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  • Nynaevelan

    But which dungeon are you referring to?

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  • Bellatrix

    @lloyd-t-prendergast I think it's pointless to say it's unbalanced just because you're referring there isn't any discounts schedule to follow. Most players just spend their maze coins whenever there is a special 20% or 30% discount, if not try moving last day of the maze

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  • Bellatrix

    @mamawjane Gonna take the examples you just mentioned (just breaking it down) . . . In case of Grumpex, it gave us the chance to get him and even rank him up, and it's possible to get maze monsters like that being f2p since the new format came out starting the Bestiarium Maze with Belbreath and Treetopog, I guess that's the reason of why there are no more cells from recent maze monsters in Monsterwood anymore, because players can get their cells in their paths. Regarding Makugan, it's a quest monster, no quests monsters were in Monsterwood, ever and I agree it is done that way because many players have paid to buy the key or have spent a bunch of gems speeding up breedings in order to get her cells, so I see it fair. And for Itzanami, she was the last monster of her Progressive, I don't think many players got her tbh, so just wishing to have some good luck to breed her to be able to complete Chapter No. 4 at least. However, I agree that donation system limits us and it's a step back if we're looking to help and also complete the chapters for these Temporary Books.

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  • Bettina Löffler

    Who is playing a tower event for the first time should read this.
    Collectingtimes are explained here.
    We start with 200 coins. We can collect 600 coins every 8 hours. So we can get 5600 coins in total. Coins from quest or cinema are not included.
    Iceberg Dragon #424 last piece costs 120 coins
    Snowman Dragon #259 last piece costs 800 coins
    Iceling Dragon #717 last piece costs 1000 coins
    Brave Dragon #1023 last piece costs 1500 coins
    Arctic Dragon (new) is at the top in the middle


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  • Bettina Löffler

    Tips for Tower Events
    Rolling the dice will cost more coins the higher you climb the tower.
    You have to collect pieces for the dragons you want.
    When you walk... you will only get things (gold, food, gems, orbs, dragon pieces etc) when you land on that field with the last step. So if you have three steps you will get the thing that is on the field of your third step.
    You can not walk the full amount you spinned when you hit a wall or a catapult..
    Chests on the map give random resource.
    Check catapults properly. Some will bring you up and some will bring you down. Sometimes several floors.
    You can also buy out the last piece of each dragon. Sometimes it is better to buy the last piece instead of walking back down because you missed a piece on the way up.
    Pro tip:
    On mobile devices you can check what rolling the dice will give before you walk. They are fixed. Load the game and go on flight mode. Walk with your coins and write down the results. Then close the game. Make sure it is not running in the background. Then connect with wifi (remove flight mode) and load again. Your progress was not saved. Your coins will be back again. That`s how to find the best way to use the coins.

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  • Bellatrix

    @zwhole that we don't know . . . Wish to 😬

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  • Nynaevelan

    @ratless said in Easter Island APR 18 - APR 23:

    I will be short, I only have 144 bunnies so I don't think there's any way for me to get it. This event was a huge waste of time.

    Yes it was, other than Bunny Thrower there was nothing positive about it.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @monsterbath said in Using a second device and possibly losing account.:

    I am curious if you hit the "connect to googleplay" button, if at that moment the game attaches your current game to that id, overwriting the prior one.


    Would it then take the prior game and overwrite the current one?

    If anyone knows, or if any SP workers could confirm how this works, that would be very much appreciated. Can't do FB because personal security. Thanks.

    It will give you a message that it is already attached to another game, sorry I don't remember the exact wordin.g

    Note: here is the exact wording....

    0_1555980290775_ml Google linked_crop_550x432.jpg

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