When you think Warmaster you think; great skills, dominant, powerful. Now I believe from Gortak to Thalassa, they've all done great and had great skills even at R0, or had a trait that makes them just undesirable to even go near (looking at you Elvira, who's skills still fit her role great).
Now we bring ourselves upon the latest two, Zahra and Babari. Now Zahra sounded great, has solid "nature" traits and status caster, then you look at her skills. Yes her skills, of which don't get useful until highly ranked, otherwise weak at best and already outclassed by Sgt. Hullhead. Warmasters should be great even at R0, and get even more nightmarish as they are ranked, inflated stats with weak skills don't make them good.
Now to Babari. Who is pathetic skillwise unranked. Low dmg extra turn moves and will still get Anticipated to death by Faraday (granted supposedly still being able to damage reflect Faraday to death). It was only what, several weeks since Zahra's release and we have Babari? He is rushed and it shows in his lackluster skills. Water hater at R1? Weak. Double shock to all enemies isn't bad at R2. Reapply damage mirror and heals himself at R3? I thought he was an attacker not a tank. Disable trait and extra turn at R4? His best skill, which makes sense being R4, he still gets Faraday'd (and Necromancer'd and Sting Westclaw'd).

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice and it's a trend when it comes to SP. Don't slack and get lackadaisical with what you release, because as of this moment, that's the Warmaster trend.

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