The VIP and Nemesis monsters were the highest stars of monster legends universe in the past. Nowadays, some of them are very outdated even when compared with regular legendary monsters. Some people invested a lot of money buying and ranking up them. To not be injuste, we must to give VIP e nemesis a new light to they bright and leadership again, I propose some changes in their status, abilities, or even the books they belong. Some VIPs and Nemesis are spectacular monsters even with the changes and novelties in the ML gameplay, therefore, they gain little changes of don’t receive any suggestion of balance. I also recommend to Social Point try to update the some old monsters to give them some tatical valor, since the logic of the game is the diverse of strategies and we always see the same top (and new) monsters been used in PvP and Team War. Furthermore, this updates can help old free to play players to have some evolution in the game.

I attached the suggestions of changes in the following images. Hope you like.
alt text
Updated in dec 8.