Bettina-LΓΆffler @Nynaevelan and, of course, our dearest @LilCricketPa

    As a Community Manager, I will never forget what we did together for our beloved LilCricket, the way we all came together and worked together to honor her memory forever in the game, that was something really special to me. As a result of our passion and efforts, we made the Little Cricket Dragon:
    0_1566302235088_Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 13.57.06.png
    "The Little Cricket Dragon is very special. This extraordinary dragon is known for her generosity to all dragon masters. The rose on her tail is a symbol of who she is on the inside and out: Kind-hearted and filled with light."

    Once again, thank you very much for everything! Wishing you all the best for the future and for your islands!

    For one last time... have a great day and see you back on the islands. πŸ™‚

    Best regards,


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