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    Thanks for sharing, @legendary-forums. I will definitely check it out.

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    Grand Duels are back! This time with some changes to the rules and the roster of Monsters. Let's check what's coming.

    January 22nd - January 28th


    • No more Elemental Cells. Runes take the spotlight this time!
    • No more Warm-ups! We go hardcore.
    • Monster options in the roster were updated with the latest Forsaken monsters, like Zenfira and Wickah. This new roster has been designed paying special attention to the no-warm-ups rule.


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    "Rubellus was the king of a Mushroom Kingdom. They all lived in a cave and he earned his crown because he was the biggest and the strongest by far. For that reason, he never thought anyone would dare to question his authority, until one day, he discovered that one of his subjects was planning a coup against him.

    He decided to punish him in a way no one would forget: He ate him whole, in one bite. By doing so, he absorbed his victim’s energy, but the mushroom flesh he ingested acted like a hallucinogen and made him paranoid. He started seeing traitors everywhere, and with every subject he believed to be a traitor, he repeated the same punishment: He ate them.

    After some time, the inevitable happened: King Rubellus had no subjects left. All his allies in other Nature kingdoms turned their back on this crazed ruler-of-none, horrified both by his brutal strength and by his story of cannibalism.

    Now Rubellus is alone, insane, and forsaken by everyone, but within, he’s got the physical power of his entire dead kingdom, and he’ll go any lengths to prove he’s still the King.


    Rubellus is a Nature Tank with Megataunt, Taunt, and several Tortures, like Burn Poison, and Nightmares. He can remove negative effects from himself and gain Immunity to Control. He can also MegaStun and Daze an enemy or gain MegaTaunt and Damage Mirror. He has an evolving Trait: Taunt at Rank 0, Area Nature Protection at Rank 1, Megataunt Status Caster at rank 3, and finally, at rank 5, he gains Abomination. "

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    "Drekk, also known as “The Healer Dragon”, received lots of visits to his lair from monsters with serious wounds. With a mere touch of his leaves, the ugliest scar would be healed. However, his brother Grakon was fed up with having his home invaded by strangers every day, so he spent his time scaring visitors away. He became famous for being The Dragon Healer’s troublesome brother, and Drekk ended up having to ask him to leave the lair. Now Grakon is trouble on the loose!


    Grakon is an Elite Nature Control monster. His skills include Stuns and Cooldown Activations, as well as multiple Tortures (Poison, Curse, Burn, and Bleed). He's very tricky to deal with! Grakon is Immune to Possession and Hardened."

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    Ever since General Nishant took Samael’s brother, Ismael, and crushed him into Cells, Samael’s only mission in life has been to find the General, defeat him, take his brother’s Cells and bring him back to life. He traded secrets from the Good Legions in exchange for information about Nishant’s whereabouts and, after the Lords of the Good Legions found out and banished him from their ranks, he turned to Dark monsters, looking for followers. There were lots of Dark monsters fascinated by Samael’s powers, especially the ones he used in order to play with both life and death, so it wasn’t long before he had built a personal army.

    His Dark soldiers infiltrated General Nishant’s ranks and discovered where his secret headquarters were. Samael headed there with his entire army behind him. He went through the gates of the fort and reached the main hall but, when he walked in, he was met by someone he could’ve never expected: his brother Ismael… except he didn’t look the same as before Nishant had taken his life. He was something like a Dark spirit, an ethereal dead version of himself, just floating under a hood in the middle of the hall. As dead as he looked, he also looked almighty, invincible.

    Samael commanded his troops to halt the operation and he slowly approached the floating spirit, but then a voice started speaking from the shadows behind it.

    “Welcome, Samael! I see you’ve already met my latest creation and best new soldier. I like to call him Nisael. Doesn't he remind you of someone? Hahahahaha! Oh, yes… When I took your brother, I crushed him into Cells, thinking I could use them to boost my own power, but I turned out to be wrong. His Cells were too pure to blend well with my own. That was a setback, I won’t deny it… But I always have a plan B, and you’re looking at my plan B right here! I recrafted Ismael using a couple of Dark tricks here and there, and… Ta-dah! Nisael came out. Would you like to test him? Don’t worry about hurting your brother, it’s more than likely he’ll be the one hurting you, hahahaha!”

    General Nishant’s words echoed inside Samael’s head and, for some seconds, he stood frozen. His first thought was that he couldn’t leave his brother there, forsaken in the claws of the monster who had killed him, but then he thought “Is he even my brother anymore?”. The pressure of having his whole army waiting for his command by his side and seeing Nishant’s red eyes relishing in his confusion right in front of him was driving him mad. He was still thinking when Nishant spoke again:

    “Think about this: Nisael, you, and me. We could rule everything if the three of us joined forces. I have my Dark army, this fort, and Nisael. You have your skills and your followers. And Nisael is the closest thing to invincible. You could be reunited with your brother. Make a decision.”

    Power or vengeance… a tough decision for Samael.

    0_1576843122726_Nisael sheet.png

    Nisael is a Forsaken Dark Support monster. He has impressive skills, like resurrecting an ally and give him an extra turn, Evasion and Double Damage in one move! He can also resurrect all his allies at once with Damage Increase and Evasion, or remove positive and negative effects in one move. Several of his skills remove Life by percentages, which makes Nisael great against bosses and Tanks. He pressures his enemies by applying Death Countdowns to them and, in his special skill, he defeats an enemy immediately. Nisael has an Evolving Trait: He's Tough at rank 0, Bulwark at rank 1, he gains Anticipation at rank 3, and at rank 4, he becomes a status caster, protecting the cooldowns of his allies.

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