Now I know the recent warmasters are anything but what is expected of, yet they somehow end up being a great example of what isn't broken, yet useful. If there's anything I've wanted to do, it's me a character, and the warmasters are a great start. The warmasters design is currently under construction, but I have one of two ideas for the magic warmaster.

1 - A warmaster that constantly applies random torture effects (rte)
2 - A warmaster that protects allies and causes enemy attacks to be weak, activating ally skills with attuned or super attuned.

I've finished a full set of skills for the constant rte caster, but the support kit is still in works currently. If there are any other ideas, I will gladly look into these ideas, and if they show any progress, I will make a design for the idea too. Hopefully social point will take this idea up, and if they do, all I want is credit: anyone from the company saying I helped.

Please place any questions or ideas in the comments, I will be looking daily until the magic warmaster is announced. Other than that, thank you 🙂

10/12/18 edit: While working on the drawing for the warmaster, I came up with some ideas. 1 is to make it a mage like shannara. 2 is to make it a pixie. and 3 is to make it a princess. Im currently working on the pixie one, due to her name originating from the pixie queen Titania. Of course, the name can change at any given moment. Either tomorrow or the day after I will share the skills for both ideas; the support and the curser.