Panzus has returned to Monster Legends lands with ONE mission!

Quixote lost his horse, Rocigon, and, of course, he cannot go to a war without proper transportation. Naturally, he pleads with his favorite companion, Panzus, for help.

Panzus as a loyal servant agrees and embarks on a journey to find Rocigon however, Monster Legends is not exactly a small area to cover. He will need YOUR help to find Rocigon and make his lord, Quixote, a noble knight again.

This won’t be an easy task but Panzus is counting on you.

In this 72h Challenge, you will collect usual coins from collecting food, gold, etc., as usual, to flip cards in the event. By flipping them, you will uncover Windmill Coins only.

We will count the amount of Windmill Coins you’ve collected and deliver the appropriate rewards via a pop-up message whenever you reach a milestone.

Collect Windmill coins and get Quixote!
November 14th - November 17th

10 Windmill Coins → 40 Quixote Cells + Strength IV
17 Windmill Coins → 50 Quixote Cells + Gold Relic Chest
27 Windmill Coins → 80 Quixote Cells + Speed VI
34 Windmill Coins → 150 Quixote Cells + 3x Gold Relic Chest