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  • Pounawea

    Would you like to share your opinion / feedback with other Dragons Masters?

    Please do it in the following forum topic -> HERE

    Thank you!

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    Opening this topic, so you can all talk about the latest communication, share feedback & opinions with the community.

    Check the official announcement "Dragon City: Communication latest changes announcement" -> HERE

    Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback and see you back on the islands.

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  • Pounawea

    Dear community,

    Firstly, we would like to thank you for all your feedback and comments about the latest changes in Dragon City. It is great to see that you appreciate improvements like the gold collection tooltip, the building upgrade notifier and of course all of the new DragonBook filters and improved search bar!

    Secondly, we would like to share some thoughts with you regarding the current Heroic Race:

    • As you know we have been working hard to stop hacking in Dragon City

    • This Heroic Race has many changes behind the scenes to prevent hacking and based on our data and monitoring of the top racers it looks like they are working.

    • We have seen the screenshots and videos of players at lap 51 - after checking the accounts involved we can confirm these are from players who have used exploits to progress “offline” but will have no impact on the legitimate players in their races (they are all still on lap 1)

    Thank you to everyone who has contacted us sharing positives comments and reactions about the hacking prevention efforts so far. We will continue this work and we hope we can count on your help and support as we fight the good fight.

    We also want to talk about some side effects of our hack prevention efforts and misunderstandings that have been created:

    • Metal and Ice Social Habitats: Players cannot request help to open these buildings.

      We will be changing these habitats to make them purchasable with gold only. Once purchased, you will no longer need to request friend help or spend gems to complete them. They will act exactly the same as ALL other habitats in the game!

    • Friends challenge - Rank up: Dragon rank increases after the challenge battle but is gone after logging back into the game. We understand the frustration that this may have caused you and we want to apologize for it.

      This feature was exploited by hackers and as part of our fight against hackers, we have TEMPORARILY deactivated the rank up benefit of Friends Challenge battles. We will be returning the rank up to Friend Challenge battles soon - stay tuned for more info!

    • Dragon Market and Gift request/accept: players can send requests but not accept them.

      Some weeks ago we announced that the tavern and the sending gifts feature were leaving the islands (these two features were rarely used by real players but often the source of many hacks). The Dragon Market and the gift requests are also a source of hacks plus we know that they haven’t worked properly for many players for a long time. The team are looking at options to maintain the benefits of these features but without the bugs and hacking problems.

    That’s all for now, Dragon Masters. Stay tuned and once again, thank you very much for all your feedback.

    Have a great day and see you back on the islands. 🙂


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  • Pounawea

    NOTE: Other languages available! Check the in-game FAQ's for more information in your language.
    Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (traditional) / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Turkish

    Dear community,

    Summer draws near and, boy, do we have a fun month planned for you! Apart from the new Heroic Race, we have one of our cutest islands to date coming in a few weeks: the Pet Island!

    Also, a new story event is looming at the end of the month, what will happen in the next chapter of our Dragon City Stories? Only one way to find out!

    So let’s have a closer look at what you can expect this month on the Islands:

    May 30 - Jun 10: Heroic Race: The Fallen
    * New Dragon: The High Fallen Dragon

    Jun 3 - Jun 6: Beach Island

    Jun 10 - Jun 13: Tank Blitz Island
    * New Dragon: The Tank Dragon

    Jun 13 - Jun 24: Pet Island
    * New Dragons: The Shelly Dragon, Bucky Dragon, Kitty Dragon, and Doggy Dragon

    Jun 18 - Jun 24: Dragon Rescue: Pond Pals

    Jun 24 - Jun 27: Tropical Island
    * New Dragon: Kai-Croc Dragon

    Jun 27 - Jul 7: Party Planning Island
    * New Dragons: The Fun Dragon, Joy Dragon, and Happiness Dragon

    This month we will also be offering other special Temporary Quests, new Dragon Skins, and special Breeding Events! For the special breeding combinations, be sure to check the game’s Breeding Event Island or our community sites!

    There’ll be lots of offers available too, so make sure you regularly come back to get the dragons you want/need!

    The team is really excited to hear your thoughts on their new community inspired Islands, so remember to let us know your comments on the Fast Food and Cosmic Islands and keep those suggestions coming!

    Keep writing your #DragonCityStory and see you back on the Islands!

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