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    @challa It is only possible to add others via Facebook.

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    @ádhamh-uinseann In the tree of life features we are talking of dragon orbs - orbs for a special dragon. We can get orbs from events, dragon rescue, arena chests, alliance chests, recalling (will be explained later), quests and from trading (will be explained later).
    And we hae joker orbs there. Joker orbs can be used instead of any orb of the same rarity. We can get joker orbs from events, alliance chests and dragon tv.

    1. Summon:
      To summon a dragon you need 100 orbs of it. If you dont have 100 you can also use up to 20 joker orbs. Once the dragon is summoned the egg has to be hatched. Sometimes we get a summoning happy hour. Then we only need 1 orb of the dragon and can use up to 99 joker orbs.
    2. Recall:
      If you have double dragons you can recall the doubles to get orbs of them. The number of orbs you get depends on the level of the dragon. The higher the level, the more orbs. The most you can get is 100 orbs. To get 100 the dragon has to be at level 30. Higher levels do not give more orbs.
    3. Empower:
      If you have enough orbs you can empower dragons with them. There are five stages of empowerment. Each stage gives your dragon one star. The more stars a dragon has the higher you can level it up.
      1 star needs 120 orbs. Max level is 45. Max joker orbs we can use: 25
      2nd star needs 200 orbs. Max level is 50. Max joker orbs we can use: 50
      3rd star needs 320 orbs. Max level is 55. Max joker orbs we can use: 80
      4th star needs 560 orbs. Max level is 60. Max joker orbs we can use: 170
      5th star needs 800 orbs. Max level is 70. Max joker orbs we can use: 240
    4. Trading orbs (important alliance feature):
      We can trade orbs with alliance mates. To trade we need essences. These we can get from events and alliance chests. We can only trade orbs of the same rarity. The number of orbs in a trade depend on the rarity. For starting a trade (asking for orbs) you need at least one orb of the dragon you want. After starting a successful trade we have a cooldown for the next one.
      Number of orbs in trading:
      C - 15; R - 10; VR - 10; E - 8; L - 6; H - 5.
      For more informations check these links:

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    @etam-ćivejog You can only breed dragons from the breeding event island with the pair that is shown there. Normally they said of 100 breedings 1 guarantied. I dont know if is still the same.

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    @malteusa said in Breeding Sanctuary Glitch:

    They're probably talking about the goals.
    One of these:
    They're awarded automatically.

    Oh. Do these still excist? I didnt know that.

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  • Nynaevelan

    @dai-bi said in ***Black Magic Run, Nov 26 - 30, 2020 ***:

    About Black Magic Event, I open 8 Occult chest, but only food (4 times), 10 H-Orbs, 20 L-Orbs, 10 gems (2 times). Maybe stop this event...not fair.

    Sorry for you bad luck but just because you are not getting any good goodies does not mean it should stop for the rest of us. Sometimes they work in your favor, sometimes they don't. Sorry this is not your time.

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    I must be lucky. I got 3 heroic dragons from 5 chests. The other 2 had 20 gems each.

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    @phat_bui There is no phone number to call. You have to contact them from the game.

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    @asd-mloon If I have nothing special to hatch I buy dark dragons every 2 hours and war dragons for the night. That brings a decent amount of points for hatching chests.

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