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    The explosion of the Distant Star not only caused the rain of Stardust. It also opened thousands of portals all over the universe. Kodama has arrived through one of those portals. He comes from a planet covered by blue vegetation where the evolution of life works at a very different pace to that of Monster Legends. This is reflected in his Cosmic powers, which allow him to play with the pacing of everyone around him.


    Kodama is a Nature Controller with Cooldown Activation skills. He can also apply Nature Weakness, Daze, or Poison to enemies or Torture Immunity to allies. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Poison, at rank 1, he blocks enemies' resurrections and, at rank 3, he gains Torture Immunity at the start of the battle.


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  • Fox

    Hi, everyone.

    After a great 3 years in Monster Legends, I am sad to announce that I will be leaving Socialpoint soon. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the amazing ML community, full of very passionate people who are willing to go the extra mile to help others and share their thoughts about the game. I appreciate every single one of you whether you are on Discord, Forum, Facebook, or if you just sent me a nice DM during past years.

    I’d like to give a special thanks to our amazing Moderators and Keepers as without them the community wouldn’t be a safe, inviting and warm space for all of us. They’ve always been a cornerstone of our community and immense help to me, you, and the ML team. Treat them nicely, they deserve it! 🙂

    DarthChabel will replace me as your future Community Manager. She is a lovely person, passionate about games, and gliding the craziest waves imaginable (yes, I’m talking about surfing :P). I’m sure she will bring a breath of fresh air and will do an incredible job!

    My last day is August 5th but after that, I hope I will be able to show up every now and then as a regular player to check how you are doing.

    And now, ⚔ on to the new adventures!

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  • Fox

    The Portal on the Islands is not visible.

    We are working on an overall fix but that will come later next week, possibly.


    • Please, disable your animated avatar
    • Restart your game
    • Check if you see the Portal
    • Enable the animated avatar again
    • The Portal will stay

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  • Fox

    The following bug will be fixed on July 22nd.

    Amber Dungeons
    Floors for R3 -R5 have wrong enemies team set up. This will be fixed tomorrow.

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  • Fox

    Vanoss and his gang were hiding inside a bunker surrounded by their enemies. They were outnumbered and outpowered.There was nothing they could do, but then Vanoss had the craziest idea. He built a robot using bits and pieces he found in the bunker, took some of his Cells, and put them inside it. On a piece of paper, he wrote the day’s date, and hid it with the robot behind a wall, hoping someone in the future (if it worked as expected, himself) would find it and send it back in time to save him and the gang.

    The plan didn’t make much sense, but it worked! In 2099, the robot used a Stardust portal to travel back in time and, with its Cosmic power, managed to rescue Vanoss and the gang from all their enemies!

    Vanos2099 is a Metal heavy Attacker with Tortures and self-buffs. He can clean his negative effects and gain Damage Boost or gain Evasion and Pierce in one move. He can also Burn and deal very heavy damage to an enemy. Vanoss2099 has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he gains Immunity to Bleed and, at rank 3, he gains Pierce at the start of every battle.

    0_1595518795801_Vanoss2099 Sheet.png

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  • Fox

    Births are very rare in the Underworld as it’s more a final destination than a home, but when there are magical elements involved, anything is possible. When the Distant Star exploded, the Stardust it produced filled every corner of the Monster Legends universe and opened thousands of portals. In some areas, the amount of Stardust that fell from the sky was such that it leaked into the Earth and started dripping through its cracks into the Underworld.

    That Underworld Stardust rain had many consequences, one of them being the birth of a creature with Cosmic powers and native Hell wickedness, Heiss. Because of his extraordinary creation, Heiss is idolized like a hero or a deity, but his personality isn’t heroic or solemn, he’s nothing but a child of chaos — pure evil!


    Heiss is a Fire Uncontrollable Attacker. He can increase his damage output by making them Vulnerable, applying Fire Weakness to them, or removing their Shields. Heiss has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Stun and at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Control.
    0_1595518424916_Heiss Sheet.png

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  • Fox

    Cavenfish was a young, abandoned monster when Captain Hardy took him under his fin. He made him part of his crew and taught him everything he needed to know to survive in the Sea — even a couple of dirty tricks Hardy maybe should’ve kept for himself, because Cavenfish ended up using them against him!

    Cavenfish organized a mutiny and threw Hardy off his own ship in the middle of the Sea. No one ever heard of him again… until now. Hardy has risen from the bottom of the ocean, and he’s thirsty for vengeance. How did he come back? Does it have something to do with the Stardust rain? If so, Cavenfish should be very scared of his old mentor’s Cosmic powers.


    Hardy is a Magic Attacker with Anticipation, Tortures, and interesting self-buffs, like Double Damage, Stamina Regeneration, and Space-Time. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he has Anticipation, at rank 1, he gains Water Protection and, at rank 3, he gains Stamina Regeneration at the start of the battle.

    0_1595518251157_Hardy Sheet.png

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  • Fox

    Millenia ago, this alien slug traveled from planet to planet feeding on the energy of its inhabitants, but then it arrived at the world of Monster Legends and crashed onto one of the coldest regions, where only Cryotan and Ouros can stand the temperatures. As a consequence, Slugazoid froze, and that's how he remained until the rain of Stardust hit Monster Legends, waking him up and granting him powers he’d never had before!


    Slugazoid is a Water Control monster that specializes in depleting the Stamina of its enemies while dealing damage. He can also Drown enemies! Slugazoid has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he’s Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he’s Immune to Blind and, at rank 3, he gains a 50% Damage Mirror at the start of every battle.

    0_1595518112798_Slugazoid Sheet (1).png

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  • Fox

    Starting the next Marathon, Hammer and anvil, there will be the following changes:

    • Newly joined members of the team will have 4h cooldown. During this time they won't be able to contribute to any Marathon tasks.
    • Rewards change to Stardust from Amber, but the amounts stay the same.

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