Hello Monster Masters,

Thanks for all of your feedback regarding the recent announcement we released about the Control gameplay changes. We’ve read and carefully considered all of the conversations generated in our social media by this topic -- both positive and negative.

We understand that the change can disrupt some of the current top strategies. These strategies have dominated the game for a long time, but we truly believe this change will positively impact the overall balance and fairness of combat.


  • In regards to the “Recently…” status; we do not think it is fun when monsters are able to block enemies from playing a battle at all. Some monster teams are able to win without the opponent even being able to take a single action.
    Ultimately, this strategy will still be possible for players that enjoy it. It is still possible to ‘Stun’ a ‘Recently Frozen’ monster by using other skills, but a single control monster won’t be able to stop your team all by itself.
  • Monsters with traits such as “Immune to Freeze” or “Immune to Stun” were very weak when matched against premium monsters (such as Warmaster Thalassa), which had “MEGA” controls that they couldn’t block. Now, all of these monsters have a big boost of the value of their trait, and will have improved chances when fighting against the top controllers of the game.
    Premium monsters are still among the very best of the game, and will be the ones used by the most skilled players to deliver the high level strategies; but other monsters will now have better chances to participate in battle.

Nevertheless, since we are very aware on how much impact this change will bring to the playstyle of many, we will take the following actions:

  • In order to make it easier for you to adapt to this new style of gameplay, to experiment and find new strategies, starting from the day of the release (8th of October) we will give you all 2 weeks where to unequip runes for 50% of their cost and change skills of your Monsters for Gold instead of Gems.
    This way you will be able to test new skill setups until you’ve found your best team for the new meta.

We understand that applying this change so shortly after the release of Warmaster Thalassa’s Dungeon is not ideal for the players that made a lot of effort to obtain it. We recognise that these players will be affected by this change due Thalassa’s skillset and we sincerely apologise.

  • For this reason we are offering player’s that have obtained Thalassa or Thalassa Cell the possibility to ask for a refund if they so choose.
    You can request the refund until the 22nd of October. Simply write our Customer Service department and ask for the refund. We will remove the monster, reset the Thalassa dungeon progress and give back all of the Heroic Orbs you spent. This will allow you to spend those orbs on any other Warmaster you want. We will start processing the refund requests after this date.

Before requesting the refund we encourage you to try her out with the new changes... with her top speed, ability to negate traits and remove good positives (including “Recently Frozen”), you will find Thalassa is still one of the very best control Monsters!

We thank you for your patience and understanding, and hope to see your feedback and comments on our social channels.