• Nynaevelan

    Is it me or does Scarlett look very, very similar to the Red Witch aka Seducing, is this her twin sister? Is that the mystery?

    FYI no test for me, I have all three new dragons.

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  • Bettina Löffler

    Maze explanation is here.

    Startbonus: 400 coins
    Collections: 600 coins every 8 hours (19800) = 20200 coins.
    The total does not include coins we can get from quests or dragon tv.
    For Collecting times check this.


    Outlaw -L- #980: The path costs 28900 coins.
    Brawny -R- #304: The path costs 750 coins.
    Gardener -VR- #1482: The path costs 2585 coins + 1 key = 2965 coins.
    Boss -VR- #350: The path costs 2605 coins + 2 keys= 4955 coins.
    Teacher -E- #639: The path costs 3800 coins + 3 keys = 7750 coins.
    Peevish -E- #748: The path costs 4035 coins + 4 keys = 8565 coins.
    Mongrel -E- #658: The path costs 6525 coins + 5 keys = 13645 coins.
    Scarlett -E- #1481: The path costs 6700 + 6 keys = 15705 coins.
    Kingpin -L- #1191: The path costs 10440 coins + 7 keys = 24970 coins.


    Mar 5 - 8: Hope -E- #538: The path costs 2590 coins. Here we get puzzle moves.
    Mar 8 - 11: Mime -R- #1063: The path costs 7850. We can get food here.
    Mar 10 - 13: Graffity Artist -E- #954: The path costs 5300 coins. Here are flightstamps.
    Mar 13 - 15: Uniting -L- #1347: The path costs 9500 coins.
    Mar 14 - 15: Colonel -L- #1480: The path costs 9895 coins.

    We are working on a table with costs for each step.

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  • Bettina Löffler

    @jose-cardenas Go on searh from the book. Perhaps it says what they are doing. If you can find them in habitats without being busy you should ask the support for help.

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  • Bettina Löffler

    @tante said in Freebies Boasts:

    I also set my alarm to wake myself up and finish lap 19 of the race and got a Wind Titan but that thread is closed....

    The thread is not closed. Just unpinned. 🙂

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  • Bettina Löffler

    @crisonurping See if you find an alliance with members who want to trade the orbs you need. Also collect as many L joker orbs as possible. You can use them in empowering happy hour.

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  • DarthChabel

    Hello again, Monster Masters, let’s get started with this renewed and spicy event!

    El Colosal is back with Mythic monsters taking the spotlight! In this massive breeding event, you’ll be able to get Season-1 Original Mythic monsters and Season-1 Cosmic Mythic monsters.

    Put two Legendary monsters of the same element together in the Breeding Mountain and see what happens! If the result is a Mythic monster, congratulations, you discovered the right combination! If you get Mudflow instead, try that combination again, you’re really close! If it’s neither a Mythic monster nor Mudflow, then start again with a different combination.

    These are the Mythic monsters you can get:

    • Katufo
    • Cyberiel
    • Arumel
    • Armor Claw
    • Froma
    • Xavipit
    • Vandecken
    • Morgz
    • Heiss
    • Slugazoid
    • Hardy
    • Bombeta
    • Ignis
    • Kodama
    • Thunderkong
    • Vanoss2099
    • Blackfeather
    • Rotten

    This time you’ll have to try and find the parents without any in-game clues. We’re not giving them away! It would be too easy as there are only 18 possible recipes. Plus, every time you breed a Mythic monster, you’ll receive a Mythic Token which will help you advance through a Timed Challenge. There, you’ll receive special rewards every time you reach a milestone, as well as Stardust or Amber as you climb up the ranks.

    Remember El Colosal lasts only 24h! The more you share with other Monster Masters, the more Mythic combinations you’ll be able to discover together!

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  • Bettina Löffler

    @potsui Ask the support for a new age request.

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  • DarthChabel

    Back when The One Who Would Be Lord was looking for Stardust in the Cardinal Forest, he walked by a fungus which he found remarkable. It was a living creature, called Neurofunk, with a level of intelligence superior to most monsters, but handicapped by a total lack of feelings — well, "handicapped" according to forest spirits, not to The Lord, who thought that it was that combination of total intelligence with no feelings what made it remarkable.

    After discovering Lutum, The Lord didn't forget about Neurofunk. In fact, he risked himself by going back to the forest to find it. He was extremely cautious not to get caught since, before getting his relics back, he wasn't ready to face any battles.

    He succeeded: He found Neurofunk and Corrupted it. The fungus immediately obeyed him and became his servant. Without feelings, it didn't have second thoughts or remorse, so it would always execute orders and never change sides.


    Neurofunk is a Nature Controller with Possession and Stamina Remove skills. He can apply Possession to all enemies, or remove 75% of Stamina from all enemies, or do both simultaneously to one unlucky enemy! Plus, he has an Evolving Trait; at rank 0, he gains Possession Immunity, at rank 1 he gains Poison Immunity, and to top it off, he becomes a Status Caster at rank 3, gaining Stamina Regeneration.


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  • Nynaevelan

    @michael-lon said in Breeding Reborn Discussion:

    Did they seriously say we’re exploiting? 😂😂😂. Deflection is a “thing” nowadays, I guess ( always somebody’s fault)😏. I suppose it’s good that they stayed away from using “hacking”. 😂.

    I just find it hilariously absurd that spending tons of gems to speed a breed advantage of a tower who’s sole purpose is to give a breeding advantage “exploitation”😂😂😂. Sensible people with common sense would call it “clever”😏

    I agree, I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that they have prevented us from spending hundreds of gems per week, which will force us to either buy more gems or earn more gems from tasks, which they get income from, an exploit that should be avoided. If this is an exploit this was an exploit that both us the players and them the developers were benefitting from. In fact they were benefitting more than we were. But this was an exploit that f2p, p2p and semi-newbies were able to benefit from. But hey why make the game fun and engaging, it is much better to dissatisfy and anger your consumer base. (insert sarcasm here)

    In the 5 times I used it I spent 2200 gems for 6 5 🌟 and 2 3 🌠 dragons, something I would never have done without the Phaun Tower. So the way I figure it they have cost themselves @500 gems a week at a minimum from me and I was conservative in my use of the tower. Imagine how much they have lost in the long term from the entire community because they have turned this feature off. There is so little to use gems wisely on now a days I thought this was a perfect use of my gems, but obviously they did not think so. So I get to keep my gems and they get to keep their tower. They took a win/win and made it a lose/lose....again.

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