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    Hi, everyone.

    Since the new Team War season is only a month-long we've also reduced requirements to win the League rewards to only 5 battles fought in the season.
    However, since we have put this rule live during the offseason it will also apply to the previous season rewards.

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  • Fox

    To ensure the smooth implementation of the new fixed Matchmaking for the Legendary League, we will have a special transition season that will last only half the time of the classic season, and therefore the rewards will also be halved.

    To test the stability, we will enable the fixed matchmaking for Legendary Leagues at some point during this special season.

    We will update you on the specific date later on.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Fox

    In the next Fraternity, coming on August 23rd, you will be able to choose between War Coins & Tokens without a cap.

    When: August 23rd - August 26th
    What: Choose between War Coins or Tokens


    0_1566379947616_image (18).png

    0_1566387474014_Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 13.37.29.png // Edit: Rewards were updated

    The amount of Tokens you collect is very important because based on that you will be able to get cool rewards. These rewards will be given progressively as soon as you reach the Tokens milestones.


    You will get a very special Magic Statue at the end of the Fraternity Event as the highest prize for 6 000 Tokens.

    This 1x1 decoration will grant you extra rewards every day from August 26th to September 14th.
    Wherever you have it, storage or on an island, it will give you 25 gems + 20 elemental cells (random) every day, on the last day you will receive 25 gems + 20 elementium instead of elemental cells.

    You won’t be able to sell the Magic Statue, however, you will be able to store it and it will still grant you the rewards.

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  • Fox

    Hi, everyone.

    We have some news relating to some of the current issues that the Legendary League teams are experiencing while matchmaking takes place in Team Wars.

    • Several teams have a 90% win ratio
    • Matchmaking times go from a few minutes to more than 8 hours which, over time, creates big discrepancies in Trophies.

    To address these problems, we would like to make a few changes which will affect only the Legendary Leagues.

    The solemn goal is to improve the matchmaking so that every team can find the best possible rivals and have a consistently fairer experience throughout the season.


    In the next Team Wars season, Legendary Leagues will have a fixed matchmaking. This means that matchmaking will happen at certain times and all teams will be matched simultaneously, without any Leads or Co-Leads having to request a matchmaking. The system will assume that your Team wants to go into war unless it opts out. Breaks between wars will last 8 hours.

    So it goes like this: 2-day war - 8-hour break - 2-day war, and so on.


    During this new 8-hour break, Team Leads and co-leads will have the chance to opt out of the matchmaking, thus skipping the war. The whole team will have to wait for another matchmaking to start automatically (56 hours later).

    There is no penalty for opting out. Your Team just won’t get rewards, which is the usual for not going to war. Your team can also opt out as many times as you want, there is no limit.


    There are only 2 criteria in the matchmaking.

    Rival repetition
    You won’t be matched against the same team in 8 consecutive wars or more. This means that your team will match only with teams that are 10 ranks above or below and you will face the same team maximum 3 times in a season.

    Team size
    At least 25 team members are needed to compete. If you have less than that you won’t be included in the next matchmaking and your Team won’t go to war. It will count as the same as opting out.


    Teams that are strong enough to place in higher ranks will get Trophy bonus, to avoid 2-month-long climbing to the top and fighting weaker teams.

    • Teams with low trophies but high combat power will earn bonus Trophies in their first battles.
    • Bonus Trophies will make these Teams climb up the rankings very fast, but they will slow down as they improve their position.

    We will also reduce the variability of earned/lost trophies to avoid Teams falling behind in the ranking due to easy victories.

    • Now, the difference between the Trophies of two Teams in war will have a lower impact on the Trophies they earn. To give you an idea, a difference of 500 Trophies will imply a difference of 10 Trophies from the original 150 trophies earned/lost in a war.


    Since matches should be more balanced and to reward players for their efforts, we will also increase the amount of War Medals earned at the end of the season.


    Fixed matchmaking for Legendary Leagues will happen in the next TW season. However, as this will need to be implemented we will already start running the fixed matchmaking in the offseason, right after the current season ends.

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  • Fox

    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.0.8 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    • We have added a new Team Wars Reward pop-up.
    • Small visual improvements in the Monsterwood


    • Skill Mirror & Damage Mirror won't cancel each other anymore.
    • Fixed issues when Special skills appeared only for AI.

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  • Fox

    Live on August 12th.

    Grand Duels
    Some players were stuck in the Grand Duels and couldn't continue.

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  • Fox

    Eisul is the strongest member and thus the commander of the Sulien civilization. Suliens are beasts made of parts of other living things that sort of froze into a block which is controlled by a parasite living on their inside. This rare build makes Suliens very unpredictable.

    Eisul is a Water Tank with Mega Taunt skills. He starts with a Taunt trait at rank 0, gains Immunity to Freeze at rank 1 and, lastly, he becomes a Status Caster who can gain Mega Taunt at rank 3. Apart from his excellent Tank skills, he also has several ways to Control and debuff his enemies: Possession, Total Blind, Stamina Leak, Curse and Nightmares.

    0_1565619493371_Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 16.17.52.png

    //edit: Special UPDATED

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  • Fox

    Malair had always hoped that when his daughter grew up, they’d make the perfect team of Magic villains. He didn’t predict that she’d grow up much more powerful than him and not be interested in fighting by his side. Madam Fusion was an ambitious monster and she had big dreams.

    She started visiting the arenas and showing off her skills, and it wasn’t long before she found the perfect partner: VoltaiK! His skills perfectly matched hers, but the thing she liked most was that her father hated him! At first, this union was purely strategic, but little by little, it turned into something else. Now, much to the anger of Malair, VoltaiK and Madam Fusion are partners both inside and outside the battlefield.

    Madam Fusion is a Magic Support Extra-Turner. She has different skills that remove positive effects, disable traits and clean negative effects, and then, she comes back with an extra turn. She can also recharge the team's Stamina without spending any of her own Stamina, make her allies Immune to Blind, and protect them against Cooldown Activations. A true Support specialist designed to go with other extra-turners!

    Madam Fusion has an evolving trait: on rank 0, she's Hardened. On rank 1, she becomes a Status Caster, gaining Self-Evasion at the start of every battle, and on rank 3, she adds a Positive Effect Protection to her Status Caster ability.

    0_1565605687028_Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 12.27.13.png

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