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  • Marianne van Es

    @Zealot this month the other question i cant answer

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  • Marianne van Es

    @Enrique-Ramos still its luck based happy for your friends and teammates but I never buy chests unless Im sure I wont be disappointed, even with the magnificent 9 chests for 299 a very small chance to get r4 , except for Baltasar all pretty nice monsters but I can get a R0 Monster for 249, so Im not going to gamble 50 gems extra to have a small chance higher rank end up with r0 Baltasar

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  • Nynaevelan

    @Benny-Jackdaw said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    Okay, I am officially done with these races. Most of the tasks I can just Breeze through no problem, though most of them do take a lot of grinding, none of them take the excessive amount of grinding that the breeding and hatching tasks do.

    I hate these I really do. I feel like I'm driving a car, and whenever these come up I have to slam on the brakes. Generally, I try to get by these tasks by breeding the fire and Terra dragon. Of course, I have to breed these two over and over and over and over in order to get wreaths and flowers. Why not just breed other dragon, you ask? Because anything else takes hours to complete. You are in the middle of a race, and if you want the prizes, you don't have hours to waste breeding and hatching dragons. If you breathe the fire and Tara dragon enough time, you'll eventually get wreaths and flowers, but even that could take a good hour to get all the stuff you needed, and that's usually a best case scenario.

    Oh, but it wouldn't be that big of a deal if they appeared maybe once a race. Except they tend to appear consecutively. I just got done collecting five flowers, that took hours to do, to collect more of them. Let's throw in some wreaths to. Basically, if you want to get through it so fast, pay up the pretty purple jewels. At this point, it basically feels like the game is mugging you.

    Breeding those dragons over and over and over, I got to the point where I felt like I could be doing better things with my life, and this ended up being a waste of time. That is why I hate the breeding and hatching tasks so much.

    That of course is your choice, but personally I am not willing to give up on the top fighters due to me not wanting to put in the time to finish these annoying nodes. Do i wish the success rate was higher, definitely yes. Do I wish they would replace them with something else, that would be a no because whatever they replaced it with would be worse or more expensive for us.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @Balaur said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    LOL, 1 quest every 8 hours and so nd it's like breeding and hatching ? C'mon...

    Let's read the guide:

    Quest Battle
    Number: 2
    Pool: 2
    Wait: 1m
    Chance: 100%

    100% it's not like breeding and hatching, obviously it's a bug. I already sent a ticket and I've been waiting but soon I will lose the 10x lap bonus so I will do like you said, buy out and hope to get a refund. Thanks for answering.

    @Bettina-Löffler said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    @Balaur said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    Same here, after 2 temporary quests and no reward received I even tried a regular quest, fed my Pure Dragon from lvl 15 to 27, won the Genius Cup battle and still nothing...and less than 3 hours left to receive the 10x bonus :((

    @Nynaevelan said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    @xiskza said in Heroic Race Dreamfields Oct11-Oct22:

    So I'm in lap 10 where they ask you for 2 quests, I did two missions and I did not get rewarded for it, its still 0/2! What is going on?

    Are you sure you are doing quest battles, not leagues or arenas? If so, send a ticket to support.

    They only count on mobile. I spent 14 gems to skip. Asked the support for refund. They told me that it is like breeding and hatching where not every attempt gives an item. I am sure that that is wrong and it is a bug. Buy out and send a ticket. The more complain the better.

    I would complain about that I have NEVER seen it where the quests were not 100%, especially since they are limited with long wait times.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @paula-rink said in Permanent Primal Breeding:

    Nynaevelan -- I meant what I said. I bred Primal & Electric and I got a Ride dragon. You do realize you called me a liar, don't you?

    Since I have not responded to you or your post regarding your breeding results at what point did I call you a liar? Though I will say I would like to see proof of that because Ride is not supposed to be breedable. I am wondering if this is a mistake on SPs part of if he is going to become breedable soon or has become breedable and it was not announced.

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  • Nynaevelan

    This would be good to know. I do not know the answer but I plan to use the ones that I currently have leveled up, which were leveled up prior to the limitations on food Here is the list of the ones I have which do not have legend, pure or primal in their elements. I am not sure how good they are but I am not wasting on food trying to level up any others, though in the future I might because some of these are empowered:

    Acoustic 30
    Albino R2 39
    Cyclops 35
    Demon 30
    Greenfield 35
    Master 35
    Mystic Blizzard 35
    Unity 35
    zCancer 35
    zGemini 35
    zLeo 35
    zLibra 40
    zPisces 35
    zTaurus 31
    zVirgo 35

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