It would be nice if there are some stories about primal heroic dragon and an event related to it before we find them in an alkiance race.

  • High Fearful Dragon - Alliance Race Blood Moon
    The dire wolf have awakens from his sleep. He try to infected dragon city to become his army. (Primal, Dark, Terra, Fire)
    **Related Events :**Evil Squad Maze Island anf Good Squad Maze Island.
    Required Dragons : Alpha Wolf Dragon (Epic), Omega Wolf Dragon (L), Cursed Dragon (L), Seer Dragon (L), Villager Dragon (C), Majesty Dragon (L).
  • High Riverbed Dragon - Alliance Race Bermuda Triangle
    He known as The Underwater Sea Predator Nothosaur, rumour said that he still live at the place that no dragon with sea element could live. (Primal, Metal, Sea, Nature).
    Related Events : Search and Rescue Grid Island and Marine Fog Island.
    Required Dragons : Radar Dragon (R), Dive Dragon (E), Mega Shark Dragon (L), Hurricane Dragon (L), Atlantic Dragon (L)
  • High Moa Dragon - Alliance Race Bird Nest
    Giant Bird with strong foot and big sharp claws ready to kill anyone who attack her nest, a giant nest for some giant baby birds. (Primal, Nature, Light, Ice).
    Related Events : Egg Maze Island and Predator Grid Island.
    Required Dragons : Egg Carrier Dragon (E), Egg Hunter Dragon (L), Still In Egg Dragon (L), Eggtapult Dragon (E) Eggo Dragon (L), Varanus Dragon (L)