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  • Fox

    Hi guys,

    We have been looking into it. From the global point of view, the numbers much improved.
    However, I saw some players (in the forum) had a worse experience than before. So we ran a survey in the game to get to know how the matchmaking feels and not just relying on numbers.

    Next week we will compare the qualitative and quantitative data and decide. I am not sure what's gonna happen myself but I will let you know.

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    We hear you! You were asking us for some LAP Rewards... and we are very happy to announce that, we have added them!


    Check out below the list of ALL the amazing rewards you can get after reaching specific laps:

    • Reach LAP 3 and be rewarded: 50 Nature Tokens + 50 Primal Tokens

    • Reach LAP 4 and be rewarded: 100 Nature Tokens + 100 Primal Tokens

    • Reach LAP 7 and be rewarded: 20 Orbs of a random Heroic!

    • Reach LAP 8 and be rewarded: 200 Nature Tokens + 200 Primal Tokens

    • Reach LAP 10 and be rewarded: 20 Orbs of a random Heroic!

    • Reach LAP 12 and be rewarded: 20 Orbs of a random Heroic!

    • Reach LAP 14 and be rewarded: 400 Nature Tokens + 400 Primal Tokens

    • Reach LAP 15 and be rewarded: the heroic High Star Dragon!!

    • Reach LAP 18 and be rewarded: 600 Nature Tokens + 600 Primal Tokens

    • Reach LAP 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and be rewarded: 20 Orbs of Pure Gold Dragon! (VIP)

    • The Alliance that classifies in the 1st position at the end of the race, will get the High Feral Dragon!

    Dragon Masters, remember that these Rewards will be sent to all alliance members and, if your alliance has already reached these laps, you will be getting them as well!

    NOTE: We hear you! We have added Heroic Orbs as a reward (from your community feedback/suggestions) so that you can empower your Heroic Dragons!

    That's all, for now, Dragon Master!

    Happy Alliance racing everyone & see you back on the islands! ;)

    0_1529667585780_Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 22.45.45.png

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  • Fox

    Hi @Sam,

    He has Tough trait, we will fix it in the game asap.

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  • Fox

    @AndyM No, it's not based on your team ranking but on the team ranking of the best team in your group.

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  • Fox

    Hi @AndyM, if Marianne shares some fact, they are usually directly from me unless she states otherwise.

    Not sure if I understand what you mean but teams are matchmade based on the Team ranking at one point in the time before the TR starts. Therefore if you change rankings during the TR the teams in your group won't change.

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community!

    Together with our amazing moderator team, we've decided to create a dedicated forum thread for Alliance Race Tips & Hints!!

    So, my dear Dragon Masters, please share your experiences, hints & tips for the current Alliance Race: Atlas!

    Let's understand and learn together how to master the Alliance Races!

    Thank you so much!

    0_1529664366980_Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 22.45.45.png

    EDIT: This topic is for race tips and hints, all unrelated comments will be removed.

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    Thank you very much for your early feedback, comments and suggestions! Awesome! :)

    We are all heading to the first 24 hours of Race, let's give us some more time to understand this new event and then, together with the alliance members, communicate and collaborate with each other the best possible way!

    @Bruno-Pedron said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    What happened to the rewards at the end of every lap and guaranteeing the heroic dragon at level 15? I believe these rewards were not included because you don't know how far players can get in this new type of race yet.

    Suggestion: the leader of the alliance can use the free spin every 24 hours, just like in the common race.

    Problem: we have no means of seeing who has helped completing a mission and who hasn't. This feature is important in quests that require several members completing the same goal, i.e. "do your part" missions.
    -There are few missions. Why not include missions to feed dragons and some fights with short wait time?

    @Quov-Tsin said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    i want have a alliance race tab, so i can know who is contributing and who is not

    @qwertyuiopjkl said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    I'm with a pretty active alliance so I can't really relate with most of the users above but I do agree that there should be a way to see who actually contributes and who doesn't. Also there should be rewards for every lap like the normal heroic race. Also there should be 10-12 alliances at max. 18 alliances seems to messy

    @Branmuffnz said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    Another thing is that i should be able to see who has contributed and how uch they contributed, these are the people that anchor me on the first lap because apperently my whole team is incompetent

    @Taygen-Cuz said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    Now the alliance race has started, I need more controll over my guild/alliance i should be able to see who is active and actually playing the game what they are doing how they have contributed, and I should be able to give send prizes gifts from my own stock to the members that do well like transfer over food or gold or gems to alliance members that contribute at the moment I have no idea who does what how can I build a good strong team if there is no access to who's doing what in my alliance

    @Stilor said in Alliance Race: Community feedback! (Mobile-only event):

    Is there a way to see who has contributed to the race and who hasn't? I am a co-lead in the alliance, I know some people contributed despite being silent in the chat - but I have no idea how to find who they are, and more importantly, who are the slackers.

    Feedback and comments noted and forwarded to the team. We will start working on better ways to control and see the alliance members contributions. As you well know guys, I can't promise anything, but for future Alliance Races, we should have some improvements on that regard. :)

    Also, I understand that, other than the great High Feral Dragon reward for the best alliances, at the moment the race might not feel very rewarding. I want to let you know that, we are currently working on some addition to that! I'll keep you guys posted!

    Once again, thanks for your early feedback! Please keep sharing it with the community here!

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  • Fox

    Hi @MamawJane @HawkStan!

    Devs found the issue and they will try to fix it before the weekend. I know it's frustrating, but let's hold on for a little bit more :).

    Thank you for your patience!

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  • Fox

    Hi again,

    This bug should be fixed. Players affected, please, check your rewards.

    Have fun with your team racing!

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