Our latest Fraternity Event comes with a small twist, along with rewarding your team members with war coins as usual, players will also gain a limited number of extra rewards to choose from to gift their team members. To make things a bit clearer, here’s a handy screenshot of what the screen will look like after a purchase:


You will notice that below Elementium and Elemental Cells there are some counters.
As you can probably imagine, that means that you will have a limited choice on whether to reward your team members with Elementium or Elemental Cells. However, please be aware that these counters are shared, so you will have two total choices:

  • You can either choose Elementium once and Elemental Cell once

  • Or, you can choose Elemental Cell twice.

Choosing War coins will not affect the counter.

Keep in mind that you will need at least version 7.4.1 to have this feature or to even receive something else than war coins.