hello, I had an idea for a new heroic dragon, is related to The Relic Of Life

High Dragón Crator

Name: High Dragon Creator

Elements: Pure, Primal, Legend and War

Description: The noble dragon creator was created in the same way as the origin dragon, he got his name because he created 5 dragons with his immense power, which are the clairvoyant dragon, the dragon reason, the dragon virtue, the dragon empathy and the dragon loyalty. So it could be said that it is the brother of the origin dragon and the father of the 5 dragons already mentioned.

Movements: Hypnosis, Primitive water, Legendary wind, Giant crack

Trained movements: Crystal Deus+, Archaic pain, Legendary spell+, Fist of war

That would be everything, the idea of the movements I leave it to your criteria, I hope you like it