My team mates and I were chatting the other day, reminiscing on some of the fun events we used to have. It just feels sad that some of the ones we enjoyed seems to be either completely forgotten or scrapped.

So I am hoping we can all post some of them, and maybe (yes I am being hopeful) the devs will hear our plea and bring some of them back sometime.

I will go first:

  1. Titan invasion - I liked battling my way to bring it down with the team, and is good to have some variety from the traditional race format.

  2. Nemesis cell dungeon - yes I know they need to limit these and supposedly saved for a special occasion. With Christmas coming up, maybe consider it for one of the festivities?

  3. Sharing Happy Hour - it is fun and a good team activity to help each other grow our roster thru trades. They used to have this when we have Monster Cell Week, and we tend to buy more cells than usual when it is easier to trade between team mates. Not saying every Monster cell week should have one, but maybe once every 2 months? (not unreasonable right?)