Hi, I would like to make a suggestion, us there anyway yall can make it so we can click on a certain dragon to be able to get the irbs needed to gain that dragon. i.e
I'm only 4 sill orbs from getting the dragons dragon. "I think" that's the won, but I've been that way for several months. If we can click on a dragon from the rowes if dragons and finish getting the ones that either the event has ended along time ago, or, the dragons is needed for a certain battle event ok r anything like that.

Also, having an actual breeding list to give ideas on one type of dragons or another would be VERY helpful.

This w ou old help in the Monster game a link so, I keep getting the same dragons several times.

And, just so you know, on the Monster game, 10 million $ , coins, is ridiculous f ok r a legendary habitat. I'm only saying this because, I've got 4 legendary eggs, I can't place. I've already got 3 or so habitats, and even to upgrade those habitats costs almost and takes a while, I have like 10 or more eggs just waiting to go to the hatching caves.

Thank you for your time
Edit: email adresse removed as per forumrules.