Greetings Monster Masters,

Up until now, it was possible to save your Monster Legends accounts only via Facebook to make sure your progress is saved. Saving your account also gives you a possibility to change between devices.

Now, you will be able to save the game also via Google Play (only for Android).

  • You will be able to save your progress via Facebook and Google Play.
  • Available from version 7.2.1
  • For now only available for some players
  • You can connect 1 game account to 1 Google account. You cannot have multiple game accounts linked to 1 Google account.
  • When you save via Google Play, you will be able to switch your accounts only on Android devices.
  • Players who set their age as a minor in their respective countries and were missing Facebook Facebook button in the game Settings will now have the possibility to save their progress via Google Play.

In the settings, you have both options to save your progress. On top of that, you can change the account by clicking on the "CHANGE PLAYER" button.