Hello, Monster Masters!

Following the recent addition of the Champion league, we would like to address a few concerns we’ve seen in the community discussions. We have listened and considered a few options that would make the current situation better and progression in Multiplayer easier.

Why Champion league?
The original intention was to solve the issues in the Gold league where a lot of players were stuck and couldn’t move higher. To ease the progression through the leagues we have added Champion league which should give these players a bigger battlefield and better chance of finding more balanced opponents.

Reset trophies at the end of each season
We have previously mentioned we will be changing the reset of Legendary league players trophies to 5 000 (Champions league 1). However, we can see that this jump could be very overwhelming, therefore, the reset for Legendary players will be set to 5 500 Trophies in the next season thus ending up in the Legendary IV.

We will also increase the rewards in the Champions League by adding a Rune chest on top.

Rage Multiplayer mode
With the recent 72h Multiplayer challenge and adding a new league (higher trophies milestones), it’s currently tough to climb into higher leagues. So, to make the process faster we will run Rage Multiplayer mode. This means 4x more Trophies in Champion and Legendary leagues and 2x more Trophies in other Leagues when winning an attack.
Live: November 5th

Thank you all for discussing this topic in Forum and Discord channels and giving us an insightful feedback!