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    Dear Community,

    Here's some exclusive information for you, Dragon Masters! Next Top Arena will be a challenge for all! Are you ready to know why?!

    If you want to rule the next Seasonal Arena you may want to start… feeding and training your Common Dragons! They are going to be the stars of this Season!!!

    Check out the dates, rules, & rewards below that are coming up for the brand new... Common Master Arenas… It will last 1 week only!

    • Dates: Dec 10 - Dec 17
    • Arena Rules & Trophies
      • Arena 1: Requires Common Rarity; Terra and Flame attack boosted & 10,000 trophies
      • Arena 2: Requires Common Rarity; Sea and Nature attack boosted & 11,000 trophies
      • Arena 3: Requires Common Rarity; no boosts & 12,000 trophies


    Common Master Arena REWARDS:

    • TOP ARENA 3:
      • Top 10 players:
        200 Orbs of the Katsumoto Dragon + 1M food + 1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!
      • Top 11- 50 players in the Ranking Rewards:
        1M food + 1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!
      • Top 51 - 100 players in the Ranking Rewards:
        1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!

    That's all for now! Time to get your dragons ready for the upcoming season!

    What will be your dragon dream team this time? 😉

    Have a great day and see you all back on the islands!

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    Did you watch the video presentation for the "Heroes of Winter" Event? We hope you like it!

    Here's the link:


    Today, we start this new storytelling event. Let's destroy the machine and bring the winter back to Dragon City!

    Have a great day. 🙂

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  • Pounawea

    @arranos said in 11/24/18 Help Me Say Goodbye to our LilCricket:

    TBH, I kinda hope the 1000 Dragon turns out to be the Little Cricket Dragon.

    Most likely not, but still nice to think about.

    Thank you @Arranos 🙂

    For the 1000 Dragon we have already planned something, and we will all be involved! For now, I won't say more... 😉

    For LilCricket Dragon, I'll keep you updated but we will definitely have to wait some months. BTW, your suggestions were shared yesterday with the rest of the team and they all loved it!!

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  • Pounawea

    @bathtubdoritos said in 11/24/18 Help Me Say Goodbye to our LilCricket:

    “The Pom dragon was so nice, pure and helpful that Deus made her an angel. She will always be close to the hearts of every dragon and master.”
    Sorry if you can’t read my handwriting, it says “made in honor of lilcricketpa” and my signature is in the corner.

    @bettina-löffler said in 11/24/18 Help Me Say Goodbye to our LilCricket:

    @aleweck said in 11/24/18 Help Me Say Goodbye to our LilCricket:

    I have no many time to do something more "DC", but I'd like to contribute with some ideas.
    I tried to bring some dog shape to the face and most common color of pomeranian.
    Also, I tried to simulate the long dog fur in the neck and put a rose in the tail because the most notorious LCP profile pic, in my opinion, was the dragon raising from a flower.

    The elements also represents what LCP was here: a pure soul filled with happiness and light

    alt text

    This one is really nice.

    Dear community,

    This is amazing. You guys are incredible! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for your contributions! Special thanks to our anonymous contributor @jfdubois84 @_TheSpaceBeing_ @BathtubDoritos @John-DC @Aleweck and DC Moderator Team.

    We are going to make this happen. I'll forward all these ideas and suggestions to the DC Art Team and Game designers and we will have the Legendary Little Cricket Dragon in the game at some point in the future. As you well know, I cannot promise you any date, but we will have her as a Collection Reward.

    I'm really touched... extremely proud of this community... once again, THANK YOU.


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