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  • Pounawea

    @pounawea said in Easter Event 2019 FAQ: Apr 18 - Apr 23 (Update your game to v9.1.1):

    Dear community,

    Let's find as many Chocolate Bunnies as we can and get the following rewards:

    0_1555585688144__Bunny collection (1).png

    Heads up for a very special final reward: New Dragon Empowered to Level 1!!

    If we manage to collect 500 of these yummy Chocolates, the reward will be the brand new Legendary Delivery Easter Dragon, Empowered to level 1!

    Happy Chocolate Easter Bunnies hunt everyone!

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  • Fox

    So what do you want me to do now, @callumarachnoid?

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  • Fox


    I agree that the description is not exactly crystal clear and we will do something about it.
    We changed the behavior because this way it's much more fluid, you breed, you get the token which opens immediately the maze. It's more intuitive.
    But again, when you are used to one mechanic for years I can understand that it can be confusing especially when the description is not 100% bulletproof.

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  • Fox

    Yes, @callumarachnoid. It's explained in the pop-up NEWS.
    Please, contact our support in case you don't get the Moonlight token when you breed Shademoon as the token triggers the Maze to appear. Support should be able to help you.

    @keki14 said in Moonlight Breeding: Shademoon:

    @Marianne-van-Es you seriously defend this event? What if a player could only finish the breeding like one hour before the event ends (you know Shademoon takes 1 day 22 hours to breed)? How could he/she participate in the maze?
    Personally I was lucky (Shademoon on second breeding), but I'm the minority.

    Just separate the two events (like 2 days breeding then 2 days maze) and we're good!

    She is just stating the facts, no need to be harsh.
    But points noted, the NEWs haven't explained it very well and IF we repeat the event we will make sure it's clearly communicated.

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  • Fox

    Hi David and Essentis,

    Remember that donations are working as they were actually intended. I understand that many players used the bug to their advantage, exploited it but it has been fixed and it will stay like that.
    With that said, we are having discussions if and how to improve the cell donation feature and there were no decisions made yet.

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  • Fox

    Hi @panos-kidis, when the game crashes, always contact our Customer Support as most of the time we cannot help you in the Forum.

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  • Fox

    Hi, everyone.

    As soon as you breed, the maze opens for you, until then you can't collect maze coins, obviously.
    It's a new concept that we are trying so you don't have to wait until the breeding event finishes.

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