@Nynaevelan Yes, I know that requirement now. But that was not made clear to me, despite trying to get answers about why I didn't have the island. They assumed it was a technical problem I think, purely because they didn't think I could be such a high level and have been playing that short of time. So I never got the appropriate warning. It all worked out. Got the extra set of orbs I needed on the very last set of videos (right before the event was extended lol). To level, I unlocked habitats and new dragons 🤷♀️ I have 98 habitats, ~1/2 @ lvl 3, have most islands unlocked (all but final 2), have all the towers unlocked, have 268 unique dragons (breed all I can in sanctuary and only have 11 breed-ables I don't have - 6 if which are legend), most of my dragons are lvl 15 (Commons) or lvl 25 (all others), and I have all the crystals in the game which allows me to maximize farming.