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  • Marianne van Es

    @TheSwedishHippo said in Crafted eggs:

    @Alotheone You can just leave it there after crafting has finish until you want it in your hatchery. If you want to craft another, you can rent another pod

    Well I guess Alotheone doesnt want to spend gems on that and I can understand that, but for now its the only solution if you dont want to hatch right away.

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  • Nynaevelan

    Send a ticket to support via the game, instructions in my signature.

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  • Bettina Löffler

    @thefirestorm said in Last heroic.:

    i am having problems with the heroic race, when i food or money i am not getting any thing or any points and my daughter is the same, i thought this game was to be fun, it is not when you can not use what you have been playing the game for, i should not have to buy all the points in the game. i thought you had to earn them and that is how you play the game, we play the game like it ask us but are not getting any points. we play the game so we can get the dragon, not all of us can pay to get it.

    You find a topic for the race here: read all instructions and also check if you stuck on pools with waiting times.

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  • Nynaevelan

    Honestly I do not care for this idea, there have been 19 races so far, with the last several offering the possibility to get two heroics per race. Which means there are enough heroics with enough elements that most should have been covered. Not to mention the possibility of problems arising with the same dragon have various elements. The heroics are the most sought after dragons of the game, they should not be easy to get. And honestly everyone shouldn't have it if they have not put in effort into the races.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @Clackers Me and Progressives do not get along well together so I might be in the same boat.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @Clackers said in Seven Seas Team Race:

    I have got no rewards pop up from the Race, whats going on?

    My game is crashing so something is going on....since the race just ended 7 minutes ago how about we give it more than a minute or two to resolve itself. BTW how did your team do? We won this one which is really lucky because we lost two of our big spenders/heavy participants. Unfortunately on our team we only have 5-6 of us who put in the effort and gems.

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  • Fox

    Hello Monster Masters,

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 6.1.2 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    • Some video ads that were crashing the game are fixed
    • Healing Mask healing is fixed
    • Monsters cooldown in Team Wars is fixed
    • Some monsters that appeared with incorrect life after canceling battle are fixed

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  • Nynaevelan

    @terrencedg said in Hi Vortex Heroic Race for High Portal Jan 1, 2018 to Jan 22, 2018:

    For those who have reached Lap 15 already. Have you received your High Portal Dragon? How long did it take before you receive it?

    As Jerekiel stated as well as the updates section you do not get Portal until the race ends,only the special rewards are received during the race, see the link in the original post for race info. FYI all races have been the same.

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  • Fox

    alt text

    The Final Gang Showdown

    For years, Gangsterosaurus was the undisputed head of the mafia in Monster Legends—No one contested his prices in the black market and no one doubted his methods of getting what he wanted, but that time has passed.

    When two of his best workers, Galante and Violet, fell in love and left the clan together, it was then that his position began to decline. The situation worsened when his son, Alfredosaurus, declared that he didn’t want to continue the family business and left to become a wrestler, under the name of El Dino Volador. At that point, Gangsterosaurus became greedy with his commissions in an effort to prove that he was still the boss, which only made things worse. His best man, Alex Bone, decided to go solo to avoid having to share the riches he had been stealing.

    After this series of events, Gangsterosaurus became obsessed with all of his ex-workers. He neglected his business, blinded by the hate and thirst for vengeance he felt towards his deserters. So blinded in fact that he forgot the most important rule in the business of mafia...Never leave let your guard down, because if you’re not controlling the black market, someone else will.
    And that’s exactly what has happened: A new clan has been born! Al Canine, an old dog who had been studying Gangsterosaurus’ moves for years, learned from all of his mistakes and is ready to make his major conquest! He has everything he needs to succeed: great contacts, an exclusivity in the chest black market, and a great team he makes sure to keep happy, so they don’t betray him the same way Gangsterosaurus’ team betrayed him.

    Introducing the members of the Canine Clan! Bonnie Bark is the thief of the gang. She uses her beauty to distract anyone from a shop owner to a banker. With her around, the Canine Clan will never lack for easy cash! Then there’s Carlo Canbino, he does all of Al’s dirty work. He’s not the smartest, but he’s strong and loyal and will shake down anyone who doesn’t pay their debts to the gang! Last but not least, there’s the boss himself: Al Canine. Al handles the big money and the negotiations, things he wouldn’t trust with anyone.

    It seems like the Canine Clan has every chance to take over Monster Legends’ Black Market. However, Gansterosaurus still has a few good followers left on his side and copious weapons he’s hoarded over the years. He won’t give up his business easily...What will happen in the final Gang showdown?

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