I had an idea. The story would be called ‘Oricon’s Revenge’. There would be the Oricon Dragon who you would have to defeat, and then you would get him.

Oricon Dragon (Legendary)(Soul,Electric,Pure,War)
He would look half Dracon, and half Origin as they were the Protagonists of the two previous stories. It would span over 2 Months and have its own special Dragons and events.

Month 1: Special Dragon:
Dratue Dragon (Epic) (War, Electric, Pure, Nature)
He would look like Virtue and Drato Combined.

  • Normal Race into the Month

  • Catacombs Island with the Underground Dragon (Legendary) (Pure, Terra, Dark, Light) and Dratue Orbs.

  • Video Game Island with the Octomagic Dragon (Legendary) (Primal, Nature, Electric, Dark) and Dratue Orbs

  • Happy Inferno Island with the Spicy Cake Dragon (Epic)(Fun,Flame,Dark)

  • Normal Race with Dratue Orbs

  • Subspace Island with 4 Dragons:
    Chair Dragon (Rare)
    Heartbreak Dragon (Very Rare)
    Cream Dragon (Epic)
    Sleeping Dragon (Legendary)
    It will have older Dragons themed on Space and Madness in it and Oricon Orbs!