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Dear Dragon Masters,

We would like to let you know what is in store for you in the next version: 8.6!

  • Improvements to Alliances!
    As you know, Alliances are important! We want to improve the Alliance feature and your experience with it, so we are going to introduce some changes soon!
    Also, the Alliance Race will be back!! 😮 😮 Stay tuned, Dragon Master… more information about the improvements is coming soon!

  • Revive Dragons in League battles!
    You will get the option at random to revive your last dragon in a league battle, so go on and try again!
    Remember: Revive a dragon -> twice per League!

  • Dragon Training Center SEARCH BAR!
    You wanted it, and we aim to please!
  • Halloween Spooky Decoration!! (Active from 25th Oct)

Changes to Leagues for PC version (FACEBOOK)

  • Leagues on PC will now follow the same Rank Grading Rules for opponent dragons as on MOBILE.